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Tom Sloper

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In Topic: Have I been aged out of the industry? And where else can I go?

Yesterday, 10:35 PM

Mr. Sloper: To be blunt, I'm interested in getting a paycheck in an environment where I won't be immediately ostracized. I'm somewhat mercenary that way. Due to other discriminatory issues I face, I cannot really be choosy where I work.

So, something I said, and something in FAQ 71, such as the link to http://notes.fundersandfounders.com/post/79875850310/late-start-quarter-and-middle-life-crisis,
indicated that you should get a paycheck in a necessarily ostracizing environment where you'll be
subject to other forms of discrimination besides ageism? I fail to follow.
But okay, staying in the game industry is hopeless for you, since you say so.
So, where do you want to go next, and why is that also out of the question?
None of us can tell you where you should go next.

In Topic: Have I been aged out of the industry? And where else can I go?

Yesterday, 09:43 PM

1. Have I been aged out of the industry?
2. I am 41 years old
3. where else can I go?

1. Read Frequently Asked Question #71 - http://www.sloperama.com/advice/m71.htm
2. When I was your age, I was in my 2nd year (of 12 years) at Activision.
3. That's up to you. What else are you interested in?

In Topic: Anyone here interested in real time strategy games and game design theory?

Yesterday, 02:57 PM

I'm just looking for someone (or people) to discuss the theory behind game design and real time strategy games.  
Specifically, I'm looking for theoretical discussions that are pretty detailed (so might be boring for some people).

Start the discussion already.

BTW, I deleted your request to take the discussion offline. We aren't a place where people come to get people to hold discussions offline. We're
a place to hold discussions. So Talk to us about your theories, and don't worry about boring anybody.

In Topic: Exercise from Tracy Fullerton's Game Design Workshop book

21 June 2016 - 06:10 PM

Medovej, you aren't describing a game in this exercise. You're playing a game (any game), and you're
describing the experience from your point of view. You, the gamer, not you, the designer. A designer
needs to understand and sympathize with the user's experience. You do not need to assume that the
reader of your journal knows everything about the game you played. You can also do this for the process
of designing your own game, but as I interpret it, the point is to analyze a game as you play it.

In Topic: Converting a desktop game into mobile game- Illegal?

21 June 2016 - 12:48 PM

can I take any game which is available on a desktop gaming sites ... and convert it into a mobile game?
Is this legal?

Sure, as long as you get permission from the IP owner. Moving this to the Business/Law forum,
where similar questions have been asked and answered many times.