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Merry Prankster Games > 2015 here we come

Posted 12 December 2014

Well, I was just about to submit Temple of the Abyssal Winds, chapters 1 and 2, to the iOS App Store. With the plan to release them for Windows as soon as they went live in the App Store. But then wiser minds (my wife) pointed out that we're going out of the country for 2 weeks soon, and submitting to the App Store and then being incommunicado for 2 weeks...

Merry Prankster Games > Hide the stats? Never!

Posted 20 November 2014

Courtesy of Rampant Coyote (http://rampantgames.com/blog/?p=8117 ), I saw an article on Gamasutra advocating hiding the stats in computer RPGs:


The author has some thesis about telling stories instead of burying the player under a bunch of numbers.

To this I sa...

Merry Prankster Games > Beta Version 0.6

Posted 18 November 2014

Beta Testers,

I've got an updated build for you, iOS and Windows. Version 0.6 has the following fixes:

Improved hover information for items:
The item name is red if you can't use it.
The item name is yellow if you aren't proficient.
Weapons display their attack damage.
Armor displays the defense bonus.

Warning if you try to buy an item you can't use,...

Merry Prankster Games > Chapter 3 Gameplay Video

Posted 07 November 2014

Working on Chapter 3, I took a quick break to make a gameplay video.



Merry Prankster Games > (More) Beta Testers Needed!

Posted 27 October 2014

Temple of the Abyssal Winds: Beta Testers Needed

Temple of the Abyssal Winds is ready to go for, this time for Windows, and I just need a few intrepid beta-testers to go through and find the last few bugs. Help out, and enjoy a classic-style RPG at the same time!


To find out more about TotAW, check out the website: http...