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In Topic: Adding pause between .bip clips

24 July 2012 - 11:25 AM

Hi all,

I managed to find a workaround!

I created an empty (identity) bip animation. By empty, I mean a biped animation with two identical keyframes at different times. One keyframe at 0 and the other at 100.

I just put this empty animation wherever I need a pause and scale it accordingly.

This is the MAXScript code I used to generate the empty animation:

bp = $soldier -- your biped goes here
biped.gettransform bp #pos
p = biped.gettransform bp #pos
animate on (
  at time 0 (
    biped.settransform bp #pos p true
animate on (
  at time 100 (
    biped.settransform bp #pos p true

Feel free to contact me if you didn't understand the above.

Hope this helps,
Victor Freire

In Topic: Improve 3D Studio max performance

12 July 2012 - 11:01 AM


Some people on the Internet reported having better performance with different graphics modes (D3D, OGL, ...). I did not have luck with those however.

Also, it's often suggested that you update your graphic card drivers as well.

Hope this helps,
Victor Freire

In Topic: Android 3d engines

11 August 2011 - 09:32 AM

Well it natively supports opengl 2.0 ES, and there’s a 3d party 3d engine called unity which works on android. There might a be few other out there as well.

Thanks for the answer but I don't have time to code opengl directly and from what I seen Unity is a whole game development platform.

So far I found these three:



jPCT-AE (port of jPCT):

I had a quick look at jMonkey. It seems good but it's still in alpha stage and I don't know if it's usable.

Victor Freire

In Topic: Stack/Heap allocation for class fields

27 June 2011 - 09:50 AM

( . . . )

That was very informative. I thought that if you did not allocate a class field with new it would always be placed on the stack just like a local variable. Expanding upon your intuitive Russian doll analogy, it could be said that when you use a pointer instead of the class directly, the outer doll contains a 'note' with the position of the inner doll instead of the actual doll.

Coincidentally, I was reading the C++ faq lite but I didn't find any section nearly as informative for this topic.

All in all, thanks a lot! I'll be reviewing my design now. =)

Victor Freire

In Topic: SDL_rotozoom. How do I use it?

05 January 2011 - 03:48 PM

Original post by Servant of the Lord
I also don't know what the periods do after 30 and 1.

30.0f is a float not an integer.
30.0 is the same thing.
30. is the same thing (it assumes a 0, if there is nothing after the point).

30 is not the same thing (it's an integer, not a float).

I always add the 0 after the period, but that's just personal preference.

Actually, you missed a small detail there.

30.0f is of type 'float' but 30.0 and 30. are of type 'double'.

As advice for the OP, try to make a habit of first reading the documentation when in doubt about a certain feature of the library you are using.