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The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Demo 2

Posted 23 January 2015

I've just released the second demo for my game Pixel Space Horror.
Play the Second Public-Ish Demo Here

I'm not going really wide until the alpha build, but I've made enough progress to push up another "kinda private" build for feedback. A lot of changes:
Action Point system has been entirely overhauled
You can now move & fire through allies.

The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Rebalancing

Posted 22 January 2015


One of the criticisms of my pre-alpha demo of Pixel Space Horror was the balance - not so much the unit-to-unit balance (which was and still is broken), but the overall game balance. The action point (AP) system encouraged sending in a single unit, doing as much damage with him as possible, and then either pulling him out or watching him...

The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Levels

Posted 12 January 2015

During this phase of development for Pixel Space Horror , I'm focusing on content. Specifically, I'm trying to get the first 15 levels roughed in - not final, definitely not polished, but playable.

I'll keep this update short on words and instead just show you:


The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Units & Enemies

Posted 06 January 2015

I spent most of the weekend adding the vast majority of units & enemies for Pixel Space Horror that will be seen in the game. The majority of the implementation details were already there: the game already supported most of the attack types & buffs that units would provide.

I created a simple test level to make sure everything was behaving - tha...

The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Pre-Alpha Demo

Posted 02 January 2015

Update 4: Pre-Alpha Demo
I wanted to put together a small web build, mostly for friends to evaluate. If you want to try, here's the link. I'm not putting it up in Playtesting yet - it's a little early to get a huge number of eyes on it. Feel free to leave any comments/feedback. Pointing out bugs isn't as useful at this stage, as it has plenty....