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The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Alien Star Menace Post-Mortem

Posted 21 March 2015


Alien Star Menace is available now for iPhone & iPad on the Apple App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store .


Alien Star Menace started with a simple goal (if you’re a dumb person) - make 7 small games in 7 days. There was some downtime at my day job, and I was itching to put another game out there; I hadn’t releas...

The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Alien Star Menace is Out

Posted 20 March 2015

My latest game was released! For both iOS and Android - I didn't intend to make an Android build, but it turned out to be way easier than I thought.

Here are the relevant links:
App Store
Google Play
Press Kit

Feedback, comments, and ratings are welcome.

I'll probably write up a post-mortem in a few days. Currently heads down on marketing.
Here are...

The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Promotional Materials

Posted 13 March 2015

Alien Star Menace is in review with Apple right now and should hopefully be available for iOS devices in the next few days.

Here are various promo elements I've been putting together for marketing:

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The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Demo 2

Posted 23 January 2015

I've just released the second demo for my game Pixel Space Horror.
Play the Second Public-Ish Demo Here

I'm not going really wide until the alpha build, but I've made enough progress to push up another "kinda private" build for feedback. A lot of changes:
Action Point system has been entirely overhauled
You can now move & fire through allies.

The Animal Farm GameDev Blog > Pixel Space Horror Rebalancing

Posted 22 January 2015


One of the criticisms of my pre-alpha demo of Pixel Space Horror was the balance - not so much the unit-to-unit balance (which was and still is broken), but the overall game balance. The action point (AP) system encouraged sending in a single unit, doing as much damage with him as possible, and then either pulling him out or watching him...