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Muhammad Haggag

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Journal Entries

Journal #259850 > Opera 9 w000000t

Posted 20 June 2006

Opera 9: Awesomness. The killer feature for me has got to be the widgets -- that's the only thing I missed when I moved from Firefox to Opera.

Journal #259850 > Damn

Posted 14 April 2006

I hate PHP. Manual installation isn't working. The windows installer isn't working. Now I have to keep mucking with this **** until I find out why it doesn't do the God-damned job it's supposed to do, and I've wasted all my day already.

And MySQL too. Damn it. The retarded thing doesn't work out of the God-damned virtual box on a God-damned 64-bit...

Journal #259850 > VBE fun, #2

Posted 26 March 2006

I spent the whole day working on the English glyphs. I wasn't happy with the ugly look in the previous entry, so I took a screenshot of an anti-aliased font, zoomed in, and started a pixel-by-pixel struggle of epic proportions, crafting the glyphs by hand, in C. I could've probably written a program to do it, but I sometimes like to brute-force my way...

Journal #259850 > VBE fun

Posted 25 March 2006

I was too tired tonight to work on anything serious (e.g. message passing), so I decided to spend some time on VBE (VGA Bios Extensions). I had already downloaded, built and installed VBE GRUB to the disk image, so all that's left was to write the actual graphics code.

VBE exposes 3 functional interfaces, one through BIOS calls (via INT 10),...

Journal #259850 > Some people have to be shot

Posted 22 March 2006

A long time ago, I thought installing InstallShield update manager would be a good idea. For a variety of reasons, it wasn't. I couldn't find a way to uninstall it, though. No start menu entry, no Add/Remove Programs entry, no way to do it from the application itself. In the past, I'd look for a way quickly, not find one, and then forget about...