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In Topic: Issues with multiplayer 4X game

29 October 2014 - 08:15 PM

You could go the route some of the old BBS games took. Give them so many actions per unit of real-time. This could be 100 per day, or 4 per hour, or anything that makes since for your game. You might also want to cap these stored actions up a maximum of a few days worth.  That way someone who plays a lot gets a little bit of an advantage, but someone who plays every couple of days isn't hurt too much.


For armies/battles, they could be inherently slow. If I send my army to attack you on Monday. They're in transit on Tuesday  (so you have 1 day to react to it)  And then the battle plays itself out on Wednesday.

In Topic: [4X / TBS] Space Game - No ship Customization?

27 October 2014 - 11:27 AM

So was VGA Planets ;) In fact, VGA Planets was a play-by-mail (through BBS, before tze interwebs) game, and I believe I saw somewhere that it was the most play-by-mail game... ever. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense and makes a point about why it has survived to this day. Thank god they've made an automated web version however! (Planets.nu)


I'm an old BBS'er myself. I always wanted to get into Planets VGA, but it didn't catch on with the BBS I frequented. TradeWars 2002 did though and I had a blast with that.


When I get a little more time, I'll probably check out planets.nu. Some people can't play those old games anymore, but I sure can. :)


Truth be told, most of my game design is really completed, and we're down to "level" design (in this case, ships). I still have a few large open questions, such as ship customization, but I have designs for several different outcomes that I've already laid out on paper, it's more a matter of choosing at this stage. Obviously, I can still adjust based on interested ideas that pop-up!


Ship it! (no pun intended) If you're that close, pick a good option, implement it and release the game. I wish I was that close. So jealous...


- Eck

In Topic: Word Game: random % of when a letter should be displayed

26 October 2014 - 07:52 PM

As a simple starting point, you might look at the Scrabble rules.




There are 100 tiles, and 1 of them is Z, so Z has a 1% chance. But there are 12 E's, so there's a 12% chance for pulling an E.


- Eck

In Topic: [4X / TBS] Space Game - No ship Customization?

26 October 2014 - 05:45 PM

Orymus3 invited me to take a look at some of the huge Acharis-Orymus3 discussions you've been having. I don't feel like I can add too much more to this particular thread, but I would like to recommend the game Stars! to both of you. It was a lesser known title that came out in 1995 and is no longer sold, but  you can still download a copy and use one of the public serial numbers. If you haven't played it yet, you should check it out.




The graphics were a little light, but since you guys are playing VGA planets, I don't guess that's an issue. :)


It does have ship design in it, but it's a lot more restrictive than Master of Orion 2 had. You can't cram whatever you want on whatever hull, each hull had different slot types. 




The scout comes with 1 engine, 1 scanner, and 1 general slot. Generally scouts are used for just that, scouting. But you could put a weapon on it to snipe cargo ships or unarmed starbases. Or you could slap a fuel tank on it to make it scout further. Or a cargo pod to haul a few minerals or colonists between your worlds.


I've heard you talk a bit about logistics managing and auto-gen combat. And Stars! has a ton of both. You have to worry about fuel for your ships, minerals for your shipyards, and colonists for different worlds. It was a play by e-mail game so you only got to setup AI priorities before sending your fleets in to do battle. The strategic depth of the game was pretty darn awesome.


I'm still catching up on the last 18 months of chats, so hopefully I'll be able to contribute a little more next time around. :)


- Eck

In Topic: How do you tell if you apps being hooked by a third party terrorist

25 October 2014 - 05:21 PM

I think his English is a little bad. I just tell myself that he meant hacker and it makes me feel better. :)