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Online Tactical Game

23 December 2007 - 10:32 PM

Post what you like, don't like, and what should be added. this is a genre id really enjoy in a online atmosphere The idea isn't complete, but you should have enough information to picture it. -|/- Game Idea-|/- A mixture of single tactical tile based game, mixed with a multi player online game. Giving the player a single-player gaming experience lets them experience a growing world, while giving benefits for participating in multi-player game play with various goals Players can choose themselves to complete the Game. There is some emphasis on grind which is very common for this genre who people like to over train in these games, to the extent of the gaming system, It will also let you show of your achieve to other players, thru the amount of souls you have, ranking in the PvP maps, and dungeon floor levels that you have achieved. -|/- Synopsis -|/- Players awake in unfamiliar surroundings. All they can see is the island floating in nothingness that they are standing on, a decrepit shack and empty space outside this little island. A messenger pops up, some sort of fantasy creature that informs them of the world and there island, then guides them to the opening training dungeons. Once the training is complete, the players are shown the path off their little island. The real world is empty in the beginning’ the land is covered in ruins. The players must then go the cities in the world are unpopulated, and it will be up to them to fill this world with Souls, as well as conquer it for their own use. -|/- Starting Game play -|/- Users start alone on a map. This map is their home, they will have some form of a house (at the beginning not even a house, more like two sticks resting against each other). From this map, the user first does about 6-7 training missions governing the basic game play: moving, throwing, attacking, magic and other things the player should learn, so they can participate in combat effectively. After this players are given a small army of 2 fighters, 1 cleric, 1 mage, and 1 merchant. The cleric and the merchant will also double up as healer/shop keeper on the player’s area. After this the player may choose to do a storyline map, a random map, travel to the world, or PvP. -|/- Your Island -|/- Players can choose to open their private area to others or to keep it private. There are advantages to letting people visit. These are to show off your souls, house, rewards, as to offer services for a fee that other players may not have earned yet, such as a Blacksmith. This offering of service gives a player the opportunity to earn some money. Therefore, getting new souls and raising their ability is important. -|/- Avatar -|/- Your Avatar is your representation in the world; it can be used on your own island, and in the main world. The avatar is able to merge with the souls that it has recruited and the higher the avatar’s level, the more souls it is able to equip. Additionally, a high level avatar with low level souls will not be much stronger then a low level player with strong Spirits, therefore a balance must be taken when raising spirits. -|/- Spirits -|/- In their own world, Sprits do jobs such as Banking, Healing, Storage, Training, etc (as long as the player has a spirit with this ability). Spirits are also used on the Story and Random maps, in turn based combat as well as vs. other players’ Spirits. The player may choose a Spirit’s name, a class they can use, as well as some initial stat allocation. The equipment the player also equips them in can strengthen their abilities, or give them new abilities. Souls will also be able to be used in the real world on special occasions. They can be used within Towns, within Guild Buildings, and inside Special Dungeon rooms that can be conquered. They can also be equipped to your Avatar to give it unique abilities that the soul had. -|/- Soul Classes -|/- When the player starts they have a limited number of choices of classes. They can raise this number by first doing the tutorial, then story maps, earning badges through PvP and completing goals on the mainland. I want an in-depth path for this. Souls can upgrade by Reaching Higher Levels, Gaining Weapons /Armour, Merging with other Souls and earning badges, that can all open up paths or giving alternate ways of reaching the path. I would like the game to have a lot of different classes. While this isn't feasible or even possible at the start, Classes Such as Dragoons, Necromancers, Dancers, Tailors, Maids, should all be possible normal classes. There should also be stranger ones like jokers, bread maker, breeder, auctioneer, and hairdresser. If the only way to achieve this type of growth of the world, is opening the world and tools to allow the player base to develop things further, then so should it. -|/- Equipment -|/- Equipment has further affects then simply changing defence values. It can affect all stats, such as Movement, Magical and Physical Strength. It also can contain skills that can only be learned while using the equipment, That give the player further skills and abilities, such as melee attacks, magical attacks and passive skills such as floating and flying. It can also be a requirement for a class, that needs specialised equipment, such as fusing a archer with a gun will make a gunner, or just using the archer with a gun for alot of levels can let them evolve into a gunner. -|/- Badges -|/- In addition to levels and equipment, the player can also earn badges. For players, these badges let them recruit different classes or give players the evolve choice for existing classes. Badges might consist of things such as 50 back attacks that earn a sniper badge, which might then let youebolbe your archer, to be a precise hitting sniper or 50 uses of items, to make Item specific classes like the chemist type class in FF. Some classes will only be able to used when all the badges have been contained, so even if you get a Dragoon Spear, you can't summon one without your fighter beating a dragon first For Souls Badges can offer Additional Skills and Abilities, Stat increases and evolution choices such as: when a fighter defeats a dragon, that fighter may be able to evolve into a Dragoon -|/- Crafting -|/- If players get Souls with the ability, they are able to create things out of materials. These items can be customized by the materials used to contain special abilities. For instance, Souls can be used as a material for crafting and can bestow Abilities or Attributes onto the Weapon to make it stronger. There will also be other crafters for making buildings and items that players can use to populate their own world, guilds and town areas. -|/- Guilds -|/- Players may join guilds. When a guild is formed, it’s like a player’s initial starting place, and all players can summon spirits there that belong to the guild to provide services. Special Guild Quests/Missions will also give the members chances to get Souls, so it’s beneficial to belong to a guild. Guilds can also conquer levels of dungeons. When the guild conquers the top floor, they have 3 days to populate it with their own Souls who then act as the boss, and must be beaten to get control of the level. When other players attack these rooms, the Souls fight by AI and are not controlled by a guild. However, since they own the levels, they can set them up to be more beneficial for the Souls. Players can conquer the Dungeons but only Guilds can take over an area. As Souls are devoted to a particular class, and they are further advanced in it, Souls will be lot stronger then players, who are just using the soul of Souls. This will hopefully overcome the benefit players have in customizability, and intelligence and force them to take the battle seriously. -|/- Combat Maps -|/- A storyline map lets players follow a single player storyline that continues introducing them to the game and will introduce new classes and weapons that the player can use, as well as an increasing level of difficulty, as well as furthering a single player story, that may be the same for all players. A random map puts the player’s force on a map, which they must then conquer. The more they do in a turn, the harder the game play becomes and better the rewards get. These rewards will be random, and will largely depend on difficulty. In Storyline and Random maps, the player users there Souls, they do not use their own Avatar. There are also other types of maps that focus on Avatar vs. Avatar and Avatar vs. Soul combat. The player goes to the real world by themselves, and instead of using the Souls to do maps, they have to work with other players to do them. There are various dungeons throughout the world, with special ability/classes/weapons that the player can win from the dungeon, especially if they and their team reach the last level. To avoid the annoyance of losing half your party half way up due to lag/logouts it will be possible for the leader to teleport additional party members, however they must have the item that gives them this ability, and this item is only findable in dungeons. PvP Maps, Real Time - Avatar against Avatar – Lets two or more players form into teams and vs. Each other, mostly useful for inter guild activities. Turn Based - Souls against Souls – Two players only, they use their teams of souls against each other, the combat is turn based as each player will be controlling upwards of 8 characters each If a player logs out early, they have 5 minutes to log back in. If they do not log back in within this time, the other player wins. Experience can't be earned within PVP Maps, however players/Souls can earn Badges, the players can also bet on each other and other parties, with a ranking system in place, to encourage competition. -|/- Victory Conditions -|/- Not all maps will be simply Kill Everything. Other goals may be given that are just as feasible. Kill the leader can be done for main maps and guild maps, pick up a certain item, reach a certain point, or protect something before it’s killed or simply outlast everything that is coming for you. These will more be for the random dungeons and storyline however if it’s just as doable for avatar based combat then it should be added. ~Dinner

A bit of a math query

11 August 2006 - 05:49 AM

Thought id ask here, since im not that good with math, and want a newbie answer to my newbie question ^.^ Im more loooking for yes or no, not the math formulas behind it or even possible sdk's i might use to do it I think i can do it all, but I sometimes make silly mistakes, so Id rather ask first ^.^ (research it myself, wont cut it for a correct responce ^.^) If I had a model with a sword in the scarcarb on there back, and I define the point of the handle to the sword sprapped to there back, can I tell the model to reach for that object, in a logical manner that would follow the natural way someone would do it in rl And if that model had a base strength stat, and the sword had a base weight stat, is it more or less possible to tell how much force the sword would have if it was drawn then swung down, so there strengh + weight = how much force the weapon has (and in a side note, maybe how much energy they might use in the process) Thankyou, I did my best to make it understandable, but it is near 3 am so if something isn't clear enough then say and ill reply later with futher details (the end result, i want a character to be able to use a sword and having it work out how to get the sword between defined points, without telling it to use say a arc manually, juding how hard they hit there enemy, and how tired they got from swinging the sword)

Player Constructed Skills

27 August 2005 - 04:57 PM

I was thinking of a skills system, that was easily expandable You have the base, and you can equip various pieces of equipment, that gives you bonus skills/stats, you can set if you want to learn a new skill (get bonuses if you aren't trying to learn a skill, while using it) When you 'level up' then your taken to a skill creation window, that display a list of skills, and gives a certain number of points based of how much experience you put into it. You can then spend the points on putting skills (maybe building a diagram of the skill from the pieces), and giving it your own independent name (whatever you felt like) the cost to use would based of the cost of the skills, and the power/accuracy for the skill would be based of your stats. You would have to be wearing the equipment to use the skill, so if you changed your equipment, if its not compatible you can't use that skill. If you change your equipment, then the points you have gained are lost, and you have to restart. (to represent that while you had that equipment on you was getting use to it) Type of game I was thinking would be a simple turn based battle system, perhaps even as simple as the pokemon battle graphics. So does it sound like a good idea? Does anyone have any suggestions/questions? and anyone played a game with a similar system?

Monster Genocide

09 July 2005 - 08:28 AM

I don’t have anyone I know to talk about such issues, so I'll make a thread here instead. Just looking for any type of ideas for improvements, flaws, or even if you just dislike or like the idea. Goal: Allow players to gain experience while fighting, while protecting monsters from extinction Monsters do not respawn when killed, but new young can be produced. Most monsters have some form of ability that lets them produce something Such as unique weapons/amour and jewelry. If a player knows the monsters language they are able to communicate. Now, since monsters have to produce their own young, if all the monsters of a type are killed, then that race is exterminated. While in a mmorpg, this would defiantly happen, current goal I'm trying to think of is how to reduce it happening, while still allowing players to battle/loot/gain skills of monsters. What my current idea would be to slow it down, is make serious injury and death hit separate, Life doesn't reduce below 0, when it hits 0 the monster falls unconscious. The players may then choose to just loot the body, or deal a killing blow. When fighting, experience is given per hit/skill use (within reason), And nothing is given for the death blow. Cutting some goblins throat hardly qualifies you to become a master knife user. The within reason would be, if you attack something that can't fight back you wont gain any experience for it, Or if you gain any it will be very little. (A parent would attack you if you threaten their young) I think this method, would stop/slow down the people that are just fighting for experience The more you leave alive, the more there are for you to hunt next time. Why kill a guy, when you can just wait for him to drag himself home then be back out in the fields once cured, So you can attack and him again and gain more experience. This wouldn't slow down someone that just wanted to kill them all, but what would If players realized the bit about rare items and birth/death, I can see the guild forming already 'Monster Wildlife Reserve' letting the players take control of keep a species alive while it has faults I think its better then some godly act to stop from running out of things to kill. So any ideas, thanks for any feedback ^.^ (The monster would be the fields for a Varity of reasons, they could be looking for food, Guarding the area from trespassers. The ai involved is an entirely different matter for now) (Reasons for dealing a death blow, to reduce a constant threat, or to fulfill a condition of a quest) This is a plan for part of a mmorpg, if I would ever make said mmo is an entirely different matter and not worth discussing I do have a degree in IT, and I've done among other things c,c++,java/network/ai and I have been researching mmorpgs for 5+ years. So I have an idea how much work would be involved to create such a game.