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Prinz Eugn

Member Since 22 Jul 2005
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Journal Entries

Mark the Artist Fights the Future > How to Destroy an Airplane

Posted 07 December 2012

Remember the cool damage texture I showed you last entry? I'm gonna show you how to make that. Image heavy doesn't even begin to describe...

The background of this entry is that for the sprite pack I'm making, I have basic fighter jet sprites complete and most of the animations done, but in order for them to be more useful in an actual game...

Mark the Artist Fights the Future > Damage Texture Complete!

Posted 02 December 2012

Promission Acclomplishkept (Mission Accomplished, Promise Kept)

I need to figure out how to do better "publicity" shots with watermarks. Kind of hard to provide pictures, since that's exactly what I'm trying to sell...

Anyway, without further ado... Damage!:

Witness as...

Mark the Artist Fights the Future > One Fighter at a Time...

Posted 27 November 2012

I've been... things. Doing them. I've been doing things!

So apparently it's been a couple months since I posted a Journal Entry. A few things have happened since last time... Obama was re-elected, Halo 4 came out, I found out my best friend at work is a former reality TV personality... ummm, and Bandai...

Mark the Artist Fights the Future > Oops, Crap. Copyright.

Posted 27 September 2012

Sorry it's been over a month, but I had to make the choice between writing about working on the sprite pack, or actually working on it. I chose the latter for the most part, and playing Halo: Reach.

FAQ Through the Heart

So there I was, minding my own goddamn business wandering around on the internet at work, checking the...

Mark the Artist Fights the Future > Sprite Pack Dillema... Featuring Fighter Jets

Posted 19 August 2012

Well, after two weekends shot sprite-pack wise thanks to a killer cold and a visit from my girlfriend (she currently lives about 3 hours away from where I live), I'm finally taking a solid look at what I need to do in order to get stuff done. I exchanged some PM's with Michael Tanczos- Jesus, like a year ago at this point, but thanks to school and...