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In Topic: I need help with some maths

20 December 2014 - 01:38 PM

Whatever game you're working on, may be outside your current skill-set. You can either move back to simpler games and build up those skills over time, or start learning a little more about Vectors right now. The site khanacademy.org is pretty darn cool for learning math.




- Eck

In Topic: Where should I start learning game development?

19 December 2014 - 11:45 PM

Where should you start? Posting here was a great fist step. Welcome to gamedev sir. 


I realised that I need to know 3D modelling before starting with Unity


I'd like to correct this statement. No, you don't need to know 3D modelling before starting with Unity. You can build your own game objects out of primitives in the editor if you're going for a Minecraft look. Or, you can make use of the Unity Asset store to import 3D models into your game. Many of them are even free. 



Or you can use Unity to make 2D games without any 3d models at all.


3D models aren't the only thing in the Asset store either. There's sound effects, music, textures, code modules, etc. Most of which have decent free options as well.


The online tutorials are really slick too. Check it out.


- Eck

In Topic: 0 experience in programming and game development

15 December 2014 - 09:27 PM

You're almost done with school and you're going to start making money as a game developer, but you have no experience whatsoever? That isn't very likely...


I'm assuming you're finishing high school this year. If so, see if your school offers any electives in programming and sign up for them. If you're finishing up college this year. What's your degree in and why didn't you take any programming or graphics design courses?


Take a look at the FAQ:



Pick a language and a set of tools to learn to see if you even like game development. Playing games and making games are two completely different things. If you're not sure what to choose, download the free version of Unity and start looking at some video tutorials on their site.


- Eck

In Topic: My Game Plan

14 December 2014 - 10:50 AM

Of the countless beginner threads around, this one seems far more grounded in reality,  so long as you don't expect this to be just a 2-3 month journey before releasing your game. :)


You show some concern for not starting with C++ since most games are written in C++. While it's true that most triple-A games are written in C++, I don't believe this is going to hinder you. Your goal seems to be towards indie game development and not joining a big studio. Maybe you should learn C++ eventually to better round yourself out as a developer, but that's a long way off and not worth worrying about right now. Plenty of indie games are written in C#.


To avoid getting overwhelmed in the early days, I recommend that your first few weeks be in just C# as you're learning the syntax. Once you get the basics down: variables, loops, branching, functions, classes, etc. Make some simple text based games like guess-a-number or hangman.


Once you're ready for more game development, I think starting with XNA/C# is an excellent idea. It allows you to get closer to the low level/inner workings of a game, but it's abstract enough that you can get a sprite showing on the screen in short order which is pretty darn motivating. Motivation is going to be one of your biggest hurdles early on. (later on too). XNA is no longer actively supported by Microsoft, but I think it's still a good choice for learning. You may also look at MonoGame which is an open source port of the XNA framework and the community is still active.


Pong -> Platformer may be too big of a leap of skill. Take a look at this article about which games you should make early on and why. 



And here are a couple of XNA links that I found very useful:




After you've made a couple of simple games in XNA though, I recommend you take a look at Unity. At this future point in your education you should have a decent grasp on programming and understand the basics of game development. Follow a couple of Unity video tutorials and once you have the basics of Unity down, remake a few of the simple games you made in XNA like pong. You shouldn't have to remake all of them, but it's a good way to learn the tool and see how far you've come as a developer.


Sometime during all this, you're going to want to learn more about object-oriented programming, design patterns, software architecture, more advanced C# features, etc. But that will come with time. For now, go crank out a "Hello World" program. It's where we all started at. :)


Good luck, and when you run into problems, let us know and we'll help you out,

- Eck

In Topic: Game Maker v1.3 Code Crashes Game

11 December 2014 - 11:24 AM

//Horizontal Collision
// If our horizontal movement is going to hit an obj_block
if (place_meeting(x + hsp, y, obj_block))
    // While moving 1 step at a time will NOT hit an obj_block
    while(!place_meeting(x + sign(hsp), y, obj_block))
        // Move one more step
        x += sign(hsp);

    // stop moving, we hit a wall
    hsp = 0;

If for whatever reason, you were moved into a block without pressing left or right (enemy knockback, player teleport, etc) then the while loop would be infinite because sign(0) is 0.

    while(!place_meeting(x + sign(hsp), y, obj_block) 
        && hsp != 0) // If hsp is 0, you're inside a block somehow and need to handle it.
        x += sign(hsp);

@YodamanJer - GameMaker drove me nuts too. It seems like there's no easy way to do things right, and the tool fights you when you try to come up with a clean solution.