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Looking for an old article of "Newsweek" magazine - Is there a way to read it o...

17 April 2016 - 05:48 PM

I heard a historical claim get made, and was trying to track the source, and after following it back several jumps, it seems to originate in an article of a magazine called "Newsweek".


Specifically, Newsweek volume 111, Issue 26 (June 27th, 1988)


I was trying to find a website that'd let me digitally read the article without cost, but all I can digitally find available is the magazine cover of that issue (apparently, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is on the cover). Does you know where I can find a copy of this for free online?


Also, I'm unfamiliar with the magazine, but some sites (like Wikipedia) claim it's more liberal leaning. Is that perception accurate? If anyone happens to be old enough to know, was that true back in 1988?

It doesn't particularly matter, I was just curious because the historical claim I'm trying to track, is occasionally repeated by conservatives (because it was quoted in an apologetics book).


I really wish all this stuff was digitized! It seems parts of it is - but the older magazines aren't - and they are the most at-risk for decay.


If all else fails, I'll see if my local library can borrow a copy for me. I already know they don't have a copy on-hand, and their immedient network doesn't seem to either (so sayeth their online catalogs, anyway).

Windows behaving oddly - any troubleshooting advice?

06 April 2016 - 07:19 PM

My computer is mostly working fine (and running fast), but I'm having a few odd behaviors:


1) When opening up the typical Windows Save As file dialog or the Open file dialog, it can take five full seconds before dialog closes and control returns to the application. This occurs even when I hit 'Cancel' on the Save As or Open dialog... it takes two or three seconds or before the application (Notepad, MS Paint, Google Chrome) resumes control.

To be clear, this doesn't cause the overall computer "freeze" - just the application.


2) When telling Windows to shut down, nothing seems to happen for ~30 seconds or more, then it begins the shutdown. The computer doesn't freeze... I can still open files, run programs, etc... until the Shutdown actual starts up.


At first, I was thinking it might be HDD that I was saving the files to (before I realized it occurs even when I hit 'Cancel' on the Save As dialog), then I was thinking it might be the SSD that the OS is installed on, but it seems like the health of both of those check out fine.


I've read many posts on the internet of people having the Open / Save As dialog being slow to open up due to network mapped drives (the dialogs open up very fast for me), but nothing about the dialog being slow to close and return to the application.


It seems like some specific component of Windows is running slow, while the rest of Windows is doing fine, because the computer in general is running fast and responsively. This is Windows 10, btw.


What's the quickest way of troubleshooting what's wrong, so I don't have to spend a full day or two reinstalling the OS and all the programs I'm currently using?

Native Ubuntu apps directly on Windows 10, or just CLIs?

30 March 2016 - 09:52 PM

Microsoft just announced that in the future Windows 10.1 update (called the 'Anniversary Update' or 'Win 10 Anniversary') will have a "Developer mode" you can enable, and one of the features will be that you can install Ubuntu on top of Win10, not in a VM, and that you can then run native Ubuntu apps directly in Win10.


They show themselves using Bash natively on Windows, and then using apt-get to natively get emacs and using emacs natively on windows, running the actual Ubuntu linux binaries - not ported binaries. Canonical (which partnered with Microsoft to implement it) explains it better.


What I'm not understanding is, does this apply to all Ubuntu applications (including ones with GUIs) or just the command-line ones?


They say Windows behind the scene is translating Ubuntu system calls into Windows system calls (Canonical calls it a "reverse Wine"), so I'm guessing they aren't implementing the whole X-Windows (or Mir, or whatever Ubuntu uses now) interface...


Basically, my question is, will I finally be able to run Valgrind natively on Windows?  :wink:

(sweet!) New Vulkan features just released!

18 March 2016 - 02:43 PM

Kronos Group released a new version of Vulkan (v1.1rc). You can find more details on the Vulkan homepage.
I don't understand everything they're talking about - some of it is just over my head, but one thing really caught my attention:
To reduce even more driver overhead, and to better compete against DirectX 12, they added a new way to set and store model state in optimized memory locations on the GPU.

Supposedly this speeds up matrix-based transformation operations by as much as 12%, which is important since we transform tens of millions of vertices a frame. Fillrate is still the main bottleneck, but still this is a great improvement and might save you a few milliseconds per frame on the GPU's side.

AMD was giving a video example of it behind closed doors today, but the video is behind a paywall and required me to sign a NDA. If you can't access it, in the video they showed this example code:

AMD example code

I'm rather excited to get a chance to try this out, but the drivers won't be released until 2019, and will only support one chipset. DirectX 12 is pretty much dead.

Terminology: Sounds that cue emotions?

23 January 2016 - 01:23 PM

What's it called when you have sounds in a scene that serve to trigger emotions in the viewer, or serve to convey emotions that a character is experiencing? (I'm guessing if a term exists, it probably doesn't make a distinction between those two separate concepts, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if it did)