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In Topic: Something wrong with my normal mapping code...

26 September 2016 - 11:56 AM

Not quite right how?  It looks like there's a light source off from the corner of the box somewhere, and that matches up on both sides.  Should it be lit from some other direction?

In Topic: Image texture quad displays underlying controls color where it is transparent

24 September 2016 - 11:28 AM

Have you checked the debug output?  If nothing is rendering (or a black square), then it sounds like something else is happening (SRV not bound anymore?).  For the blending, your order of operations looks correct, though what do you mean by invalidate texture?  I'd try out some different debug output, write .5 to the alpha when drawing the circles, just to check with a fixed value.  If it renders at half opacity there, then the issue would be with your input texture.  Try different things like that, even rendering the squares without a texture at all, just output a fixed color and alpha value, just to make sure that part is working correctly.  If it's a texture issue, you can also try just outputting the alpha to the color, and don't enable blending at all, just to visually see what value you are getting.

In Topic: I can't buy Digital Homicide Studios games from Steam anymore...

22 September 2016 - 08:50 AM

I remember seeing and reading about their original game, The Slaughtering Grounds, when it first came out.  I didn't realize they had spiraled this far out of control though.  I was (cringingly) looking at their website and then their game bundle.  Sarah to the Rescue has different versions (it's all ultimately just Space Invaders), but with a different asset for the enemy sprite (singular, one sprite, not multiple sprites)?!?  Then Merle Wizard Extraordinaire (title misspelled), is the same thing with just another overhaul in images?  So is Not In My Crapper?  A lot of their games are like that, as was pointed out here earlier, but I couldn't believe it until I actually saw the videos on the bundle page.


How can someone actually believe those games are at all good?  It's more than the flood of crap in the app store too.  There you usually see reskins of games by other developers, trying to get some sales via mistaken identity.  Here it's like they are just releasing different versions of the same game as a way of hitting more search terms?  Monkeys, and snakes, and lions, oh my!  Maybe this will set a standard though, all the developers like Digital Homicide will think they can sue Valve too, Valve will remove all their games from Steam, then we can get back to actually seeing good games listed for a change?  One can only dream.

In Topic: Green border rendering glitch

19 September 2016 - 10:05 AM

I assume the images have an alpha channel, and you're using blending/testing to not show that area?  What is the color of the alpha pixels in the image?  It looks like the alpha pixels are green, and ether you're using filtering on the image, or the alpha of the pixels is not actually 0 (just slightly above), which results in the pixel showing.  There are a couple of solutions, if that may be the case.


One is to use a different alpha color.  Instead of using green, use the same color as the border of the image (black in this case).  This is commonly done with different channels for cutouts (normal maps, etc).  Extend the color by a few pixels (or all the way to the edge) around an image to prevent bleeding when using bilinear filtering when sampling the texture.


Another is to use alpha testing instead, so if the alpha is less than 1, clip the pixel.  This means that anything less than full will not be shown.  Any pixels with a slight alpha blend to them will just not be shown at all.  This ends up giving hard edges though, as it's basically clip or don't clip, there is no in between.

In Topic: Image texture quad displays underlying controls color where it is transparent

03 September 2016 - 11:06 AM

Ah, I think I misread a step there, but I'm still not entirely sure on your setup.  Here's a few thoughts/questions.


Are you rendering three layers?  The circle (with alpha), on top of a control (purple), on top of the background image?

  • ​If this is the case, then you need to pass the alpha from the circle to the control, then render that over the background with blending enabled.

Are you rendering the circles to the texture, then rendering that over a purple control?  Rereading your post, this seems to be what you are doing?  You're rendering things (the background image and the circles) into a target, then showing that over a purple control?

  • If this is the case then what's happening is that you're just rendering everything as is, all channels.  This means you draw the background image first, then overwrite that with the circle images RGBA values.  Then your final image has the holes in it because it copied the alpha from the circles, so when you display that over the purple, you see through it.

Both cases still seem like you need to enable blending.  In the first case, you need to just draw the image onto the control, then enable blending when drawing the control over the background image.  In the second case, you need to enable blending when drawing the circle over the background image.