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Storytelling with environment design // need input

18 August 2013 - 08:02 AM

Hello everyone,


I have been working on an application for my MA thesis. It is basically an open environment that you can traverse and investigate the objects that are spread around. 

What I need is for people to investigate the environment and write something on the form in the application (<200 words) about their interpretation of what happened in that scene. 




Controls are: WASD to move

                       Left Click to investigate an object up close // Right Click to stop investigating

                       The main door where you start is also where you can get to the notepad // form that can be filled and submitted


You can reach the application here:




It would be awesome if you could also post your notes here :)


Thanks in advance,

all input welcome.

Need opinions on two games to compare Diablo 1-2 vs. Sacred

14 April 2013 - 11:07 AM

Hey all,


For an academic project, we need to compare two video games. One of them will have procedural content generation, level creation also counts, the other game would be a similar game, preferably from the same genre but would not have procedural content. Thus, we would be able to list what procedural content adds to / subtracts from the said game (after a public survey).


We have came up with these games: 


Diablo 1 or 2 vs. Sacred

Binding of Isaac vs. Zelda: Link to the past 


Binding of Isaac and Diablo have (arguably) procedural level generation. 


We are open to suggestions on what games to compare and any other suggestions you might have with this approach.


Thanks in advance,


ps: I don't know if this is the correct section in the forum. 

Games with bodiless voices

25 June 2011 - 04:01 AM

Hi there,

I am compiling a list of games for my thesis where a voice without a body is used for the game's narrative. Many of you here have much more mileage on games than I do so I thought I should ask around here for some help. I can also use movies for that matter, as in 1984 etc. Games and/or movies where this is used as an authoritative voice are especially good for my list :)

At the top of my head, we got:

-Portal / Speakers
-Bioshock / Speakers
-Half Life 2 / G-Man speaks through big screen in City17, this might count as an audio-visual presence where the source is not physically present -Deus Ex: Transmissions you receive (contributed by owl)
-Fallout 3: Radio transmissions

-Penumbra (contributed by wildboar)

-Amnesia (contributed by wildboar)
-7 minutes (contributed by Riviera Kid)-G-Police (contributed by Riviera Kid)
-Rainbow 6 (contributed by Riviera Kid)

-Metal Gear Solid Series (contributed by Necreia)
-Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers (contribued by Red Eyed Killer)
-Charlie's Angels (contributed by Sam Lowry)
-Defense Grid: The Awakening (contributed by irreversible)
-Sinistar (Arcade) (contributed by kesh)
-Impossible Mission (C64) (contributed by kseh)

-Team Fortress 2 (the announcer) (contributed by Zethariel)

-Saw I (contributed by Riviera Kid)
-Kill Bill 1 (contributed by Sam Lowry)

What else? Can anyone think of any more games where this was used ?

Thanks in advance :)