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Tom Sloper

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In Topic: Looking For New Direction

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

But how I can made a splash? How I can convince people that my story is a good IP?
... what practically I can do? How I am alone can make a product of AAA quality?

There are no magic steps we can give you. How did J.K. Rowling become a multimillionaire based on her
original IP? Read her life story and see how long she worked at it, typing away in a little room while
raising a family, all the rejections and perseverance.

You can try pitching your concept to developers as you suggested above - there's no harm in trying. All
I was saying is that if you somehow (I can't tell you how) make your trilogy popular elsewhere, game
publishers and investors will come pounding on your door begging to make your game.

In Topic: Copyright

Yesterday, 07:06 PM

But that is not due to someone's authoring right over them, and violation of the usage does not fall under copyright infriguing being investiagted and punished.

I agree that copyright is not necessarily the form of IP involved (insofar as FBI and CIA are concerned).

In Topic: Looking For New Direction

Yesterday, 11:29 AM

Because if there is a strong team with experience and abilities to make game we have, (together with interesting story) all reasons to ask for money publishers or investors.

I understand. You need to understand that if you get a developer interested in doing your project, but your
IP hasn't yet made a splash in the marketplace, having a developer attached to the project doesn't really
help your pitch to a publisher. If you get a publisher interested in licensing your project, they may prefer
to find their own developer rather than use the one you choose beforehand.

In Topic: Looking For New Direction

Yesterday, 09:19 AM

P.S I want to add. That people don't really need to read books. :)
I already have basic story line for game written. Here is list of documents I have translated into good English:

1. Short game description: (It doesn't describes aspects I am not enough professional with, like game mechanic or AI for example. Such things will be depending on studio, which will develop the game):[/size]


2. Story line of 2 main heroes, Alexander and Zarina: (each one have his own original story, nature, and path in the game. I added and changed things compare to original book and make game story line richer):[/size]


3. Appendixes for story lines:[/size]


4. Characters short description list. (Includes all characters from main heroes to crowd)[/size]


5. Short descriptions of all three books. ( to show perspective and possibility to create more games based on the story)[/size]

We don't need to know any of that to advise you on your business question.

But my plan A is to try to interest serious studios in my story.

But why? Studios can't afford to make your game. They need money. Publishers have money. Developers don't.

In Topic: Looking For New Direction

Yesterday, 08:38 AM

So I am trying to find studio or people who will want to create such studio and make a game based on my story. I believe the story may help to create AAA game not worse then Witсher, let's say.

Personally I am not looking to rule things, or even to create 3D content, although it was my main occupation in several last years. For me is most important to bring my story to people. And video games media is a most perspective and interesting way to do it, for my opinion. So I see my part as scriptwriter.

I believe that my story is interesting and worth effort but I have a problem. I am not a person who has contacts among the people who can help to implement this plan. Most of the effort and time I spent on creation rather than on communication. And now it is playing against me.

I am open for advises and offers. I will be grateful if someone will share contacts of people and studios who may be interested in such collaboration.

Mr. Necturus,
It will be expensive to turn your trilogy into a computer game. If you don't have a business plan (a solid idea for the best way to generate money with your game), then it'll be difficult for you to obtain the funding to hire a developer and self-publish your game. Your best bet, then, is to license your IP to a publisher. But a publisher will likely be hesitant to take the risk unless and until your trilogy has acquired a sizeable following. We (the members of this forum) can tell you how to do the things related to getting a game developed, but it's up to you to first make your IP attractive enough that a publisher will want to invest in it. Good luck!