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Topics I've Started

Kickstarter: 26 Games 26 Weeks

01 January 2012 - 01:34 AM

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My project is called 26 Games 26 Weeks, it is about making a game each week for 6 months that is designed by the community and made by me. To help my project, I have launched a campaign at Kickstarter. I would love for members of this community to be included, since the entire project is about making the games that you guys want to play!

The games will mostly be Flash games, though I will be using other languages and libraries that allow me to rapidly develop games. All of the discussion, development, and the games themselves will be posted on the community website.

Please check out my campaign and leave me some feedback. The project revolves around the community so please let me know what you think!

Space Shooter, how to handle enemy waves

24 July 2011 - 06:36 PM

For my next Flash game, I plan on making a vertical shooter/shoot em up game. My idea for the game is pretty simple, with an interesting art style, but pretty typical in game play and features. However, one thing I have always wondered about, is how exactly do space shooters handle the enemy waves? Each unit generally has its own statistics that are static and generally attack in the same way, but the individual movement patterns and timing changes from level to level.

I was wondering, from peoples experience/thoughts how do games handle the waves of enemies exactly? Something like a "timeline" for each level, that places enemy emitters at certain locations at certain times (or events) with given parameters to adjust the movement of the emitted enemies? Because thats the best that I can come up with, unless someone has a better idea!


Voxel Demo Help

21 March 2011 - 05:47 PM

Its my senior year of college and I thought a graphical demonstration with minecraft like graphics would be interesting. What techniques and resources should I read up on to implement something like that? I have enough experience with C++ or C# and have taken a course using OpenGL but I dont know much about voxel engines.

EDIT: To expand a bit more, Im not worried so much about generating terrain or anything like that at this point, I just want to get the foundation done. Handling a 3d grid of cubes that are either "on" or "off", drawing them properly, applying basic optimizations and such, ectect. At this point I just want to beable to move around in the 3d space and using a form of picking be able to select cubes. I just dont know how the grid of cubes are stored, how to draw them properly, and any optimizations that would come with such technique.


Math for running around a circle

26 November 2010 - 09:37 AM

Hi, I am working on a 2d game where the player runs around a circle, you can think of it as a planet or something of the sort. The player can also jump away from the circle but in addition to the jump velocity he should still be moving at the same rate around the circle.

The current way that I am doing the circular movement code, doesnt make the jumping/gravity part easy. (this is called each frame)

player.rotation += 2; //this needs to change to a dynamic speed
player.x = Math.sin(player.rotation *(Math.PI/180)) * currentCircle.radius;
player.y = Math.cos(player.rotation *(Math.PI/180)) * currentCircle.radius;

The method im doing, I have no idea how to apply jump velocities or gravity. It also shouldnt have the player run around a 50 radius circle the same speed as a 200 radius circle.

My trig is pretty bad, anyone have any advice?

Ethereal Celenite

13 September 2010 - 06:15 PM

I have recently released my latest Flash game, Ethereal Celenite. It is a much needed sequel to my first attempt at the game idea. It adds A LOT of polish to the original along with providing a much better pacing to the game. Tweaking a lot of the aspects of the game that are based on time and score create a much better experience. On top of that, we added a lot more sound effects, better graphics, particles, and plenty of other effects and polish. Play!

Please try it out, rate it a 5 (please!), and give me some feedback. :)

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