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In Topic: Some feedback on orchestral tracks please

17 October 2016 - 05:37 AM

The amount of reverb could be an issue or it could be the mix itself. In the Braveheart cover, the background harmonies are covering up the melody. There's a lack of balance. In your first piece, you've created a great mood but then it doesn't evolve much past that first idea. We're basically getting the same idea for 1.5 minutes. Disclaimer: I'm listening on my laptop so I may not be hearing certain nuances that laptop speakers just don't convey well. 


Glad you're writing and producing! Keep sharing!


[Sound Engineers dedicate their entire lives to the craft of merely recording. They don't 
play anything. They don't  arrange anything. They merely record.


Also, I disagree with this blanket statement. I've worked with and met plenty of sound engineers that do play plenty of instruments as well as arrange music. Perhaps what you mean is if you hired a sound engineer, they'd solely be responsible with the recording itself. That may be true but even then, I've worked with engineers who were also the producer on a project. So it can (and does) vary. 





In Topic: new composer to the community

12 October 2016 - 10:18 PM

Really ambient music, such as your own, could work in certain levels or types of gameplay. But most indie devs are going to be looking for music that's a bit more traditional and branded to help make their game(s) stand out more. While I enjoyed what I heard, I'm not sure how much of it could work in games. But then again, I could definitely be proven wrong! Keep making your mark!

In Topic: Video game music

24 September 2016 - 05:23 PM

Yup, what Brian said!

In Topic: My first game ambience. (Want feedback please)

18 September 2016 - 06:37 AM

It's a lovely melody, one that I found myself humming for a while after my first listen. That's a very good sign! But I don't hear much difference between the various statements of that melody. There's a lot of opportunity here to make a very strong piece of music with the foundation you've laid.

Consider ways to make more contrast so it sticks out to the casual listener more. Only flute. Only strings/pad. Change of chords. Instead of held notes, change to an arpeggio. Etc.
Same melody now in a different instrument, say a piano. Then even later piano plays melody while the flute does a counter melody.

In Topic: Seeking feedback on "Retro City", a chiptune I made in Famitracker.

18 September 2016 - 05:42 AM

Overall, I like it! I'm listening on my iPhone as my studio is still in transit for the move. My only feedback is the section at 0:32 feels off. I'm my opinion it would be cool and sound better to have that section flipped. What I mean is hold off playing that cool, rhythmic backing part until that section repeats. As you have it now, that section starts off full and complex then goes more simple and hollowed out upon the repeat. Other than that, nice track.