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The XNA Struggle > Brodcast Flag and Other issues

Posted 06 May 2008

So over the past few days Ive gotten back to normal after getting our new puppy and ive got back to work on my application.

I've got the cycle for new users and loging in to the application started and it Works! :) After that I quickly decied that a broadcast flag would make the world easier so that no one can see the others passwords in the chat...

The XNA Struggle > Puppy

Posted 01 May 2008

New puppy so i haven't had time to program the past two nights hopefully get somestuff done tomorrow. Pups always take your energy :/

The XNA Struggle > Non blocking to blocking

Posted 29 April 2008

After reviewing how my app was working I went ahead for performance shake and kicked my server over from a 0 second select loop non blocking server to a blocking server. One select to rule them out. It took me about an hour or two to understand how to work every part of select but I think I got it down and am looking foward to seeing how it will work...

The XNA Struggle > UserInfo File

Posted 27 April 2008

Sweet I got my laptop up and running at full speed and I got back to work tonight. So after finshing up some more commenting I started work on the userinfo file. This file is going to save the users data so that we can validate an inputed password even after the user logs off and back on. Also this will save there state and other things so that i...

The XNA Struggle > Vista to XP :P

Posted 26 April 2008

Yeah so I got a laptop this week. I figured If im going to be serious this time with my devlopment I need a home base. I decied it didnt really have to be a power house either so I went with the 400 dollar presario c75n1r. Nice specs to 1gig ram, dual core pentium at 1.7ghz also 120gb hard drive.

The thing ofcourse thats really driving me up the wall is...