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In Topic: Scotland independence: Yes or No?

Yesterday, 08:23 AM

As a non-resident in England I don't particularly care for a particular result. If I lived in Scotland, I'd probably vote no, but who can say. The strongest argument seems to be political - especially if people are fed up of the three main parties that dominate the House of Commons. But it's unclear to me that Scotland's politics would be any better. One question would be if I felt that local people and politicians were closer to my views than nationally. For example, I think that's probably true for the city I live in, though not for the county. I have no idea what it would be if I lived in Scotland.

On all the other issues though, such as economy, I'd be worried about a yes.

An interesting consequence for the rest of the UK would be the 2015 General Election - the argument that even with a Yes vote, independence won't have been achieved by then. Which leads to the problem of whether you have Scottish voters and Scottish politicians in the 2015 election, and whether kicking them out afterwards means another General Election.

The final thing which annoys me about the process however is the requirement to be able to vote; if you are a Scot living in England you have no say. You'll be granted Scottish nationality if independency occurs, but because you've moved across the border you have no voice. While I appreciate that you could argue for some restrictions (the children born in England of parents both from Scotland not being allowed for example) but the fact that people who might have only moved for work a couple of years ago have no voice is just wrong imo.

(I'm also not convinced about extending the vote to those aged 16 and 17; while I'm sure some will understand the issues comments I've heard about 'voting yes because they have a more positive message' speak volumes of the problem with engaging people of that age - hell, at 16 I wasn't in a good state of mind to vote but if I had at least I would have had better reasons than that.)

The only thing for certain, based on the polls, is that after Thursday there is going to be an almost 50/50 rift in Scotland between those who won and those who lost, regardless of the outcome, and that alone will cause a great deal of harm.



On the other hand, if I was someone living in Scotland who really didn't want independence, I'd be annoyed if the Yes vote was propped up by lots of people born in Scotland voting Yes for nationalistic reasons, but not living there, and not having to live with the consenquences (admittedly I don't know if Scots living elsewhere would be more likely to vote Yes or No, but I can see good reasons that they shouldn't be able to vote). Wikipedia gives another reason "In January 2012, Elaine Murray MSP of Labour led a debate arguing that the franchise should be extended to Scots living outside Scotland, including the approximately 800,000 living in the other parts of the UK.[42] This was opposed by the Scottish government, which argued that it would greatly increase the complexity of the referendum and stated that there was evidence from the United Nations Human Rights Committee that other nations "might question the legitimacy of a referendum if the franchise is not territorial"."

Your example of a poor argument from 16 year olds apply to people of any age - on any political issue, I've seen arguments along those kinds of lines, for all ages.

This isn't just an issue for the next 4-5 years, it's an issue that will affect the rest of their lives, so I can see an argument for including them. Another reason though is that a voting age of 16 is SNP policy for all elections, so it seems more consistent to allow them a say before independence might happen.

In Topic: Dedicated vs integrated

10 September 2014 - 06:49 AM

Some advantages over a dedicated GPU which are not to do with needing high end performance:

* Being able to switch between (say) Intel and NVIDIA, meaning you can easily test across two makes of GPUs. This is useful if there are bugs which only show up on one manufacturer. Also useful to more easily test performance on both a slower integrated GPU, and a faster dedicated GPU.
* Traditionally Intel's OpenGL drivers haven't been that great. They may have improved with Intel HD though(?), and obviously not an issue if you're only interested in DirectX.

In Topic: Clones and copycats.. Flappy Bird, 2048, Timerman etc.

28 August 2014 - 03:10 PM

I wonder if the Swing Copters clones came after the Swing Copter release - or after the ridiculous amount of media coverage which came hours after the Swing Copter release. (The Metro? The BBC, Forbes - since when did "guy releases game" become mainstream news... it's part of the problem, imo.)

And if you can be cloned from scratch in 5 days, arguably it's not something worth protecting anyway...

In Topic: Own game distribution platform?

21 August 2014 - 06:06 AM

It would be nice to have something for PC that is open (i.e., anyone can release like mobile distribution platforms tend to be) rather than "gated" which seems to be the case with the aforementioned PC platforms.

Although there have of course been software distribution websites for years, and there's itch.io which is dedicated to games and supports payment options. The difficulty is getting users (not just developers) to your platform.

In Topic: Clones and copycats.. Flappy Bird, 2048, Timerman etc.

19 August 2014 - 06:52 AM

I say, who can blame them. Far from being a great equaliser, the Internet seems to have resulted in a situation where a lucky few get _vast_ amounts of coverage, whilst a vast number of others get ignored. Rarely are the more popular examples actually something new, and in some cases as pointed out, they are clones of earlier games anyway. Maybe it was because they did do something better, maybe it was better marketing, maybe it was luck, or a combination, who knows.

But when using existing ideas and/or using similar names gets you some extra coverage/hits/downloads - while coming up with something totally original doesn't - well, who can blame the numerous clones that result.

I'm not sure what the answer is. It doesn't help that places like Google Play don't seem great imo at finding new content, but instead promote the positive-feedback loop where more popular things get more coverage, hence get more popular...