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Chad Smith

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In Topic: Best Programming Language for Simple Multiplayer Sport Simulation Game

19 May 2016 - 10:10 PM

This screams like a web application to me.  


So for Client Side you will need really at the minimum JavaScript/HTML5 and some type of server side technology (storing your information in some kind of database, and maybe storing some other things on the server).


There are A LOT of JavaScript frameworks that can be used (I actually think there are too many frameworks), each one having their own pros and cons. And really for server side you could choose almost anything.  You mentioned Python and Python would mostly definitely be able to do it. Though from what I gather about what you posted I can see this type of game fitting inside a node.js app with maybe using MongoDB as the database

In Topic: What book to start from

19 May 2016 - 09:52 PM

If you feel comfortable with C++ I do recommend this book: do highly recommend SFML. Though I do recommend a good knowledge of C++ and even some C++11 (this book gets a +1 from me just because it does use some of the C++11 features)


The reason I really like that book is because I feel it gives you a good idea of how a Game is actually put together and how all the pieces work and function together. It doesn't just go and have you copy and paste code all of your code in main.cpp, and have it work but scare you away from ever programming a game again. In a few places it does "over engineer" some code for how simple of a game you end up making, but it really gave me a lot of knowledge and helped me out a lot in seeing all the pieces of a game can fit together and left me with enough resources to go out and experiment and learn even more complicated things on my own.



Though in the end, the most important resource to learn it all: is you sitting down at your computer and doing it yourself. Just start doing something and don't quit. Just give yourself some really small goals of "get a ball on the screen." Then maybe "I wonder if I can move this ball?"  That leads to "lets to try to get this ball bounce around" and next thing you know you have made yourself a Pong Game by just setting some really small goals

In Topic: When you realize how dumb a bug is...

13 January 2016 - 09:31 PM

happened yesterday at work:


Writing a quick file uploader for a web app. Put all my form inputs in place, get the section where you can drag and drop files in, write a few simple methods to return a list from the server to dynamically populate a drop down. Populate the drop down and....the drop down doesn't work? What? Why didn't it populated? Spend an hour looking for a stupid mistake in my code and going through documentation. Finally get irritated enough that I literally copy and pasted a hard coded example. Wait? Still doesn't work? The drop down isn't even registering my click event!?

Ask someone, he walks over and instantly sees that the section to drag and drop files was overlapping the drop down. I knew their was a reason I hated front end stuff. I'll stick to my server side stuff...wacko.png

In Topic: simple java question

11 November 2015 - 12:22 AM

i2 points to the same address as i does. so since i becomes "0", shouldon't i2 also be "0"?

In Java Strings are immutable. Basically there is nothing* that you could do to i that would affect the value of i2. They originally referred to the same object, the string "3." So it is a reference to an object, with "3" being the object. When you set i to "0" it just changes the reference, while the string object remained unchanged.



Note: I will be the first to admit that I do not program in Java. I am a C++ and C# programmer. I am just going off of what I believe I remember when I did learn Java. If my information is wrong I apologize. 

*I think you could use reflection to mutate a string (based off my quick research)? 

In Topic: Learn Java or C#

21 October 2015 - 02:13 PM

Honestly now days any language you choose from those two will be just fine.

I myself use C# and is what we use at work mostly. We are actually right now working on a OSX application in C# with Xamarin for a client.

But java will be just fine also. We also create java applications. I myself am a bigger fan of the C# language, but my point is really don't spend too much time over what language to use. Each has their own pros and cons.