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Ron Penton's MUD Game Programming

04 November 2011 - 06:54 AM

I'll be starting Ron Penton's MUD book very soon.

I believe there used to be a website of his that had updated code, errata and bug fixes.

Does anyone know where I can find his site or at least the necessary updates to make the most out of going through his book?


Windows XP, Microsoft, Nvidia & Developer Drivers

03 August 2010 - 09:39 AM

Okay, so I've decided to spend the remaining summer building up a strong programming foundation.

Eventually I'm going to go the opengl route.

I only have a GL 2.1 capable card available.

But at least the updated superbible is out.

But it is for GL 3.3 but luckily as it turns out, nvidia just recently also came out with a developer driver that even has 2.1 extensions for 4.1 capabilities.

The problem is when I tried to install the developer driver, I got a message stating that it could cause current and future problems for my XP GL 2.1 machine.

So does MS support nvidias' developer drivers for windows xp?

And if not, then what are my options for getting a driver that'll let me use GL 4.1 capabilities on a GL 2.1 graphics card?

JSC .NET Cross Compiler

21 July 2010 - 09:15 AM

Has any used JSC .NET Cross Compiler

It seems almost too good to be true.

JSC is an Open Source cross-compiler where you can create web applications for Java, javascript, Flash ActionScript, and PHP using Microsoft dotNet in C#, VB or F# (F# currently Beta).

Currently supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010 and .Net 3.5 for development. Target platforms for Flash 9/10, most browser implementation of javascript, Java 6+ and PHP 5+.

JSC requires no plugins or add-ons, and source code is converted to platform Natives. The application possibilities are endless. Multi-platform support in a single code stream!

Use JSC to build applications for one or many platforms. Almost 200 sample applications can be found at our Examples section. Visit our products page to find which solution best fits your needs.

A Great Idea

22 March 2010 - 06:28 AM

OpenGL will not only be available straight from your browser, you won't even need GL drivers for it to work.

A good start learning about shaders?

20 March 2010 - 02:28 PM

Is opengl es 2.0, a good starting point to learning shader programming? I hear it is a much more slimmed down implementation of GL. There are not that many books on GL 3-4.0 and I am just looking to start off. I read that things like glend and begin are not in GL ES 2.0 so I may be in good steed when I decide to move on to 3-4.0. But I'd like to get feedback on this idea of starting with ES.