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The Broken Mind > 26 Games 26 Weeks

Posted 03 January 2012


The Broken Mind > Celenite

Posted 11 March 2010


My third flash game, released a few months ago, based on Lumines but with my own twists. I really, really should have spent more time polishing the game, making it smoother, adding overall polish, and definitely putting in more sounds and graphics. I plan to do so soon, after I finish game #4, along with adding a bunch of new features and...

The Broken Mind > Im back...again!

Posted 10 March 2010

So ive been extremely busy/lazy with school. Im trying to get back into the habit of programming, but its tough. I have however, released a game since I last posted, which I will post on here soon enough. Ive also managed to make two games that are about 90% done, a sequel for a game using the same engine thats about 50% done, and dozens and dozens...

The Broken Mind > Tunnel Syndrome

Posted 22 October 2009

My second flash game, Tunnel Syndrome, is out.

This is my first flash game that was done completely done by myself. It seems that the number one factor for making a popular game is POLISH. You can have incredibly simple gameplay that has been done over and over, but as long as it is very polished, it will be popular.

My other flash game, Stay Up,...

The Broken Mind > Borderlands

Posted 19 October 2009

Borderlands is the shit.