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Your development workflow

15 December 2015 - 09:21 AM

If you had to create a workflow to manage your development process what steps/stages would you implement?  Would you keep it small or make it as detailed as possible?


It seems to me that I need a process that starts with a user wish list and ends with a build in production.      


Here are buckets I'm planing on using per feature 


1. Register 

2. Initial Requirements

3. Review ( Approve / Reject)

4. Detailed Requirements.

5. Approved for Development (enters the development backlog) 

6. Development

7. Unit Testing

8. User / Play Testing (reject / approve)

9. Build & Release










3d dice roller example?

11 January 2014 - 12:47 PM

As anyone seen an example of rolling dice that uses 3d canvas and real physics?.   


I'm looking to create a die rolling app that uses polyhedral dice.   


I guess I could find a 3d physics example that uses simple objects, but I'm sure it has been done before.     I think the trick is how to determine which face value is up.   

Turn Based Action Economy

26 March 2013 - 11:56 AM

I'm currently making my first turn based tactical combat game and I'm interested in your feedback.


So far I've grouped all actions into 4 categories


1. Offensive

2. Defensive

3. Movement

4. Incidental   (for actions like falling prone, taking cover,  or opening a door)


Actions are managed by action points.  Every unit gets 2 action points per round which can be spent on offensive, defensive, or movement actions.   Incidental actions are free actions. 


What this means is that in one round you can


1.  move, attack

2.  move, defend

3.  move, move

4.  defend, attack

5.  attack twice

6.  defend, defend   (full defense)


At the moment, I just need to figure out how my 6 armed troll will attack.   At this point I might have to create several action points per category, but I'm not sure I like how complex it seems to make the system.     



Can any of the experts here suggest a better action economy?

Alternate inventory screen design

27 February 2013 - 10:11 AM

Most games today make use of Diablo style inventory screens or simple filtered lists like those used in Skyrim.


For my game, I've been considering alternative concepts to inventory screen design.


The concept I'm focused on right now is a tree structure.    The inventory system would make use of container items for nodes.      It would allow you to move items and even containers full of items between characters.  Now,  if I recall Ultima Underworld and even some of the old SSI rpg games like Ravenloft used this concept.     









I think the inventory tree structure adds more realism to the game (which I like), but the only problem is that I just can't figure-out how it would work with a console controller.     The tree concept seems to be limited to PC games since drag-and-drop is essential.  Controllers are limited to a cut/paste like function that I'm not really sure is all that intuitive. 


If I did create a pc/console game that used a tree structure do you think I'd get a lot of flak for it?   





Units with N equipable locations

05 February 2013 - 03:56 PM

I'm currently having a bit of trouble trying to conceptualize an appropriate user interface and class design for equipping items on units with N equip-able locations.    


My game is a bit unique in that it allows for units with more than two equip-able locations.   For example, a robot character race with 6 arms might want to equip a two handed weapon on arms 1 & 2,  a one handed weapon in arms 3, a shield in arm 4, and another two handed weapon in hands 5 & 6.


In addition, some weapons in my game can be used one or two handed (like a spear).


I think that with such a system I can't automatically equip and unequip weapons.  I think I'll have to ask the player which hand(s) he wants the item equipped on.   


Anyone else try something similar? Are there any games out there that have done this elegantly?