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Chad Smith

Member Since 26 Jun 2005
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Journal Entries

The Mystic work of Chad > Sadness....

Posted 12 October 2007

Well, I just got GDNET, so I was all happy. I've wanted it for a while now, and I finally could afford it, and also afford me some other things (work). Well...times can change very fast. Due to some personal issues I regret to inform that I am now already canceling my subscription to GDNET. I could most likely still afford it (it's not expensive at...

The Mystic work of Chad > The Kingdom is coming

Posted 06 October 2007

Well, my English Project is due Tuesday, but I am hoping to have it done by tonight. All I have left is the main battle in the game. After I add that, I am going to add training, so you can get your skills up before you go and fight the main battle.

There is only one bad thing. I have no motivation to work at this time. :(. I guess it's...

The Mystic work of Chad > DreamHost...ripping me off?

Posted 29 September 2007

Ok, I am thinking about using Dream Host as a host...though after looking at the math...I be beginning to think they are ripping me off. After getting 2 different people doing the math, including me, we keep on thinking they are NOT taking the percent off in the price they give me. We keep on getting their price if we do NOT take the percent off...

The Mystic work of Chad > Thinking about the 4E6

Posted 28 September 2007

So, I have been thinking about the 4E6 contest. After thinking about it, I think I can get a game idea out of that. Now the only thing left is to actually build the game. I have an English Project and other kind of project. School comes first, but I should be able to enter. I hope so at least.

The Mystic work of Chad > Beowulf

Posted 24 September 2007

As some of y'all know, I was thinking about a project to do in Java. A banking simulation or a little game in Java. Guess what? My final decision is neither! Well sort of. I just won't be using Java. Today I was assigned a project over Beowulf for my British Literature class. After thinking about it hard for a little bit and contemplating ideas, I...