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So much for Creativity > New bug to me

Posted 13 May 2009

I actually managed to run into a kind of bug in C++ that's new to me.

struct Base {
void print(void) {}

struct Derived : Base {
void print(void) {

int main(int, char **) {
Derived d;

return 0;

Here Derived::print() wants to call the Base::print() function as part of its implementation. Unfortunately,...

So much for Creativity > Week/Class 9

Posted 16 March 2006

This week we spent a bit of time reviewing the games for the last six people in my class then spent a bit of time on the basics of GML, the Game Maker scripting language. That corresponded to the first six pages the GML section in the Game Maker help file. After that we spent a very short time with the 3D tutorial from the
Game Maker site.

I think...

So much for Creativity > Week/Class 8

Posted 09 March 2006

So last week we spent the first half going over the platformer tutorial from the Game Maker website. Then we spent the second half grading each others game projects. We were supposed to give three to five minute presentations followed by group grading. I think some of my classmates have a time management deficiency, as most presentations went well over five...

So much for Creativity > Week/Class 7

Posted 06 March 2006

Yeah, late update on this one. I've been sick. Last session still most people had not completed their game projects, so there was another week extension. The teacher has stated this was the last one though. So we did presentations/group debugging sessions with what we had. Some of it was interesting; one guy looks like he wants to do a...

So much for Creativity > The promised files

Posted 24 February 2006

The .gm6 file.
The .exe file.