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In Topic: More Music Mondays

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

I would have though it would pick up too much of the low end but it sounds really good in your recording.


We EQed out quite a bit of the low end. You should have seen the percussion session! So many mics! So many toys... erm, I mean drums. Drums.

In Topic: More Music Mondays

Yesterday, 08:57 AM

I think he was using a Nueman and it was positioned above her. I should've taken a picture of it but didn't. I had a total of four sessions, each about two hours or so long and then one final 5 hour session with just the engineer. He has fantastic gear and plugs. I've got quite a bit of studio envy!

In Topic: More Music Mondays

29 October 2014 - 07:44 AM

Sure, the price for each musician ranged from $40 to $60 bucks an hour. Several of them had minimums, so even if I only used them for 2 hours, I had to pay for three hours of studio time. That's to make sure it's worth their while with travel and learning the music, etc. One musician had a clause where it was either $100 per tune to learn or $50 bucks per hour in the studio, whichever was greater. 

In Topic: More Music Mondays

28 October 2014 - 01:04 PM

Also my only critique is there is a sharp audible intake of breath at 13 seconds on the flute track in town theme.


Yeah, I'm aware of the breath. I guess it's a matter of opinion but in an environment where so much of the music we hear is over produced and super clean, I liked having that human element mixed in the song. It's also why I didn't go back and over produce everything else in the tracks. Of course there was some production :P but mainly we were trying to simply enhance the performances already captured.


Thanks everyone!



In Topic: More Music Mondays

28 October 2014 - 06:51 AM

Wow, Servant, what a response! I really appreciate it, especially how indepth with how and why you liked Town Theme. Thank you!