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benjamin bunny

Member Since 25 Nov 1999
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Journal Entries

Rabbit Droppings > New Job

Posted 10 February 2005

It looks like my misspent youth messing around with 3D graphics has finally payed off. I got a job working for Criterion Games in Guildford, working on a particularly cool game. It looks like a really interesting place to work, although on the downside it involves selling my house and moving halfway across the country.

Rabbit Droppings > It's done

Posted 28 September 2004

I finally finished the demo, so feel free to download it from my site.

The finished article looks a lot like this.

Now if only I knew a decent artist... [smile]

Rabbit Droppings > Bumpy shadows and BunnyScript

Posted 01 September 2004

The lighting project I've been working on is just about finished now. I've added bump mapping to the scene and specular highlights. I should have a demo complete by the end of the week.

(click to enlarge)

The project got a bit delayed by the fact that I felt the need to write a new scripting language to handle per-mesh calculations. A kind of...

Rabbit Droppings > Got my degree result today

Posted 22 June 2004

I got a first! Wooo!

Rabbit Droppings > More shadows

Posted 21 June 2004

This is a cathedral mesh I've created for the shadows demo I'm making. There's about 5000 triangles in this scene. It's lit with 2 lights; a positional light inside the cathedral and a directional light for the sun.

ATM I'm just using OpenGL's vertex lighting, but I'll probably put in a bump-mapping pixel shader if I can get the frame rate to improve....