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#5303096 How Would I Go About Creating My Dream Game?

Posted by kseh on Yesterday, 10:23 AM

Not to discourage you from learning to program but, if you already have an abundance of written material, why are you not looking at doing a book or a comic or a tabletop game of some kind instead? Something that doesn't require years to learn a technical skill before you're able to introduce your vision to the public. If you do have a passion for programming and you learn enough to begin making games, consider that if you've been writing and publishing all this time you would have all this IP at your disposal that has already been exposed to the public and have a measured response for.

#5302658 How To Create Skins That Look Good For Brightly Colored Objects?

Posted by kseh on 26 July 2016 - 11:53 AM

Different textures for different colours maybe? Brick, marble, wood... stuff like that.

#5301590 Do My Swordsmen Look Like Cyborgs?

Posted by kseh on 20 July 2016 - 11:04 AM

I immediately see the blue shoulders (is the right word, pauldron?) and then the green selection indicator. I can barely see the swords at all against the green grass. Without any context as to what I'm supposed to be seeing, yes, I'd probably think they're robots or some kind of machine. (Though I suppose a knight in full plate looks somewhat mechanical when you think about it.)

Maybe try making the swords brighter and see what happens. And if possible, add in some other items to fill out the setting with more of a mid-age appearance. Also, the selection cursor and health bars strike me as being more for a sci-fi genre game. Maybe try a circular or oval selection indicator at the feet of the knights and a full rectangle health bar with no breaks in it.

#5299636 Arcade user timing challenge...

Posted by kseh on 07 July 2016 - 11:16 AM

Other than a time limit, two things that'll probably keep a game short would likely be a physical activity component and some kind of in game physics where it's difficult to produce the exact same reactions each time due to slight differences in precision input from the player.

How about some kind of Angry Birds thing where the player throws or launches something (something real like a ball or a water spray or track a player's throwing motions (I'd prefer something real)) at the screen which then knocks down some kind of structure. The main hook being that it gives the player more of a hands on element to the destruction in Angry Birds.

#5299373 Posibility of getting to game industry?

Posted by kseh on 06 July 2016 - 02:31 PM

Maybe take a look at some websites of various game companies and see what requirements they have for entry level positions, and make your plan accordingly.


I think that "polish" can be a lot of different things that gives your game a better presentation than just the game functionality alone.

#5296747 Fellow game devs and artists,How do you animate your games?

Posted by kseh on 15 June 2016 - 06:37 PM

I consider myself a hobbyist and I would say that my art skills are... well it's pretty obvious that it's programmer art.


1) Just about everything I do is in MS Paint because the basic stuff I do I keep it pretty simple. Sometimes I work in a version of Paint Shop Pro that I have which last I checked is less powerful than the latest version of Gimp. The version of PSP I have came with animator software which had an "onion skin" feature where the previous frame appears translucent on the current frame that you're editing so you can get some idea of what kind of edits you want to make.


2) I just googled for "walking animation" to get images for inspiration for what my animation ended up having. I didn't follow every frame but I considered the various details that seemed like might be relevant for what I wanted and applied to my work best I could.


3&4) I'm not sure about what software or tools you should look into to develop towards a professional career but artist & programmer are two different specializations requiring time to practice and develop your skills.


As a programmer, the art that I've done that I've been the happiest with has generally been the stuff that I've kept very simple. The majority of the time I slowly build sprites using copy & paste with transparency functions and use gradient flood fills & alpha blending to whatever advantage I can. I often try to build sprites with some kind of paper doll technique, building and keeping small parts and trying to fit them together to make one larger sprite. In theory, you can use these smaller parts (maybe modulate their colour) to build sprites at run time in your game and it might reduce some of numbers of frames you need to do by hand, but there can be a lot more programming involved.


Other than that, it's going to come down either to practice or getting someone else (probably by paying them) to do the work for you.

#5296360 When you were starting out...

Posted by kseh on 13 June 2016 - 11:25 AM

It feels to me like I have to write something in order to retain it in memory. I write down just about everything and then never look at what I wrote again. Maybe it's a whole "hands on" sort of thing.


Reading, watching, or listening just doesn't do it for me very well. I don't worry about memorizing something that I can look up easily enough. If I look something up enough times, I'll probably retain that info for awhile but, if I don't use it regularly, it's gone after awhile. Just make sure you have a source that's reliable and fast to get to.

#5295866 are vidgames disrespectful of player's time vs tabletop RPG's?

Posted by kseh on 09 June 2016 - 03:47 PM

There have been points where I notice that all the fetch quests I'm given are such that I have to travel from one end of the map to the opposite side and it gets annoying that is all the designers could think of. But as a rule I tend to avoid fast travel with exception of when I have some kind of bug in the system that I need to escape. I'd prefer to walk or ride or whatever the whole way. While walking I tend to rotate the 3rd person view around the character and on occasion I notice stuff off to the side I want to go check out. Or if I know that there's a shortcut that might be a bit dangerous, like that area in New Vegas infested with Deathclaws north of Goodsprings, I ask myself if maybe I'm strong enough now to get through it without having to rely on some navmesh pathing quirk to save me.

I can see why people would prefer not to have to walk all the way between places though. I think I particularly disliked walking everywhere in Fable 2. Though that may be because the world was more one big path with no extra places to explore and predictable spawn points.

#5295644 RPG combat maths

Posted by kseh on 08 June 2016 - 11:00 AM

To know what path your players should take, I think, you need to have an idea of the destination. Do you have a final battle of some sort in mind? Do you have an idea of how powerful or what abilities you want your players to have when they reach the end? Will there be a few key abilities or items that the players will need to be able to finish the game?

#5292695 Gladiator manager game - ideas needed!

Posted by kseh on 20 May 2016 - 02:52 PM

This has been in the back of my mind for a project for years.

A long time back an old GM of mine came up with the idea to run gladiatorial battles between the players. We did up a random roster of characters for each player to choose from before battles began. Sometimes there were specific character parameters required to follow for a battle (level/hp/class/whatever). He would then put us into a ring whose physical features would change somewhat for each battle and you'd never know just what kind of environment you were going to be facing until the last second. Sometimes battles were one on one battles between, sometimes it was against a monster of some sort which sometimes meant it was just a straight up death sentence for the player characters. It was run through a kind of mix of loose AD&D 2nd edition rules and story telling.

It never went very far but the plan was that each player would draft up their own facilities for their gladiators that would affect their training options, medical support, and over all security of the compound.

Maybe take a look at the textual play by play of combat that's done in Dwarf Fortress for inspiration on how to resolve and communicate battles. I think being able to look at the blow by blow account of a match would give players the ability to size up opponents. And if a player is monitoring the progress of a battle as it's occurring, there should be plenty of room to provide input to the gladiator.

#5291457 Stop the Player or Punish Them

Posted by kseh on 13 May 2016 - 03:50 PM

Maybe instead arm your player with an electromagnetic pulse gun to use against the robots?

#5289910 Is Making The Player Read Lots of Text Unusual?

Posted by kseh on 03 May 2016 - 12:04 PM

One mechanic that I've liked in a couple non-text adventure games is to have in-game books that can be read by the player. Particularly when it's pretty clear that reading the contents will at some point will be useful. When I'm stuck on a puzzle in the game, I start to get in the mindset of carefully examining the items in my inventory and that's when I'm the most inclined actually take the time to read a length of text.

#5288038 Question about adding bullets to arraylists

Posted by kseh on 21 April 2016 - 02:02 PM

First, trace through your code and verify if that's what's actually happening. If you aren't aware, you can add some code like the following somewhere near your paint routine and place a breakpoint.

if (bulletsFiredCount >= 2 && spriteToPaint == bullet)
    int asdf = 1;    //Place a break point here.


You want it somewhere that you can inspect the destination of the bullet sprite about to be painted. Check the destination of both bullets and if they're the same then you want to make sure that each bullet has its own separate set of current co-ordinates and that they're each used when painting the bullets.

#5288015 Question about adding bullets to arraylists

Posted by kseh on 21 April 2016 - 12:03 PM

I will hazard a wild guess that maybe you're doing things such that when you create the new bullet and set its position near the player, you end up setting the position of the previously fired bullet to the same location.

#5287541 How did you learn making games?

Posted by kseh on 18 April 2016 - 03:50 PM

The other questions I'd probably answer much the same as everyone else.


How much time did it take to learn the language? (When were you able to do on your own, a game)

I don't think it's a matter of learning the language as much as it is learning pieces of the language and figuring out what it is you can do with that. Get input from a user, testing against a few conditions, and outputting something doesn't take much time to figure out. And once you find the syntax for generating random numbers, you're pretty much good to go. When you find that what you want to do requires something more advanced, then you find out what that is and go learn that.


Are you still making games? And if you, can you feel that, you make progress in game making?

As a hobbyist, sure, I still make games. Or rather I've been working on one single game for a few years now adding one thing to it and then another. Other than that, what does "making progress" mean? I'm not looking for a job "in the industry" so while you may be attempting to "progress" towards that goal, it's not where I want to go.

I haven't thought seriously about trying to make money as a lone indie developer in some time. I have very much enjoyed just working on my own stuff for the hell of it and not having to answer to anybody. I make progress in that I go from working on one thing that I want to another thing and they'll probably all come to some kind of end product eventually, maybe, If it doesn't all come together, I have whatever code I've come up with and my notes to look at if I decide to work on something new. Such is my plan and so far everything is going according to plan.

I haven't totally ruled out the possibility of releasing something to try and make some money. It pops into my head from time to time and is something I've thought about just this weekend seeing a results of a friend's cake making pursuits. But at the moment, it's not a driving force behind my game making. Having too much fun.