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In Topic: Xml Dialog Tree For C++

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

Is XML really a good DSL for dialog trees?


Seems like it'd be rather obtuse and inflexible, but I haven't ever used it for that task.

In Topic: Binary, Source Release, Libs And Dll

Yesterday, 04:55 PM

'Binary' means it is the compiled code - in this case, the libs and dlls.

'Source' means it is the source code, uncompiled. i.e. the .cpp and .h files.


The source code compiled for one operating system won't run on other operating systems. Even on the same operating system, if you are using a different compiler than me, your compiled binaries won't work with my compiled binaries. i.e. if you compile a lib and DLL using Visual Studio, I can't (easily) compile my .exe to work with your DLL if I'm using MinGW/GCC. They won't work well together if they are built with different compilers... or even different versions of the same compiler, if enough things changed between versions.


So, libraries are often distributed as source code, so each developer can compile their own version that works for their compiler, compiler version, compiler settings, OS, OS version, and OS settings (x64 vs x86 versions of Windows, for example).


The binary options are just a convenience, by providing a pre-compiled version for one or two of the most popular compilers. Even when binary options are provided, I don't use them - they just waste my time since they never work with my particular setup anyway. But if you are using a wildly used compiler like Visual Studio's, pre-built libraries are a huge help that saves a lot of hair-pulling!


Another example is, sometimes I want a library to be a dynamic library (a DLL), and other times I want the library to be a statically-linked library that gets embedded into the .exe; if a website ONLY provides pre-built libraries, they might not give me the version I want, but if they provide source code, I can compile the library how I want, with the settings I want, so it plays nice with my .exe.


Neither Binary nor Source is 'better'. Source is more flexible, but Binary is more convenient. Both options provide the exact same library, though - the code doesn't behave any different when ran.


If you haven't compiled any libraries from source before, it can often be a pain (unless you use Visual Studio and they are pre-setup for exactly the version of Visual Studio you are using), hence the convenient pre-built option.

In Topic: Game Levels - Easy, Normal, Hard... Or Alternative?

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

I prefer having checklists (and drag bars) of features I can turn on and off.


And maybe assign each feature a "difficulty" scoring (for a beneficial feature, it can be a negative score), and display a "Easy/Medium/Hard/Very Hard" label to the user based off of all the features he has enabled, prior to him generating the map.

[ ] Fog of war
[x] Neutral AI
[ ] Carnivorous plant life
[ ] Storms
[x] Floods
[x] Forest fires

Resource scarcity:

AI intelligence:

AI speed:

Resulting difficulty: Stupidly Hard

Ready to play? |[BEGIN GAME]|

In Topic: How Do I Report Spam Or Inappropriate Comments To Articles?

Yesterday, 08:18 AM

For genuine spammers (i.e. not legitimate users), you could click on the username and go to their profile, and "Report this member", and post a link to their spam comment in the description box of the report.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

Yesterday, 08:13 AM


As an imperialistic conservative libertarian who tends to vote Republican, I disagree with that.

I take it this confluence of contradiction was done on purpose....?


Tongue-in-cheek, yes. But like I'm sure almost everyone has views that are more nuanced than just a single label (or even three) can adequately capture.


Further, the average Democrat is a Libertarian in theory when Republicans are in power, and an Authoritarian in practice when their own party are in power,

and the average Republican is a Libertarian in theory when Democrats are in power, and an Authoritarian in practice when their own party is in power.  :P


(i.e. cries of "Abuse of power! Government overreach!" often turn into "The people have voted, deal with it." depending on whether people happen to agree with the goals of the action or not)


As far as imperialism goes, I'm not in favor of American imperialism outside our own borders, and I'm knowingly using that existing label incorrectly.