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In Topic: What would you be willing to trade to get your ideal job in the gaming industry?

02 July 2015 - 03:24 PM

The most radical thing I might do if I had the notion would be to invest my time and effort and thus risk my family's stability to officially and seriously go indie. But since I'm not willing to risk my family's stability, this won't be happening.

Alternatively I could invest time, that I should be spending on fixing up my house, into upgrading my skills so that I qualify for whatever job BioWare might be offering down the street from my current IT position. The risk is then that of any new job. But to be honest, working on my own projects sounds more fun to me and would probably be on my mind perpetually.

I like to think I am a programmer by nature and thus programming jobs are appealing to me. By extension that means that a job programming a game would be equally appealing and if I were to get one I'd take it as seriously as I do my current job. But the potential for getting a job in the gaming industry doesn't have me quite as excited as it seems to do for you. Probably why I don't have one.

In Topic: Are you the "From Scratch" type?

18 June 2015 - 05:16 PM

For me it's mostly a combination of system limitations and a general lack of knowledge about what would actually be beneficial to me.

The main things that I wish that I didn't try to re-invent would be collision detecting and pathfinding / steering. Other than that, serialization is certainly a pain but as I recall when I looked into using Boost I felt as though it was going to be just about as difficult to implement with the way I've coded everything so far (probably would be worth another look when starting a new project).


I generally had fun putting together the stuff that I put together to handle my graphics through SFML and I'm happy with the results. Never thought of SFML as a library let alone "cheating" it's just been what I've been looking for for a long time to get the damn graphics to the screen at all.

I did use JTippet's Accidental Noise Library to help with the procedural terrain generation. When I took a stab at getting something of my own working (using diamond square algorithm) it never quite seemed to work the way I had hoped. I had a much easier time understanding the ANL.

Not really all that sure what other libraries that are out there would be anything that help or that I'd otherwise be interested in playing with. Maybe some recommendations in this thread could help.

In Topic: The dream game that i want to create, but can't due to lack of resources/...

16 June 2015 - 06:02 PM

Back in the late 90's I had an idea for a JRPG style game (to be set on a scale map of a terraformed Venus) that I was going to do myself and it probably would've collapsed at some point under what whatever complexity I had in mind for it if it weren't for that I lost (misplaced, deleted, or formatted over) all the code fairly early on.

For several months while unemployed in the early 2000's I had every intention of seeing through a project that was supposed to allow players to play any card game they wanted as if they sat down with their buddies at a kitchen table with a deck of cards. That collapsed when I was faced with connecting players. I can't quite seem to get up the enthusiasm to look into whatever modern day solutions might be available.

My current project will probably never amount to a game for public release as I find myself going off on various tangents and I decided to just stop caring about what direction I go and instead to just enjoy programming what I feel like.

In Topic: What Do You Think Of Micro Apartments ?

15 June 2015 - 05:01 PM

I think they're interesting as an examination of what sort of perceived needs and the lifestyles we lead and how to arrange things in the most efficient manner possible. And that this has real value when we're trying to identify ways to reduce the environmental footprints that we leave behind us. But the only real justification I can think to accept a life like that would be if the micro-apartment is mobile and enables a nomadic sort of life. Taken to the extreme where everybody has one of these micro-apartments (maybe some mobile and others not) I think society would be unrecognizable compared to what I see today.

In Topic: I like Mondays, and yet I hate weekends.

15 June 2015 - 04:58 PM

(Oops, posted to the wrong thread).


Tuesdays are actually the days that I find the toughest as Mondays I tend to feel set to take on the week. And of course weekends are the focal point for building on my life at home and catch up on any sleep that I may have lost over the week.