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#5052818 Feedback on title theme

Posted by nsmadsen on 13 April 2013 - 09:36 AM

Hey -


Consider uploading this track to a streaming audio site like Soundcloud or even Youtube. You'll get more listens instead of having someone download a file plus you can set permissions on it, etc. This would hopefully get you some more feedback. At the very least - consider a smaller file size than a WAV. I would listen but I'm on my laptop, have no headphones and around my newborn niece so sleep is a gift from the gods right now. tongue.png


I will listen when I get back!





#5051288 Are music trackers obsolete?

Posted by nsmadsen on 08 April 2013 - 02:22 PM

Trackers are not as commonly used as they used to be but there's still some demand for them. Many Wii games used tempo changes - think of the Mario games - where the music's tempo matches the players input. I believe it was the first Mario Galaxy game where it would smoothly change tempo - instead of changing between several bounces with different tempos baked in. 


Also the DS often use MIDI-sample-bank methods which is similar to a tracker approach. Rockband/Guitar Hero and the link are other good examples where MIDI data is used in conjunction with streaming audio. But overwhelming, most game projects stream some kind of audio format these days. 

#5051174 Quick Question

Posted by nsmadsen on 08 April 2013 - 06:45 AM

My first in-house job was at FUNimation Entertainment, which brands anime and live action for the US market. So I've done a lot of work in anime. But.... as far as looking for a website for those kinds of gigs, I haven't found much. I actually heard about FUNimation's opening via Craigslist of all things! :P There is www.mandy.com which has a fair amount of film jobs and I've landed some work there. 

#5050881 When does the failure end?

Posted by nsmadsen on 07 April 2013 - 09:42 AM

This kind of work doesn't happen over night. It takes a long, long time. And even after someone "makes it" they still get turned down for jobs. Sometimes it's related to politics, other times it's budgets and other times it's a style conflict. Perhaps someone else just matched their needs more than someone else.


You need thick skin for this industry. Thick skin for losing out on gigs and thicker skin once you get a gig and then have to work with negative feedback from a client. Just because you don't get a job now doesn't mean that connection you created is fruitless. I've been approached by producers/managers later after being turned down to work on their next project. So, keep your head up. Keep learning and keep striving. Also - when you do get turned down, don't take it personally. Be polite and professional. I often send a basic "Aw, bummer! I was looking forward to working with you! Hopefully next time - and best of luck on this project." kind of email. That is... if the client is polite enough to let me know I didn't get the job. :P If not, I just assume I missed out after a certain amount of time.


Best of luck man!



#5049333 Sound Master/ Designer looking for developers

Posted by nsmadsen on 02 April 2013 - 03:39 PM



Welcome to the forums! Please use the Classifieds section to look for work. You're more than welcome to share and discuss in the Music and Sound Forums but GD.net has a dedicated space for both hobby and paid projects. Best of luck. 





#5048629 GDC - you should be going!

Posted by nsmadsen on 31 March 2013 - 12:07 PM

Hey guys,


Just got back from another awesome week at GDC. If you've not gone before, you really should consider going! It's such an inspiring and worthwhile trip. Even if you don't land any jobs directly from the conference - there's much to be said about creating relationships, spending a week away from the norm while learning from some seriously creative and talented folks and becoming more inspired for the months to come!


I've been to GDC six times - three in Austin (when they had the audio track in Austin) and the last three years at San Fran. Each time I learn something new, foster deeper connections with pros in the industry, make new friends and remember why this is such an incredible (and friendly) industry to work in!


There are so many locations and times for GDC too - so pull together some cash, split a hotel if needed, and go! :)



#5045942 Getting Started Box

Posted by nsmadsen on 23 March 2013 - 07:42 AM

Hey guys,


You've probably noticed and read the green Getting Started message box in the upper right hand corner of the Music and Sound forum's home screen by now. If not - open a new tab and check it out. I'll wait. (hums to self for 5 seconds) This links to FAQ for this forum. That as well as the pinned topic about the forum rules should help explain to newcomers the basic approaches being taken.


The FAQ link isn't super easy to find (in my opinion) which is why I linked it directly in the message and I'll also post it here:







#5045601 Hi I'm Doni......................................

Posted by nsmadsen on 22 March 2013 - 07:48 AM

I would like to add just one additional point: 


None of this had to happen. Another user was basically in the same situation but he PMed me privately and apologized and asked some questions about setting up a post in  Classifieds. I told him it was no problem and we had a nice little email thread. He still has a solid reputation, is actively posting in this forum and no negative spats attached to his profile. I wish Franky would have responded in a similar manner and hope others learn from this situation.





#5045420 First Day of School

Posted by nsmadsen on 21 March 2013 - 05:41 PM

Thanks guys!


HellsSavior - Glad you liked it! I don't know what the animation was created in. I just handled the music. I didn't have very long to work on this so this actual project took about 4-6 hours split up over two days (due to other committments, etc).


Moritz - Yeah, I can see what you mean. This was one of those projects where I didn't see any of the other elements (not even the fully finished animation) until the final product. This was a student project where many of the other elements came in after I had already submitted the final mix of the music. I don't think I went as crazy or as whacky as Ire originally wanted based on our discussions. She wanted even more extreme changes in music, etc but I felt that would be too chaotic. In the end, I felt (and the team seem to agree) that a quirkly Danny Elfman-ish score would work better. Perhaps a bit over the top but I feel that creates even more contrast with the normal reality vs. the kid's perception.


Good to know it's OK to share non-game music on here by the way, I'm producing music for a similar animated short soon, and I'd love to get some feedback on that as soon as it's ready.


Sure thing! We can't always be working on only game projects! :P Besides music is music and many of the same principles apply so please feel free to share it! I'd love to check it out!

#5045363 First Day of School

Posted by nsmadsen on 21 March 2013 - 02:16 PM

Hey guys, 


While not technically a video game project :P, I wanted to share this short film (1:59 long) that I recently did. Feedback and discussion (like always) is more than welcomed! Hope everyone's doing well! 






#5045360 Hi I'm Doni......................................

Posted by nsmadsen on 21 March 2013 - 02:05 PM

Your post was locked because you stated:


Anyways, you can check my sig for all the necessary links. I can tell you now that I make electronic music in 3 major genres: house, chillout, and dubstep. I wouldn't place my music in the "a-typical clone sound" genre. I like to make fun and somewhat hypnotic music. Guys, I'm basically trying to say I'm a big deal and you want to work with me. lol I'm just joking. How the heck am I supposed to sell myself here? I'm pretty sure most of these posts get overlooked, especially since everybody here is probably grinding away at their craft, be it coding, designing, whatever.


So anyways, hope to hear from somebody. If not, I'll active hound mode. You've been warned!


It certainly reads like an attempt to recruit for work - which I've already stated is something you're free to do in the Classifieds section. If that's not enough just look at the title of your OP:

Hi I'm Doni, here to make your VGM! smile.png


You're clearly trying to sell yourself and your services which isn't the focus on the Music and Sound forum. If you'd like to share your music for feedback or discuss gear or techniques you've used in the past - go for it! But looking for work is restricted to the Classifieds section. This is stated in the forum rules and if you had spent just a tiny bit of time you'd see another closed post (and my similar explanation) posted recently in the thread. Since you made no effort to ask for feedback or make a discussion but instead tried to recruit work - I closed your post. But not without first explaining why. 


Making a secondary post where all you're doing is ranting against the admin is probably not going to give you the type of positive attention and contacts you're seeking. If you want to be a positive impact and member of the forum - you're more than welcome here! If you're going to break rules and then throw mini-rants... then I doubt you'll be very successful here. smile.png It's really up to you. I'll leave this post open (for now) if you wish to respond in a positive manner but can choose to lock it if all you want to do is argue. 





#5043673 MIDI Warlord Songs Animated On MidiJam

Posted by nsmadsen on 16 March 2013 - 08:12 AM

I'd be interested in hearing these songs with higher quality samples and a bit more production polish. You've got some nice ideas and are clearly passionate about composition but, frankly, the presentation could be working against you. For projects wanting a retro sound you could be perfect but for projects needing more realistic sounding tracks it wouldn't work out as well. 


Not sure what your set up is (i.e. PC or Mac, what DAWs you're using, etc) but consider investing in some better samples. They're coming down in price almost yearly and it can breathe so much more life into your work! Hope that helps!





#5039584 Music Composer Available

Posted by nsmadsen on 05 March 2013 - 11:12 AM

Please use the Classifieds section to recruit for work. The Music and Sound forum is for sharing and discussion only.





#5039061 Jones On Fire OST

Posted by nsmadsen on 04 March 2013 - 10:25 AM

Hey guys,


Just a heads up that the Jones On Fire OST is now available online!  This is a joint effort between Michael Nielsen and myself. Check it out:




It features various chiptune tracks as well as a dub step/chiptune fusion which Michael produced.





#5037593 Need some feedback and advice!

Posted by nsmadsen on 28 February 2013 - 08:11 AM

I strongly recommend you not work for free. When starting out you can certainly work for cheap, even dirt cheap. tongue.png But working for free gives the wrong impression to developers that an audio guy's time, talent, effort and enegry (and even the audio itself) is worthless. I've also seen, personally, certain developers hop from free audio guy to free audio guy.


The best way to be seen as professional in this industry is to act professional. This means expecting to have a written contract and terms which you can agree and commit to. It means meeting deadlines and being open to feedback/criticisms of your client and making the needed changes. Being on time (if not early) to meetings, etc. All of the things we'd all look for in a solid, good co-worker.


It always makes me wonder (if that's even the right word) when folks advocate doing everything else in a professional manner (i.e. how you're networking, your website, having a great demo reel, etc) but then when it comes to money there's a disconnect and that working for free is somehow professional or appropriate. It's not. It harms the industry and others, perhaps more than most are even aware. If it's a purely hobby project which will never be sold and no one's getting paid - that's completely different. But if it has commercial aims and some folks are getting paid, then everyone on the project should get paid as well.


After all, all of your hardware and software wasn't free (or it shouldn't be.. lol) and if you attended any classes or got a degree in this... that wasn't free either. Even if you got a full scholarship, someone paid for your education. Even if it was just you learning at home... your time and effort in learning how to do this well is worth something!


So my advice, work for something. Be it money or an exchange of services. Explain to your clients that you're just starting out and because of that you're super discounting your content while you build up credentials. Not all credits are equal. Don't give away your time and craft just for a credit which, in reality, a small number of people might know and have played. I've been long winded but in the end... I think this is the best way to build up a solid business model and rep in the industry. But if you're dead set on working for free at the start - at the very least keep all of the rights to the content. Never give away exclusive rights to content for free. This way you can at least re-use and resell it later down the road.