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Sean T. McBeth

Member Since 11 Sep 2000
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Working late past midnight... > Getting started with Node.JS part 2: Socket.IO

Posted 08 January 2014

A few days ago, I talked about how easy it is to get Node.JS installed , regardless of your platform, and get code running that shows something in your browser. Whether you're on Windows or OS X or Linux, there is only one package to install that gives you access to an easy-to-configure web server running in a language you probably already know: JavaScrip...

Working late past midnight... > Getting started with Node.JS part 1: Setup

Posted 07 January 2014

I had been hearing about Node.JS for a while. "It's JavaScript on the server!" I mostly ignored it, as ASP.NET was forced on me at the time and I hadn't yet given employed life the finger and a flaming bag of poo on its doorstep . What does "JavaScript on the server" even mean?

Well, it's a little more than just...

Working late past midnight... > I used to be a member here

Posted 06 January 2014

This was me back then, in the year 2002:

And this is me now, 12 years later:


So what happened in between?

Well, after getting my degree in Computer Science, I ended up bouncing around between jobs. I've had--depending on how you count--6 to 8 jobs in the last twelve yea...

Working late past midnight... > Enterprise Game Design - week 1 update

Posted 10 September 2008

Got some work done. I've deleted the empty sections without renumbering the sections, so don't get confused when it jumps from section 4 to section 8.

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This is a general software design for character-oriented, story-driven games, as distinctive from sports games, puzzle games, etc. The resulting game framework will be suitable for...

Working late past midnight... > Story-Driven Game Framework: an Enterprise Approach

Posted 02 September 2008

I've been talking with a couple of guys here at work about game development. We're all avid gamers across all different types of games (i.e. electronic, board, pen-and-paper), and we are all fairly successful enterprise software developers. So, I'm trying to take the results of our discussions and formulate them into a general software design for character...