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Journal of Aardvajk > Rag Doll is back

Posted 23 October 2016

Just a quick post to say I've re-integrated my rag doll system back into the current iteration of the game. This is based on making a set of Bullet shapes from the current skeleton configuration on the fly, then handing control of these over to Bullet.

New feature here is that the new chase camera system then continues to follow a particular shape seaml...

Journal of Aardvajk > Mumbling about the Camera system

Posted 16 October 2016

In preparation for being able to do some stuff with the bow aiming, I've ripped out and rewritten the Camera system for the game. I've split what was one system into two classes now, ViewTransform which represents a position and orientation for a point of view with the orientation being represented by a quaternion and a Camera class which takes care of...

Journal of Aardvajk > All Kitted Up

Posted 07 October 2016

 Decided to take a break from player/world interactions and look at something I've never tried before, namely attaching objects like weapons to the player skeleton.   The implementation took a bit of messing around and educated guesswork to get it right. Because my game has my own hand-rolled implementation of a...

Journal of Aardvajk > Quick Video

Posted 03 October 2016

Just a quick video showing off the currently-implemented features. 

Preparing a write-up of the kinematic character controller for publishing soon.

Journal of Aardvajk > Player character re-implemented

Posted 02 October 2016

So the player controller code is effectively rewritten back to the level it was at before. The player can stand still, turn on the spot, run in any direction, walk in any direction (stopping at edges), jump and fall with air controls.

It also causes the player to stop walking or running when it hits an obstacle square on, and prevents the player fro...