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Kjell Andersson

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In Topic: I wanna learn, I WANNA LEARN! C# Unity

04 October 2014 - 04:19 PM

I wouldn't totally dismiss the idea of browsing though others' code. Even if you don't understand everyhing it might give you a hint on how to structure code. It is also very helpful if you find complete projects just to compile them and get them to run on your computer. Then start modifying them to see what happens and you will soon understand bigger portions of the code and the structure that is behind that particular project. After you have done that with a couple of projects you might start to see patterns that are worth keeping for your own projects.


When I started programming back in the ages it began as dissassembling raw memory and poking around at instructions to see what would happend. Today with Internet and so many projects giving out the actual source code to the entire project I would say that its a gold mine to learn from. Just go in with the mindset that you will not understand half of what's there and that is a perfectly normal feeling. Just start poking around in the code and learn from what happens.

In Topic: Tug of Magic

12 August 2014 - 02:17 PM

Today the game finally turned up first in the search results when searching for the exact title of the game.

I think it was linked with the fact that the google play link now also turns up on Google web search. My conclusion is that the Google web search index is somewhat linked to the Google Play search index.

In Topic: Tug of Magic

10 August 2014 - 01:20 PM

I can start my campain by giving you the link to the promotion video biggrin.png

Please give comments and improvements on the video. Something missing? Something not looking quite ok? Informative? Attractive, giving you an urge to download and play? Out straight ugly and makes you stop it before it is even half way through? Give me your thoughts!


In Topic: Tug of Magic

10 August 2014 - 01:09 PM

Finally the game shows up in the search results of Google Play when you search for the name of it. That took a while...


A bit odd though that an exact search for "Tug of Magic", which is unique and the only app on the store with that name, lands it on a 14:th place in the search results. It will be hard for people to find it if it does not even show up directly when you search for it.


I guess I will need to work a lot on direct-link marketing outside the store before it will even get traction from inside the store.

In Topic: Directx with vc++ windows form application

19 January 2014 - 12:33 PM

I would not recommend using WinForms for integration with DirectX. It is possible, but not optimal. You need to supply a WHND from your WinForms application down to the C++ code that you use when you setup your DirectX-devices for rendering. This means that DirectX will "own" the render surface on this HWND and you will not be able to overlay any .NET graphics components (like button or texts etc) on top of your DirectX-drawing. You need to provide all drawing down in the DirectX-code. This might be fine you if you don't want any overlay information handled by the .NET code.


What I instead would like to recommend is that you build your .NET-application in WPF instead. WPF has a component named D3DImage that is used for interoperating a DirectX-surface with the WPF rendering pipeline. This is much cleaner and provides no limitations on your GUI layout in the .NET application.