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#5168055 Rates for Voice Over?

Posted by on 20 July 2014 - 09:24 PM

I hope that was sarcasm Tutorial Doctor. Fiver is a joke, or it's not the best option, at the very least.


Even if you get a ton of customers, the amount of work versus pay for each job is ridiculously low and not sustainable. At least, not in my opinion. Perhaps Fiver can work with some parameters and I've seen a few users post some. Like, for example, first 30 second theme is $5 and any additional work after that is at a standard rate. 


But the first thing I think when I see someone posting "I'll compose your whole soundtrack for $5" is how good would it even be?! How willing would they be to work with me and do revisions to ensure they fit my vision? Just like with other purchases (computers, cars, food, etc) having too low of a price point can actually backfire. 


Edit: This headline made me laugh however: (terrible actor though tongue.png)



#5164835 Rates for Voice Over?

Posted by on 04 July 2014 - 09:22 PM

Good call!

#5164141 2 songs for a new RPG (Feedback is appreciated)

Posted by on 01 July 2014 - 04:41 PM

What kind of RPG is this? Realistic graphics or sprites? For a main theme, On the Horizon feels like it kind of wanders around a bit musically. After hearing this once, I'm not sure I could hum the theme a few days later. Contrast your piece with main themes of big name video games or films. The opening track hammers the main theme into your head over and over. It's very solid and has a clear, concise message. 


Just for an example: Harry Potter main theme



Listen to how many times it returns to the main theme, in different sections of the orchestra. Each time it's restated, the listener's ear has another opportunity to latch on to it. Now Williams does leave the main theme for some related, expositional material but he returns to it, somewhat, later on.


So, for your main theme, I would revisit your melody and then explore ways to restate it multiple times so it sticks more. In fact... to be honest, after having typed this message, my ear has already lost your main theme. There are many other things we can discuss about production and the actual samples used but focusing first on the notes and the music structure is best. 


One of the best bits of advice I've read about scoring was to create a great main melody then restate it, restate it, restate it. 


I hope that helps! 



#5163919 Rates for Voice Over?

Posted by on 30 June 2014 - 02:21 PM

Yeah, I think you're right. Do you think having on the front page "Willing to work within your budget" is clear enough? 



Because I want indie developers with small budgets to know that I can still work with them. 


The reason why most people don't say the former is because some clients may want to only pay $1 for all of their audio. Are you willing to work within that small of a budget? What I stress to my clients is that I'm flexible, within reason. That I want to work with them and meet their needs but, at the same time, I need to pay my own bills and feel my craft and time are worth something. 

#5156949 reel critique

Posted by on 30 May 2014 - 08:28 AM

Hey Rich,


A 11 minute long demo reel is, in my opinion, too long. I've watched several audio directors sample people's work and they spend about 5-10 seconds per cue before moving on. So you REALLY have to snag them right off the back with a great hook or sound. I think you're on the right track by showing different styles, moods and instrumentations. I would create more of a highlight reel of these songs to shorten the length. It's always been my mantra that a demo reel is just an introduction rather than a full conversation. So leave them wanting more. As far as the music itself goes - there's some neat stuff here but I felt some of your samples were a bit thin or MIDI-tastic sounding. But that's the ever lasting quest, isn't it? :)


Thanks for sharing!



#5154513 Feedback for "epic" music

Posted by on 18 May 2014 - 05:05 PM

You're definitely on the right track but I found the choir to be annoying and/or distracting after a while. It's pretty much there for a good portion of the piece. Many composers use choirs as the "icing on the cake" or the accents to really push the piece over the top. By having the ear exposed to the choir for so much of the piece, it begins to lose it's effect. Some of the strings and brass parts were really nice and helped create drama.

#5149940 Creating music and sound-effects for Cavian

Posted by on 27 April 2014 - 03:10 PM



I liked your music track - it was nice! Some of the SFX around it were distracting because they were lower in quality. The water drops sound needs more of a tail on the reverb. A cave has more echo and depth than what I'm hearing.


Our game is about a bird born in a cave, so creating realistic sounds of a bird walking, flying and landing has been the most challenging thing for me. If you have any tips at all, I'd love to hear them.


Depending on your budget and your intentions, an a la carte website might really help you find some of those hard-to-record sounds. Something like Sound Dogs or Sound Rangers or even Pond 5 could work well. If you're wanting to create everything yourself and not use any 3rd party materials, then this thread has some good info which can get you started: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/523411-creating-sfx/





#5146573 Critique My Track

Posted by on 12 April 2014 - 02:38 PM

And lasers ARE cool.

#5146259 using best tools

Posted by on 11 April 2014 - 08:02 AM

If you want to be able to send your music in to another studio and have them edit your work, go with Pro Tools.

Any professional studio will be able to directly work with that.


Well, honestly, I know more and more pro level studios who are using other DAWs as well these days. So that may not be as much of a factor. Plus exporting stems and MIDI is really easy to do so sharing music from one DAW to another DAW really isn't much of an issue.

#5146118 using best tools

Posted by on 10 April 2014 - 05:45 PM

There is no program out there that's "the best." There are, instead, a whole bunch of options which might fit your needs and workflow better.


Look up: (and this is just a short list)


Pro Tools


Logic Pro


Sound Forge




FL Studio

Studio One


(You already listed the bottom two)


My suggestion would be to try a demo of each program and see what you like best. See what type(s) of music you want to write. What is your budget you want to spend? What kind of features are you wanting out of the DAW? Do you want bundled FX and instruments or 3rd party? Once you found the one that works for you, buy it and learn every thing about it you can. It's hard to predict which programs are going to have a long future and which ones will not. For example, I still use Peak Pro and, overall, enjoy it but the company closed down. It was around for a good while before that and had a good number of users.




#5144554 Looping a sound with reverb causes a "pop" at loop

Posted by on 05 April 2014 - 07:48 AM

Another thing to consider are loop editors where you can "tune" the waveform at the looping points. If one point is on the X axis and one is way above or below, you're gonna have a click or pop as well. If the waveform shape is smooth and connected, you'll have less of a chance of pops or clicks. In some DAWs you can set it up to allow you to select only zero crossings to help out with this issue.



#5142012 Feedback on my music

Posted by on 25 March 2014 - 09:53 AM

Hey there Dustin!


Welcome to the forums - glad to have you here. Since the Classified sections is the only spot where you can actively look for jobs or hobbyist projects, I've edited your post to better align with the Music and Sound forum's guidelines. We're all about discussion, sharing and feedback here.





#5141220 Dragons and Titans trailer

Posted by on 22 March 2014 - 08:42 AM

Thanks! For the drums, it's nothing new, sadly. (Mainly because I desperately need to upgrade my computer's HDD to accomdate more libraries.) tongue.png So for the drums I used a combination of East West's Storm Drum 1 and 2, along with several 8Dio drum patches included Epic Toms as well as some stuff from NI's Komplete 9. Then EQed and added reverb to taste.


Thanks for the listen!



#5141159 Movie Studio Set Theme

Posted by on 21 March 2014 - 09:46 PM

Howdy one and all,


This track was written for Disney’s Threads of Mystery, a social, hidden object game on Facebook. Later, I hired the amazing John Rodd to mix it. Sadly, the game's no longer live but I'm glad I was able to write many cues for it. The track’s aim was to convey the magic, excitement and mystery of a movie set. I hope you enjoy it!




Please feel free to share any thoughts or feedback on it.

#5137436 looking for feedback on some dark, intimate, electronic music

Posted by on 08 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

We noticed that a lot of the music that is presented on the forums goes for the orchestral and epic approach to soundtrack and gaming music (and there are some quite impressive pieces among them). Our style is more electronically driven and a little darker most of the time.


Don't worry about that. Find your own voice and what works for you first.


The music is good! Presents a mood and vibe for sure. Some of it struck me more than others but, hey, that's personal taste in music. You guys are good at creating a style so the important thing to understand from here is how to implement your music in a game. Should it be looping? Instance based? Interactive tiers/layers that change upon gameplay?


Several of your tracks could definitely work in the right type(s) of games.