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kseh's blog > Kseh Woa Iv - Post 8 - Post Un-mortem

Posted 16 August 2016

You know... because of the undead, right? Ok let's see here... Stuff that was good:
Well first and foremost I had fun working on the game. It's the sort of feeling that reminds me why I love programming.
I was able to balance project time with real life time rather well, I think. Though I could've used more project time, I don't think I'd reall...

kseh's blog > Kseh Woa Iv - Post 7

Posted 13 August 2016

Seeing so many people with an entry ready to go is a bit intimidating. But it's also quite motivating. Congratulations to everyone that has their entry ready to go. 
I spent too much time last night messing around with a spell charging mechanic that before I even started working I figured that I shouldn't look into and eventually in a half finished s...

kseh's blog > Kseh Woa Iv - Post 6

Posted 13 August 2016

Slicer said something about hoping that everyone is approaching the polishing stage of their projects. The notion that I'll be able to focus on "polish" seems rather wishful thinking at the moment but perhaps it's not entirely out of reach. 
The player can now... I guess "evoke" is the word, a shadow orb into his hand and throw it. Currently, when th...

kseh's blog > Kseh Woa Iv - Post 5

Posted 11 August 2016

I'm pretty tired and so I'm planning taking this evening off from coding and getting some sleep. Except I thought that I should post something so I thought, well I did some art stuff earlier today maybe I can throw a gif together quick. And now I'm a bit in the mood to try to get more art work done. Maybe just do one animation for when the player walks on...

kseh's blog > Kseh Woa Iv - Post 4

Posted 10 August 2016

I'm slowly making progress but I think I'm starting to feel the weight of the work involved here. This project is on my mind quite a bit and it's starting to feel like a really long car trip. You can't quite take your attention off of trying to move forward and when a bit of a break comes you welcome it and don't really want to get back on the trail again...