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Can you detect any difference between these sound effects?

14 February 2015 - 01:34 PM

Can you personally detect any difference between these four sound effects?


They are all recording a glass of water being poured into another glass, then the two glasses being tapped together, and then the glass getting flicked with a finger. However, they are unfortunately recordings of different occurrences of those events - they weren't all recording at the same time. Note: A computer is humming in the background.


(Try not to look at the sound URLs, as they contains spoilers smile.png)

Sound A

Sound B

Sound C

Sound D


Listen to the sounds before reading the below, please. angry.png



I was reading this thread, and I didn't want to derail the thread off of Promit's questions, but I had some questions of my own.


GroovyOne was the one who recorded and posted those sound effects in this post. I didn't want to link to the post until after you had a chance to listen to them though. Obviously this isn't a very good blind test, but it's something at least. If someone is ambiguous about whether they can hear the differences or not, then, for the average consumer, it shouldn't matter too much - how well the sound effect fits into the game with the rest of the sounds might matter more than the quality of the mic used to record it, maybe. Though obviously, every little bit of added quality helps, what I'm wanting to know is, with diminishing returns, does a more expensive microphone improve the quality of the sound significantly, or is it a way to eek out an extra tiny step of improvement on top of everything else?


Here's the actual mics used:



I'm not much of an audio-lover (I listen to music almost exclusively as background noise, though sometimes I listen to it for the music itself); I can't notice any change in quality between those four recordings, though the Sony PCM-D50 sounds quieter. I'm just playing it over the generic standalone speakers Dell sent with my old computer, glued upside-down to the bottom of a shelf behind my monitor (incase being upside-down matters) - I'm not noticing any significant difference except for the differences that occur as a result of not recording the exact same event.


Since I don't know what any of those actually are (except I knew what he meant by a portable recorder), or their prices, this was basically a (clumsy) blind sound test for me and they might as well have been labeled A, B, and C. They all sound fine, but if I had to choose one that sounds "the best", I think the Rode-NT3 sounds just a tiny bit "fuller" in breadth of details it's picking up - but that might just be my imagination. I can't decide whether it's a good "fuller" or not either (i.e. whether I prefer it over the others or not).

I can't notice any significant difference in quality between the "Sennheiser MKH-60" and the "DPA-4011". I can't tell the difference between those and the Sony PCM-D50 either, once I double the speaker volume when playing the Sony sound effect, so they are at roughly equal volume.


Me not noticing the differences may be because the low volume I normally listen at cuts out some of the finer detail - I can't hear the computer humming at all in any of those recordings, until I turn up the speaker to 3x the normal volume I listen at. I suppose that's one thing to consider - I'm sure plenty of consumers probably blare their volumes loudly.


When listening to them with the headphones I normally use (a cheap $10 Gumy headphone), I can't notice any quality difference between all four.


As someone who was planning to buy one of the Zoom portables to record sound effects for my own game, I'd like to know... can the average consumer (or even slightly-above average) tell the difference in quality between those four above microphones? Do you have to have better speakers or $300 headphones to notice the difference?

If you can notice the difference, does it make the others sound terrible in comparison? Would you be annoyed at the audio of a game if it included sounds recorded by one of the lesser microphones?

Calling static member functions on objects

13 January 2015 - 07:10 PM

Once again, I fell for the mistake of doing this, assuming that the function is mutating the object, when really it is just returning a result.



(It was third-party code, so I wasn't using my own function naming convention)


I know C++ permits this calling convention, but I'm not sure why. What's an example where this is useful?

Templates is the only thing I can think off. Something like:

template<typename Factory>
Blah DoSomething()
     return Factory().staticFunc();


My second question is, is there a GCC flag to make that an error? laugh.png

Missing Microsoft DLLs in Win8.1 x64 when compiling in x64

17 December 2014 - 07:08 PM

I'm compiling my project for x64 architecture the first time, on Win8.1 x64.


I'm using MinGW64.


It compiles fine, and I also recompiled the DLLs I use (Boost, SFML, and prebuilt Qt binaries using the same compiler).

Upon running, it crashes complaining of missing DLLs.


Using the x64 version Dependency Walker, I see that these DLLs are missing:

API-MS-WIN-CORE-SHUTDOWN-L1-1-1.DLL          (delay-loaded) 
EXT-MS-WIN-NTUSER-UICONTEXT-EXT-L1-1-0.DLL   (delay-loaded) 

I've never seen those DLLs before, but apparently they end up as a dependency of both SFML and boost_filesystem when compiled in x64 (or perhaps just when compiled with the particular compiler I downloaded?).


Anyway, some googling suggests they may be part of the Visual Studio 2013 runtime, but I also noticed they are in both the WinSxS folder, but also a folder called 'downlevel' located at C:\Windows\System32\downlevel


I've never noticed/seen that 'downlevel' folder before. Is that new in Win8.1, or new with x64 versions of Windows, or what?


They are linked to by DLLs that are linked to by other DLLs that are part of the Windows OS (winmm.dll) that 


I could've potentially been linking to them on my old machine and just never had a problem with them before, but now they are either missing or suddenly required AND missing. "now" meaning after migrating from Win7 to Win8.1 or after migrating from x86 to x64.


Is there a way I can remove the dependency on them? I'm having difficulty finding information about them or why they are suddenly now missing/needed.

Terminology: 'Skew', 'Rotate', 'Scale', but what is '______...

06 November 2014 - 04:53 PM

In art programs, you can 'manipulate' selections of images in various ways.

Some examples of manipulation operations are 'Skewing', 'Shearing', 'Scaling', and (possibly) 'Rotating'.




I understand there might not be a "standardized" term, but I was wondering if there is a commonly-used term for highlighted manipulation/operation?

What's happening in the image is the user grabbing a single corner of the image and 'stretching' (!) that one corner independently of the other three corners.

Saving twitter conversations

04 August 2014 - 12:31 PM

Sometimes I want to save a twitter conversation... But most of the tools out there require the entire conversation to be using a specific hashtag.


I'd like a tool where you specify a range of time (i.e. the past 15 minutes), and the handles of people involved in the conversation, and it provides a list of all the tweets by all those people within that timeframe, letting you remove with an [x] button all the unrelated tweets.


This seems like a much better solution than hashtags! At least, in the way that I have conversations on twitter. Even hash-tag based conversations, people sometimes forget to add the hashtag, losing gaps of the conversation.


Conversations recorded by replies are buggy also - because the conversation is jumping all over the place once more than two people are involved in the conversation.


Does any tool like this already exist? Anyone want to make one? biggrin.png