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Eck's Journal - Still Flying > The Week of Awesome II - And So it Ends... (post mortem)

Posted 29 September 2014

Edit: Attached an image of my last day's notes.

What went right? What went wrong? What did you learn?

What went right?
Planning - Before the competition started, I took some time to get my affairs in order. I cleaned up some of my framework code and came up with a rough plan of attack.

Day 1: Setup Project, Brainstorm, Hack
Day 2: Decide game typ...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > The Week of Awesome II - Day 7 - Crossing the finish line...

Posted 28 September 2014

A fallout style family portrait of the team, drawn by Laurie.

Previous Entry: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1922/entry-2260271-the-week-of-awesome-ii-day-6-no-7-ship-it/

This has been a ton of work, but also a ton of fun. Everyone has been working hard, putting in long hours, and it's been really awesome watching how everyone's games have progressed. I...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > The Week of Awesome II - Day 6... No... 7? - Ship it!

Posted 28 September 2014

Previous Entry: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1922/entry-2260238-the-week-of-awesome-ii-day-5-working-hard/

Sorry for not blogging yesterday. Here's what happened....

Started around 7:30am, just messing around with light work. Played some Hearthstone with the kiddo, and read Day 5's entries. Someone said that Kaylee was going to want a cut of the prize...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > The Week of Awesome II - Day 5 - Working Hard

Posted 26 September 2014

Previous Entry: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1922/entry-2260222-the-week-of-awesome-ii-day-49-alpha-release/

Holy crap has this been a ton of work... AND THERE'S STILL MORE TO DO!!! Now that I have the major game play elements worked out, I started focusing on polish a bit today. I wired up some sound effects, and Kaylee even recorded the piggy oink sou...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > The Week of Awesome II - Day 4.9 - Alpha Release

Posted 26 September 2014

Here is a gameplay screenshot: A couple of abstracty monsters face off against a few of the toy units. Piggy Bank, Robot, Teddy Bear.

Previous Entry: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1922/entry-2260209-the-week-of-awesome-ii-day-4-game-logic/

I busted my bottom today, and got the basics of the Turn Based combat working. The codebase is now a precariously b...