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Journal of caffeineaddict > Update++

Posted 26 August 2007

Well it's been quite a while since I posted on this thing and since I pay for the service I figure I might as well use it a bit.

So where to start? I'm beginning my last year in college working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Physics focusing on Electronics. All I have left are electives really, and in true...

Journal of caffeineaddict > Untitled

Posted 06 April 2007

here's a long overdue update

Well, disregard everything from my last entry. The girl I had been going out with got a boyfriend and got rid of me with a nice little text message. i'm over her, i think, but i'll most likely shoot her in the throat in the end of the year csci math paintball tournament. yeah, that's how i get over stuff.

Our senior project...

Journal of caffeineaddict > Hooray!

Posted 20 January 2007

Well, this year seems to be starting off better than last. 20 days in and i've already been to a movie with a girl. This may not be groundbreaking to most, but it's a good start for me. We went to see Saw III and then to another friends house after that where, wonder of wonders, she played Gears of War. It was actually pretty cool. She said she liked...

Journal of caffeineaddict > Untitled

Posted 10 January 2007

The new semester started this week. We didn't get nearly enough time off :(.

I had signed up for a Piano class, but since i'm going to be pretty busy all semester i've dropped it already.

I have:

Applied Theory of Computing - I'm not entirely sure what this will include aside from language grammars, but it looks cool.

Sr. Project - We do a project...

Journal of caffeineaddict > Updates

Posted 28 November 2006

Wow, been a long time since i've posted here.

School's nearly over for us this semester. Only 2 more weeks. I'm fairly happy with all of my classes. I should be getting A's and B's all around so that's good.

This semester has been mixed. It's been long, but fun overall. Most of the people I hang out with will be graduating next semester and...