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Null and Void

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In Topic: Get currently bound texture?

19 October 2006 - 01:47 AM

If that is all you need it for, try glPushAttrib (and glPopAttrib when you're done) with GL_TEXTURE_BIT instead.

In Topic: What creeps you out or scares you?

30 September 2006 - 02:03 PM

Original post by capn_midnight
parasites. especially ones that like to leave the body after hatching. oh god... my back itches. AAahhh

So, would you prefer that they remained inside?

In Topic: The evil Open Source

29 September 2006 - 06:02 PM

Original post by thundergunslinger
I've downloaded PyGame. I'm a total newbie to coding, but want to have some kind of EXE file to get respect here, should I want to ask for help. My current understanding is, that if I don't modify libraries, I can release commercially (my intent is to build up to that). Is that kosher?

Long story short and simple: include the license of the library, make the library's source available to those who receive your program (either with it or separately in a compliant manner), and if you modify it note and date any modifications and license said modifications under a LGPL compliant license.

There are more technicalities, such as the user must be able to modify and replace the library with an interface-compliant substitute, but you probably needn't worry about such things at the moment.

Honestly, I see it as being difficult to mess that up with any straight-forward redistribution of a Python application and its required libraries.

In Topic: Block Rood People

06 September 2006 - 04:06 PM

Original post by Oluseyi
This post suggests we should start by blocking you.

Sorry, I deleted the post you reference before I read this thread :p.

In Topic: What's great about Unix/Linux/*nix?

30 July 2006 - 07:25 PM

Original post by Dmytry
firefox can be installed from user interface in no more clicks than on windows (and the only extra thing you need to do is edit symlink to make it work as default browser), so there won't be tutorial how to do it, it doesn't show you as smart. Whereas something like this allows to make large tutorial.

Administration->Package Manager. Edit->Search, Name: "firefox", double click and hit apply. And then you don't really have to edit a symlink: System->Preferences->Preferred Applications. All set :). If you want to do everything the hard way, though, feel free; it is fun to dig around in the inner workings of things sometimes.

Original post by Dmytry
See the other tutorial example i gave. Something totally pointless, but hard to do, and with really long tutorial.

It's not totally pointless, just totally pointless to you and the general public. Why did you read it, anyway? It's also two years old and not affiliated with Ubuntu: it's on a Linux kernel news website. (I rememeber reading that article when it was first posted, heh.)

Original post by Dmytry
For example, screensaver managers. There's xscreensaver, old manager with only one minor "flaw": it allows to edit screensaver preferences (like set up type of clock or set up slideshow, or set up screensaver that shows news) from user interface, and has such clutter as credits for screensaver developer.

Its flaw was lack of GDM flexiserver integration (an apt name, if you play around with it sometime) and no GTK+ usage in the lock screen. So, someone wrote gnome-screensaver to replace it; personally, I'm quite pleased with it.

I'm complained once about oversimplification just to do something like everyone else does (and I wrote a patch to fix the situation in a couple hours), but I generally see the wisdom in most GNOME design choices and changes.

(I've been up all night reading a book on Electroacoustics, I think it's time for some sleep.)