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#5193367 Need advice on rendering terrain and/or overall look

Posted by cebugdev on 17 November 2014 - 08:56 PM

Hi all,

i am an intermediate Directx/Opengl programmer and i already know the basic to Mid know how for 3D including rendering terrains, shaders, multi-texturing, etc.

But I am not an artists and i am still confuse on how to do certain looks or effects.


How did certain terrain like this one from Royal Revolt rendered?




I am mostly intrigue on the Grass to Dirt transition which is kinda cool. the look where grass ends and dirt starts is really cool.


I am wondering on how i can achieve this on my terrain editor.

are these only textures rendered?


Also, how can i achieve the overall effect? like are the objects like trees, castles drawn and textured that way by the 3D artist guy?

are there any shaders necessary to achieve these type of really cute effects? (aside from the lights and shadows) 


thanks in advance!


#4810887 [DX9 C++] HLSL lighting problem - occluded objects

Posted by cebugdev on 14 May 2011 - 05:45 PM

what im trying to say is;
example i have a light object a wall and another object behind that wall,
the object behind that wall can still be lit up.

Heres the illustration

                 | W |
                 | A  |
point ligh       | L  |  object                  <--- Camera looking behind the wall
                 | L  |

SInce the object normal is facing the point light, it is lit up.

If I understood what you are asking Im guessing you are a beginner in DirectX... :rolleyes:

(Unless you are using a raytracer) Simple lighting shaders dont take into account if an object is occluded or not... They simply calculate the influence of a light in a object based on the view point, etc.
To do what you want to accomplish you must implement shadow mapping, but it might be "too advanced" for you, idk take a look at the link and google. If you have any question just ask :lol:

Yes, Im new to HLSL and i understand that Lighting does not take into account if an object is occluded
or not that is why Im asking people where on how to fix the problem i posted above.

Adding shadow map, is a good idea ill try that one.

Anyways, other than shadow map, is there any other approach?