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#4810887 [DX9 C++] HLSL lighting problem - occluded objects

Posted by cebugdev on 14 May 2011 - 05:45 PM

what im trying to say is;
example i have a light object a wall and another object behind that wall,
the object behind that wall can still be lit up.

Heres the illustration

                 | W |
                 | A  |
point ligh       | L  |  object                  <--- Camera looking behind the wall
                 | L  |

SInce the object normal is facing the point light, it is lit up.

If I understood what you are asking Im guessing you are a beginner in DirectX... :rolleyes:

(Unless you are using a raytracer) Simple lighting shaders dont take into account if an object is occluded or not... They simply calculate the influence of a light in a object based on the view point, etc.
To do what you want to accomplish you must implement shadow mapping, but it might be "too advanced" for you, idk take a look at the link and google. If you have any question just ask :lol:

Yes, Im new to HLSL and i understand that Lighting does not take into account if an object is occluded
or not that is why Im asking people where on how to fix the problem i posted above.

Adding shadow map, is a good idea ill try that one.

Anyways, other than shadow map, is there any other approach?