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Journal Entries

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > Still Having Fun

Posted 14 May 2016

Lots of updates but not enough time to do them justice. Here's a quick bulletpoint list.
Sold my house back in Tennessee. That went very smoothly and it went to a good family. \o/
Daughter switched schools again. She's liking it, and the math is finally a challenge.
Still working hard at work. I've made several terrain tools, worked on some cool Inverse K...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > Living the Dream

Posted 21 March 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates. As it turns out, living the dream is hard work. I'll make up for it with a really big post instead. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

Personal Update:
So, we rented an apartment really close to work and my daughter's school. Car shopping has been terrible. The first car we went to go l...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > Ramping Up Unity Terrain

Posted 20 February 2016

Personal Update:
So right now, I'm flying across the country with my immediate family. We each have about 3 days worth of clothes, the Chromebook, our phones, and that's it. We gave away or donated lots of our stuff, all of our furniture, and even our cars. The remaining stuff, we crammed into the POD and finally finished loading it Monday evening. They...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > I LANDED MY DREAM JOB!

Posted 09 February 2016

Personal Update:
Who has two thumbs and just accepted a gig at Harebrained Schemes working on the new BATTLETECH game?!?!?   This guy! I submitted my resume and portfolio hoping against hope that they would choose me... AND THEY DID! I'm now the new Tools Engineer for the project. Two days after they said I'd need to wait for a coupl...

Eck's Journal - Still Flying > Extending Unity's Editor with a Custom Window

Posted 23 January 2016

Personal Update:
Woohoo, my previous journal on Unity's Content Pipeline got featured. :D Snow-pocalypse 2016 has hit Tennessee! I think Nashville received five inches of snow and even the airport shut down. We're a little further south so only got about two inches.   This is the dogs' first snow day and they didn't know what to make of...