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Source Control & Automated Build/Test System

13 September 2011 - 01:27 PM


well I continued working on my game and feel the need to upgrade my current source-control system, as well as to add automated builds and tests. I'm currently using SVN (the repository is stored on my NAS) for source control and there is neitherautomated building nor -testing.

I feel the need to switch to another source control system since either SVN itself or my clients (TortoiseSVN, AnkhSVN) seem a bit glitchy. Every now and then, my checkout becomes unusable (forcing me to delete it and to create a new one) and then there is the lousy rename / move support of AnkhSVN (it seems to me that files are just removed and re-added, which defeats the purpose of moving). What other options do I have (besides ClearCase and SourceSafe) and which ones do you use?

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away (and a long time from now), I might be able to actually release my game. I don't want to manually apply labels, hit the build button and the start my favourite installer (NSIS, etc..). What are my options here? Which ones do you use?

But most importantly, I would like to run a series of tests again my code before a commit (preferably automated), so I can't screw up trunk or some branch. Again, what are my options? Do you even use automated tests?

I would really like to hear about your setups & recommendations :)

XNA 4.1 Confusion

30 August 2011 - 09:39 AM

I'm currently working with XNA 4.0 and I'm wondering whether to migrate to 4.1. Am I able to use those Silverlight ui-components for a windows game as well? I haven't used silverlight yet (only WPF), but my guess (or rather dream) is that I can use silverlight to build a rich interface that stays on top of my XNA game. Am I right with this one?

XNA for Windows Phone 7 & existing assemblies

17 August 2011 - 10:19 AM

I have to develop an application for windows phone 7 using xna (for a course in university) and I'm wondering whether I can reuse .net assemblies without compiling them with some specific switches (by default, a windows phone 7 game does have the WINDOWS_PHONE symbol defined). The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to use squid for this project (I don't want to spent a month or more on a problem that has been solved by too many devs before...), however visual studio complains about not being able to find the namespace Squid, although I have explicitly added the assembly to my project's references. The same code compiles fine when using in a regular XNA Game project.

Is there a way to use Squid or do I need to roll my own (or is there another GUI alternative)?

Storing a "history" in a RDBMS

03 March 2011 - 01:53 AM

Lets suppose I want to store (key, value) pairs in a database. In order to maintain a history of different values for the same key, I need to extend the stored information, probably like this: (key, value, start, end) , ofcourse, the key is no longer a primary key of the table. When adding a (key, value) pair to the database, I have to check if the last entry (which is the one with the same key and and no end, ie. null) has the same value: If it does no insertion must be done. Otherwise the end-time of the last entry is modified and a new entry is inserted with the same time. Now here are my questions:

1. Do you think this is a reasonable implementation? Is there something problematic with it? I thought about only storing the start time, but this would only complicate retrieving the last entry for a certain key (involving sorting: "select key, value, start from table where key='whatever' sort by start desc limit 0, 1").

2. This is an implementation question: How can I implement that algorithm in sql (especially sqlite)? Can I do this in one batch? I figured something like this might work: "if not exists (select key from table where key='whatever' and value='whatever' and end is null) insert into table (key, value, datetime(), null)". Is there something I can do better about it?


I'm currently using an older sqlite port for c#, since I'm too stupid to find the download for the supposedly newer version. If visited nearly every link on the latter site, however I cannot find out where to actually download those files. It mentions all kinds of features, timelines for all files, but no actual content. Is there any content? Were you able to find a download link?

Distributed Hash Tables

13 February 2011 - 06:05 AM

I've read up on distributed hash tables for the last view days and I find the concept extremely interesting. I'm currently implementing a small prototype that is pretty much based on the wikipedia article: Each node is assigned a certain key and all files who's key's distance to a node's key is the smallest are stored on that node (the keys wrap around, thus the distance between the "biggest" and the "smallest" key is 1). There's a lot of information floating around the net, however I couldn't find anything useful on how to handle redundancy in such a table. Wikipedia mentions that one way to introduce redundancy into the system is to use replication:

Redundancy can be added to improve reliability. The (k,data) key pair can be stored in more than one node corresponding to the key. Usually, rather than selecting just one node, real world DHT algorithms select i suitable nodes, with i being an implementation-specific parameter of the DHT.

However there's no example on how to chose the other nodes. However even if I can come up with an algorithm for this, how can I distribute requests amongst multiple (if not all) nodes, each of which contains the desired (k, data) pair? I suspect I should pick adjacent nodes (ie. the nearest n nodes to k). In such a case, the nearest node could be responsible for routing requests to adjacent nodes for that pair, instead of serving itself (because it's bandwidth is exhausted).

It would be great if you could post relevant information or event solutions about this problem as I couldn't find any so far.