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Journal Entries

Ground Up: A Journal Of An Engine > More Than A Lego

Posted 20 February 2013

I spent long and hard trying to figure out where to start recapping what I have.Okay, I spent two minutes and then decided I'd start from what I'm working on right now (render batching , which will be the in-depth topic of the next entry). However, first I found it somewhat necessary to do something that I don't really believe in (when one is working with...

Ground Up: A Journal Of An Engine > The State Of The Game: who am I and why am I posting this first entry?

Posted 19 February 2013

Hi.Let me start by saying that I'm not a good blogger (sometimes I even forget to introduce myself!). Neither am I an organized person or what I'd call a good programmer (I'm not even const-correct). I can't get myself to write unless someone is prodding me in the back or, well, paying me. I'd like to point out, though, that this journal is the result of...