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Journal of Aardvajk > Back to the Platformer (again)

Posted 24 September 2016

Well, it's official, I'm bored with the spaceship game already. Went too simple and found it dull to develop, let alone play, so am back with the 3D platform game. 
It's the game I always wanted to write anyway and the existing code is bearable although needs a bit of a tidy in a few places now. Was good to dust it off. 
Not all back to...

Journal of Aardvajk > Flight Modes experiments

Posted 16 September 2016

I've been experimenting with using two different flight modes. It is quite fun zooming around in the normal flight mode, but almost impossible to actually do anything precisely such as landing on a particular block and so on. 
Now pressing the E key toggles you between flight and hover mode. No visual feedback for this yet, but eventually I'd...

Journal of Aardvajk > Tweaking

Posted 11 September 2016

Have just been making a few tweaks to the spaceship handling this morning. 
I've added some roll to the ship when turning. Nothing properly aerodynamic or anything, just a visual effect really based on the raw mouse input the player class is reading. 
I've also now added proper velocities for vertical movement...

Journal of Aardvajk > Quick Spaceship Model

Posted 09 September 2016

Happy to report I seem to be able to throw together very quick spaceship models with my 3D model editor far quicker than characters. 
Just made this in about ten minutes last night, just as a placeholder for the game. 
In theory, the skeleton rigging system should be as applicable to spaceships as chara...

Journal of Aardvajk > Keep It Simple Stupid

Posted 06 September 2016

The whole spirit of this project is "Keep it simple, stupid." I want to stick to a manageable scope that will actually allow me to get past the 80% engine writing and get some pleasure from the 20% polishing that actually makes a playable game. 
So here we have the very first basic steps in piloting the hovercraft ar...