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In Topic: How Do You Protect Your Eyes?

Today, 05:11 AM

Your eyes evolved for seeing.  They're incredibly intelligently designed for that purpose.  No choice of colour, no lighting, no shapes or content will have a deleterious affect on your eyesight.  You mom was wrong.


Focusing at desktop screen distance for hours at a time has never been shown to affect long-term ability to focus, despite the truthiness of what you may have read in opinion pieces on the internet.  It doesn't hurt to take a break for all kinds of reasons, but avoiding eye damage is not really one of them.


Some people get eyestrain when trying to focus under certain circumstances.  Eyestrain is in fact the muscles around your eyes, not your eyes themselves, and often is a result of squinting in order to (a) adjust the shape of the eye or (2) reduce the aperture into effectively alter internal focal length.  Both of those should be alleviated by corrective lenses.  What that generally means is you have a preexisting condition that you're trying to compensate for, not a condition caused by staring at your screen.  Get your eyes tested.


It's a fact that most people's eyesight deteriorates over the years.  I keep getting my bifocals strengthened, and I find I now need them to use a lot of computer screens for work (damn high-res displays, get off my lawn).  Your eyesight is not the only thing that deteriorates when you hit your 50s though, and it's all been happening since long before computers screens were invented.  There is no correlation between computer use and deteriorating eyesight.


TL;DR don't worry about it, you can do it as much as your want and it's not going to make you go blind.

In Topic: Your Preferred Os And Why

22 July 2016 - 09:03 PM

On that reply ^^ Win10 also lets you run an Ubuntu command line environment for all those devs addicted to a nix command line workflow :)


And no, it's not emulation like Wine, but natively running linux programs via a fake kernel.

It's not just the bash shell, it's an entire stock Ubuntu Server image.


And WINE (a recursive acronym for WINE Is Not an Emulator) is not an emulator.  It's natively running Windows programs via facimile system DLLs.


My take on both of those is just use the real thing.

In Topic: Your Preferred Os And Why

22 July 2016 - 04:51 AM

Seriously, ....

No really, can you tell us how you feel?  Don't hold back.

In Topic: Debug With Gdb

21 July 2016 - 07:47 AM

The stacktrace in the original post indicates a double deletion of an object of static storage duration (ie. a global object).  The likely cause is the lack of a proper copy constructor or copy assignment operator in a class that contains pointers and inattention to the copy semantics of the objects.


A grand tool to use to analyze exactly these errors is 'valgrind'.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

20 July 2016 - 04:44 AM

Trump is one of the two candidates - now what?

It begins.