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In Topic: 15 Good DAWs

26 May 2016 - 01:16 PM

I equate different DAWs to different car makes and models. Some of different features, some label things different but, at their core, they all do the same thing. And it largely comes down to the user's preferences and personal needs.

It's never a bad thing to get to know several DAWs. Myself, I work with:

  • Pro Tools 12 Native (when doing a lot of audio editing mainly),
  • Logic Pro X (this is my main DAW that I do composition, sound design and mixing in),
  • Reason 6.5 (I sometimes write in Reason or use Rewire to bring in sounds I love from Reason into Logic).


Each DAW has it own strengths and weaknesses.

In Topic: Process of audio dev for games in 80's-90's?

18 May 2016 - 09:01 PM

Back in the 1980's most of the composers were actually programmers who also knew music. And they were code everything in via a trackr like system. MIDI and bank files with samples are still used today for 3DS games and even on the Wii in some cases.

In Topic: Feedback: Orchestral Theme for a huge tortoise

18 May 2016 - 07:36 AM

I really like a lot of the music ideas! I think some of the guitar rhythms could be a bit more elaborate but understand this is just a draft and some of that may change once you do a more fully realized version. Good stuff! Tons of potential here.

In Topic: Seeking feedback on "Departure", a new orchestral piece.

18 May 2016 - 07:25 AM

One other point - you seem to only look at your pieces from a composer's vantage point. But these days its critical that composers also be great producers. You're not producing your audio well at all. I pointed out several key factors that are lacking in your piece earlier. You stated this statement several times already: "...and I don't agree that following most of that feedback will improve it." Well, better production WOULD make your piece sound better without having to change a single note.


And that's really important because 100% of your audience is going to experience your music via streaming audio over the web. So shouldn't you spend some time and effort learning how to produce that audio better?

In Topic: Seeking feedback on "Departure", a new orchestral piece.

18 May 2016 - 07:21 AM

The arrangement of my compositions are based on what I hear in real orchestra recordings. If I hear a song by a real orchestra use the so called "non-stop snare", I'm going to use that in my composition.


You're really hung up on this non-stop snare point but yet you disregard or don't respond to many of the other critical points others are trying to make. And if you're truly trying to emulate a real orchestra, much of that feedback was (and is) aimed at helping you achieve that. Even with sub-par samples. You've been around this forum for years, since 2011 I believe and you've been pretty active posting your pieces - WHICH IS GREAT! But much of the feedback you've been getting for years hasn't been applied. And I have no idea why that is.


It makes me think either you disagree completely with much of the critical feedback you've been given all of this time, or understand that feedback, ignore it or don't know how to apply it. I'm honestly not sure which is the case. Then you go on to say you're not ranting... while you're ranting in a long post. I don't get it. This forum is all about discussion, feedback, sharing ideas and helping each other get better.

And I'll give you a tip - the "non-stop snare" didn't really bother me as much, personally. But the production, odd volume changes, slow attack of some of your samples, lack of automation, lack of real depth and space and lack of overall progression in your piece did. And you can fix all of that with some production love! :)


Tl;d: Feedback can hurt sometimes. But try to look for what is useful to you as a composer (AND PRODUCER) and use it to help make your pieces better.