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Tom Sloper

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In Topic: Estimating the performance of my application a priori?

21 October 2016 - 10:43 PM

But I somehow need to get an estimate, of how the performance might behave when scaling up the simulation
and what I probably could do as a designer to draft the subsystems in such a way that the performance is
running at an optimum level.

As a designer, you just say what kind of "performance" you require. Let the engineers figure out how to
do it. Be prepared to propose alternate scenarios if they tell you it can't be done.

In Topic: Unsure of What is Intellectual Property in Games

21 October 2016 - 10:24 AM

I really like the idea of jumping below a block and hitting it with your head to make some sort of
bonus item sprout from it. Now this is directly what is done in Mario. Am I allowed to do this in my
game or would I be stealing their intellectual property?

Nintendo's IP is Mario's name, Mario's look. Nintendo owns the copyright of Mario's look, and Nintendo
owns the trademark of Mario's name. But the "idea of jumping below a block and hitting it with your
[character's] head to make some sort of bonus item sprout from it" is not protected. People will know
you got the idea from Mario games, but Nintendo can't sue you for using it.

You should read up on copyright, trademark, and patent. Google those terms, and read this forum's
FAQs, and read these:

In Topic: Underrated game genres that are really good.

20 October 2016 - 07:43 AM

Underrated game genres that are really good.
...not repetitive and boring so tell me.

How about your own thoughts?

In Topic: Should I pursue game Development?

19 October 2016 - 03:59 PM

So I realized that I left out something extremely relevant in my OP. The biggest thing that launched me into game development was actually an online course. It is a great crowdfunded course with dozens of hours of video tutorials. It is a complete Unity Development class and I completed five separate game projects during that course. It was incredibly cheap at the time and seemed like a no brainier just to get my feet wet. Having said that I would still say even though I've spent a few hundred hours learning to code and creating half a dozen games, I am definitely still a huge newb. The games I made in order were: a simple number guessing game, a text adventure, a brick breaker, a top down shooter, and a plants vs zombies clone.

Doesn't change my replies.

In Topic: Got my first game-dev job. Now what? Request for career planning/pathing advice.

16 October 2016 - 02:46 PM

Short-term: get acquainted with what you're supposed to do, and with your coworkers.
Mid-term: work efficiently and don't expect people to pat you on the back and tell you what a good job
you're doing.
Long-term: figure out what the company's overarching purpose and goals are, and get on board.

If that doesn't answer your question, you'll need to be more specific. By the way, congrats.