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In Topic: Prebuild of static library not executed.

22 May 2013 - 11:29 AM

This is about a year old and I haven't used it in a while (so the NDK may have changed to the point where this could be a little out of date) but this is how I built a shared library that also includes prebuilt static one.


LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES := nameofprebuiltstaticlibrary
$(call import-module,nameofprebuiltstaticlibrary)

But for some source includes (and some commented out lines which I'll cover below) these are the only locations in my Android.mk that specifically mention the library I'm trying to include.


You look to include your pre-built static as a shared:


...and I'm not sure what the result of that would be but it looks a little dodgy given it's a static.


Before the above, this is what I used to do.

include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_MODULE := library_pre
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := libprebuilt.a

$(call import-module,prebuilt) 


I list that because I note you have something similar too.  In my case, this is how it was and it is now commented out and I rely on the first code box above.  I mention it because for me to not be using this/this being my old method - you may be mixing two methods.  The google make files offer more than one way to cook the egg and as I recall mixing them is easy to do.


I would post my files but once upon a time another engineer hacked them up to customize.  Not sure exactly what they had in mind here because it was working well already and they eventually stopped trying as they realized the google system worked well enough.  In the process they really messed up the clarity on offer though (it was once much clearer from just looking at the file), hence why it's best for me to post the intact snippets and the commented parts.

In Topic: Proper Touch Updating?

14 March 2013 - 09:09 AM

Try removing the static keyword from static int rb_down = No; and the equivalent in your lb function.


Looks to me like it gets the touches regardless of whether any are down or not, so 'if (touches)' is always true which prevents the alternative 'else rb_down = No' from executing.  If the touch is outside the radius the subsequent setting of rb_down to Yes is missed.  While that wouldn't matter (given it sets to Yes', the point is that nothing is setting it to anything in that circumstance...and thus it will remain as 'Yes' from when the touch was within radius.


The problem is that there is basically nothing that sets this to 'No' after the first initialization to that with the static keyword.  Once it goes to yes, it stays yes...unless you lift all fingers up, in which case your 'if( touch_count != 0 )' triggered ZeroMemory call does the work, or you lift the finger in question (triggering touchesEnded, which will also do it).

In Topic: Experience without a degree

18 February 2013 - 02:13 PM



I started in this industry at a time where most people had no degree...either from just not bothering or 'dropping out'.  Degrees became a little more the norm over time and as such there came to be a point along my path where most people new to the industry did have a degree and I was largely surrounded by quite a lot of 'qualified competition'.


i.e. I've been through this.


As a result, I spent many a year around that time wondering whether to get a degree or not.  I never did take the leap and nowadays I’m glad about that, as the time would have been wasted.  The only thing that really mattered was that I was always able to do the work and after years of doing that, the relevance of a degree that I might have taken time to earn 10, 15 or 20 years ago is just obsolete.  Nobody really cares nowadays and for the most part never legitimately did, either I just have much more experience than most people around me which nullifies their issue or, they have enough experience in addition to their degree to now understand it doesn’t matter.  Stick with it and you will find yourself in the same position.


People can be a judgmental as they wish but if you can do the work they will never have a legitimate complaint so please bear in mind that this speaks more of them, than any failure of your own.


Thus, I agree…if you do get it, do so because it adds to your skillset and not to get a +1 in the eyes of your shallow colleagues.


I would also add, the best +1 you’ll get is working with them and holding your own, especially if they ever struggle on something and you can help them out.  This will serve as experience on their part and help them overcome their issue.  Resist the old ‘well, look where your fancy bit of paper got you’ dance either way because that will just distract such people from appreciating your own efforts.

In Topic: flight simulator

15 January 2013 - 09:41 AM

jsbsim @ http://jsbsim.sourceforge.net/ is a fairly common choice.

In Topic: 2d sliding collision detection

17 December 2012 - 06:06 PM

Paul Nettle's reference here explains a theory of how to do this. While the result is focused on 3D and ellipsoids, it does lead up to that by describing the method as it applies to 2D and circles. The section on sliding applies to things other than spheres either way and demonstrates how to get the sliding vector from the direction vector and obstacle plane.