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MMORPG Prototype - Testers needed!

03 March 2011 - 09:55 AM

I am developing a MMORPG Framework using Lidgren and Unity3D. I need some people to help test it out. This test will be a test to make sure my router is setup correctly to allow incoming connections and to test the server side Interest Management. So far there are no game features accept pressing "1" will cause you to shoot a fireball.

Login Screen - Type in any username and password these are not checked yet because there are no user Accounts.

Character Creation screen - Just click on Enter World. Once in the world a random character will be generated for you.

Graphics - My goal for this Framework is to allow for Graphics similar or slightly better then World of Warcraft. To make sure it can handle those types of graphics and I am using assets from the World of Warcraft for placeholders and testing only! Once I start work on a full MMO I will replace all models!

Client Download - http://www.riseofheroesmmo.com/Download/Client.rar

Server side AI

19 February 2011 - 04:49 PM

I was wondering what the best way to handle AI would be? I am using Lidgren for the networking. Here is what I was thinking of doing:

Region Server - Headless Unity Server - Controls the Physics simulation and Player Movement for a small Region.

AI Server - Headless Unity Server - Connects to the Region Server just like a client and Handles a portion of the AI Entities for the region. You can have as many AI Servers as you want so you can have some advanced AI Actions.

Features Server - Console Server - Handles all other features of the game for the Region. Connects to the Region Server.

Client - Unity3D based Standalone Client - Connects to the Region Server. All messages are passed to the Region server where they are then sent to which ever server handles the Intended Game Feature.
(For example if it was a Combat Message that the client sent to the Region Server it would be passed on to the Features Server for it to be handled there.)

My problem with doing it this way is that I tested a fairly basic Client in headless mode and my CPU was at 100%. For development I am running the server and client on the same machine. There would be no way I could have 2 Headless Servers, a Console Server, and a Client running all at the same time on my PC!

What other ways are there to handle AI and Physics on the server?

C# Variables imported into a IronPython Script

27 January 2011 - 07:39 AM

After I write this I will be fooling around with this myself but in case I can't figure it out how would I get some Variables into a Python Script?

I have a IronPython Scripting Engine that I wrote that I am able to Load Python Scripts into my Server. However now I would like to have the Combat Calculations done with in a python script so I can tweek them with out having to always recompile my server. In order to do that I will need to get the id of the attacker and the victim so I can use it in the script. How would I do that?

General Questions about Server Design

26 January 2011 - 05:54 PM

I have a very general Server Design Question. In Most MMOs Combat and Quests for the most part go hand in hand. They are also 2 of the most commonly used features. Should I make 1 server that contains both Combat and Quests that way when a Player defeats a mob the combat part of the server can directly send the information to the Quest Manager to find out if it was a quest objective. Or should I break them up into 2 different servers and once the client gets the response back from the combat server that the mob was defeated have the client send the information to the quest server.

So far because it takes alot of coding to get a server operational I have been using the Combat server for testing out the Quest system. I have been keeping the files neatly seperated so it would be easy to move the quest files over to the new project for the Quest Server. But after thinking about it I am thinking about just keeping the Quest stuff on the combat server atleast until it becomes a problem.

What do others think about this?

Computer crash/Virus

05 November 2010 - 02:29 PM

This afternoon while looking through these forums I got a real nasty virus I have been trying to deal with for the rest of the afternoon and evening. It was the FakeSpypro virus. I am completely lost as to what to try next. I got the virus and at first windows defender was doing a pretty good job or so I thought of keeping it out but then one system after another started crashing including windows defender. Task Manager was disabled. I then just shut down the computer and restarted. Upon restarting I was presented with a blue screen of death saying that windows was unabled to startup. It once again restarted and booted into startup repairer. Now heres where things really go wrong! I run startup repairer and it asks me if I want to restore the system to a earlier restore point. I click yes and I am guessing about half way through the power goes out. The power comes back on after only a second or 2 and I attempt to run System restore again. This time it finishing but says that it was unable to restore because it can't create a file that already exists.

So I load windows normally and I get to the desktop and everything and I do mean everything starts crashing right away accept for sound, the Internet connection, and windows Defender. I scan the computer using windows defender and I remove the fakespypro virus then restart my computer. Again everything starts crashing as soon as the desktop comes on. I then attempt to run System restore a couple more times still same error message. I boot into safe mode with command prompt and type in sfc /scannow the scan finds no errors. I have done memory checks all of which comes back normal.

The only other option I can think of is a complete Hard drive wipe but I have alot of stuff not backed up and while I was able to remove my most important files and get them onto this computer I would still rather not have to reinstall everything! Any suggestions would be great!