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2D rasterizer resources and book

16 May 2014 - 08:41 AM

Hi All,


are there any books available that discusses theories and implementation for a 2D rasterizer? everything i found online is for 3D rasterization (if not dx or OGL).


the company i am connected now wants to build our own rasterizer for our own firmware project that can draw raster images and vector graphics including fonts,

I am looking for books (old and new) or some resources that covers this.





how to handle armor change in 2D RPG

05 March 2014 - 05:18 PM


This is not my project but a friend of mine is asking how armor change such that of DIablo 2 or any other 2D RPG were handled in the game?
by armor change i meant, say for example you have a basic character and the character found a helm, an armor and a pair of boots.

how would this reflect to the visual sprite?


Does it need different sprites for different armor for all characters? how bout armor combinations like armor on its feet and upper torso plus helm?

I have idea on how to do this in 3D since 3D objects can be just attached to the mesh, but i have no idea on how this works in 2D.


Any tips will do,




Support multiple lights in Opengl ES 2.0 (no MRT)

23 February 2014 - 06:59 PM

hi guys,


im porting my (Desktop) DirectX 9 based game framework(engine) to OpenGL ES 2.0 (Android) for a game that i am working now,
currently i am on the process of porting the lighting implementation (it uses HLSL) and it utilizes multiple lights with multiple render target (DX uses texture surface), 

but i am just wondering since based on what i researched initially, OpenGL ES 2.0 does not support MRT,

So, how can i support multiple lights in OGL ES 2.0?

I see some games in android that is utilizing multiple lights (unless they are using lightmaps).
What are the options for this?

Going to Opengl ES 3.0 is not an option as of the moment 'coz the client wants to support as many devices as possbile for the game, unless i'm wrong and OGL ES 3.0 is already available to most if not all Devices?


Sorry for the question/confusion, i am fairly new to OpenGL, spent most of my years with Directx 9 and just shifted to DX 11 last year smile.png

securing online web based game - HTML5

24 January 2014 - 10:02 PM

hi all,


so here is my situation, i made a LAN based poker game with a server a couple of years ago (around 2010, thanks by the way to gamedev.net for advises i got on how to design my server). The Game is running on a desktop client connecting thru normal socket with the server using the boost asio implementation.


Now, the client wants the server to be updated and run it on the internet and provide a web-based client written on HTML5, they dont want flash or silverlight, activex, etc..


The problem is NOT on how the new HTML5 client communicate thru the server but my problem is on the security since the code is fairly readable unless obfuscated (most of my HTML5 games are obfuscated anyway using google javascript compiler).

my concern is on the encryption part on the packets sent and recieved, see an encrypted packet can be disected by sniffing and using the javascript code to look for the decryptor function and presto, the data is now visible!.


1. so how do I protect the data with this?

anyways, the client app only recieves DATA specific to particular user, example his cards and community cards and not everybody's card, The client job is just to render anything recieved and instructed by the server.


2. Do i have anything to be concerned about aside from the one mentioned above? Can the hacker sniffs the connection from other player's socket connection, sniff them and decrypt it using the exposed javascript code ala 'Man in the Middle'. This way he will know what the server sents to other players and cheats on the game?


3. How will i protect the connection of users to prevent cheating? will I use SSL with sockets and SSL on the address of the website itself?


need your advice again,

Terrain editing question, how to make hills

29 November 2013 - 04:37 AM

hi all,


Ive been trying to make my terrain editor work, but i do not know on how to create a hills from it.


my current situation is I already got my terrain mesh and my picking working, it can pick a certain vertex in the terrain, and i Can raise the height of that vertex only. But it can only generate a stiff Cone (and an ugly one).


I dont know how to generate a beautifull hills out of it.

ive been searching google for some formula but havent had the luck.

Please help me on how to generate a hills, given the vertex coordinate picked by the mouse, raise value and radius.

IF you can point me to a sample or a tutorial on how to do its much better.


given: index of the vertex picked in my heightmap: pVertex array

hopefully someone can help me with this,