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Ground Up: A Journal Of An Engine > Writing a robust function tester using templates.

Posted 05 March 2016

My motivation was to write a test framework that I could run on functions to check whether they properly handle bad input. The below code sort of assumes the tested function does not throw, because that would defeat the purpose. Instead it should return gracefully and/or output a pretty error string. If you've done a bad job at coding, you'd, of course, e...

Ground Up: A Journal Of An Engine > Handling a rigid actor carried by the player in PhysX

Posted 22 November 2015

This took me a bunch of time for a number of reasons - I'm still very new to PhysX, there were a number of issues that sidetracked me and coming up with a reproducible test scenario is actually a lot harder than it may seem at first glance. The number one problem that I faced, however, was a lack of information, which, combined with a couple of rash misre...