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Merry Prankster Games > Blog?

Posted 25 April 2016

GameDev images are broken, and it's not clear if anyone cares. So, I'm suspending this blog for now... you'd have a hard time noticing anyways. For Merry Prankster Games news, look to: Twitter: https://twitter.com/prankstergames
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prankstergames
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Prankster  Geoff

Merry Prankster Games > March Already?

Posted 03 March 2016

Man, I suck at this blogging thing. 
Status update: Chapter 5 is looking pretty good, and I'm getting through the content creation for Chapter 6. I may just wait to release Chapter 5 along with Chapter 6 because, well, I'm lazy, I guess. 
Now, something about TotAW development. So, I'm working on Chapter 6, the town area. In Chapter 6, you are n...

Merry Prankster Games > Chapter 5 Code Complete

Posted 15 January 2016

News: Chapter 5 is code complete and ready for testing. Based on past performance, probably about a month before it comes out. 
Here's a picture of the second map from Chapter 5: 

Merry Prankster Games > Not Dead Yet

Posted 11 January 2016

Sorry about the lack of posting... vacation ate up some time, and I guess I just didn't feel like posting. But, never fear, I've been busy squirreling away on TotAW. 
Chapter 5 needs just a couple more days for the content to be finished. One more map to draw, and some actor-to-actor chatter to write. Then, test chapter 5, and move on to the final ch...

Merry Prankster Games > Chapter 4 PR tour

Posted 13 November 2015

Probably only of interest to me, I'm tracking various chapter 4 announcements here.