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In Topic: Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

Today, 04:21 AM

[Redacted] Don't want to disrespect a thread about Robin Williams (RIP).

In Topic: Destructor in vector called too often

Today, 03:48 AM

Just a thought, but try changing the optimization settings. At work we've found some bugs in GCC (reported) using -O3 and had to manually add the flags -O3 adds minus the one that was causing the issue.

In Topic: Destructor in vector called too often

Today, 01:13 AM

Not sure. Either:


a) There is a bug in VC

b) This program is relying on some undefined behaviour I'm not spotting that just happens to work with GCC


I suspect the former since its such a simple program fragment.

In Topic: Destructor in vector called too often

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

I just tested your code with GCC 4.7.2 (Windows)

AttributeDeclartion() called.
AttributeDeclartion() called.
AttributeDeclartion(const AttributeDeclaration& decl) called with this: 8595680
and decl: 2686698.
AttributeDeclartion(const AttributeDeclaration& decl) called with this: 8595681
and decl: 2686699.
~AttributeDeclartion() called with this: 2686699.
~AttributeDeclartion() called with this: 2686698.
Initializing vector done.
~AttributeDeclartion() called with this: 8595680.
~AttributeDeclartion() called with this: 8595681.
Press <RETURN> to close this window...

So no duplicate destruction of the same object in there.


So perhaps this is a bug with initializer lists in VC, I dunno. Are you seeing the destructor message with the same value for "this" more than once in your output?

In Topic: Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

Yesterday, 03:33 PM


There is purely anecdotal evidence that suicide rates in 12 step recovery are higher than in other treatment modalities. Not known by any stretch but would be good if some further research could be done on this. Sadly the mainstream treatment, which Robin Williams was receiving, has been shown to not work. It is essentially faith healing.


I was wondering if Mr Williams, like many others, had received more evidence-based treatment for his addictions, this story may have been different but since it has now emerged about the Parkinsons, I suspect that was the key factor.

While the 12-step programs involve (as I understand it) some accountability to a "higher power" they are not faith healing. They merely use that nebulous idea of a higher power as a focus for motivation rather than claiming that higher power is healing you. Isn't that true? They're effectively a combination of self-help and mutual accountability with some 1:1 support. Now that happens to be very similar to how many churches do things - pray/meditate, mutual accountability, discipleship - but I see that more as a result of these being sensible approaches. 



Sadly not, though that is how 12 step presents itself publically. If you have any long term involvement, you discover its actually a pretty bizarre religious organisation. The claim is absolutely that God is removing your alcoholism, and that indeed nobody but God is able to do this.


But I don't think GameDev lounge is the place to go into this too heavily. You can PM me if you want to discuss it further.