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The Chalenge

13 May 2006 - 02:37 PM

Note: If the moderators think this is in the wrong area feel free to move it. After reading the thread on seeking inspiration for game design I remembered an other site that I visit occasionally has a game design chalenge. This site is dedicated to board games, not computer games, but I thinkk the idea behind that chalenge could be brought here too. The reason they created this chalenge was to inspire designers and allow then to flex and excersize their creative muscles. So, I propose a monthly chalenge. This chalenge has no prize other than the kudos of winning, it is just for fun and to help with inspirations. First draft rules: 1) This chalenge is strictly for fun and inspiration. 2) The first Monday of each month the chalenge statrs. It runs for 1 week and then the judgeing lasts for 1 week. 3) The winner of the last chalenge determines the restrictions of the next chalenge. 4) Each chalenge will consist of a small set of restriction (3 to 4) that the designers must fulfill. 5) The design is just an initial design, no programs are to be submitted. 6) The design must be 300 words or less. 7) You can not vote for your own design, you must vote for someone elses design. 8) This is ment to be fun.

[theoretical] Missile War

21 March 2006 - 12:45 PM

After reading the thread about simple games I remembered a simple game that I had designed a while ago and had not further developed. It is a sort of clone of the game Missile Command. Missile War is a 2 player (1v1) game of missile comand wher you not only have to stop incomeing missiles, but have to fire missiles at your opponent. It will be played over LAN or Internet. Missile War The player can scroll the screen up and down to a distance of 2 screens height. The players base will appear at the bottom of map and the enemy base will be at the top of the map (both players will see the game field like this). The player will have 3 weapons at their disposal: Missile: These are fired at enemy cities or at locations where the player selects. They will explode if they hit their target, are caught in an explosion or hit an edge of the map (sides or the top/bottom). Flack: This is the primary missile defence weapon of the player. When fired, flack will travel to the target location and detonate in an explosion, any missiles in this explosion will be destroyed. Flack has a maximum range of 1/2 the map. Lasers: Lasers are an automated defence system, but require large amounts of power and a cool down time. They will fire at the closest missile to the laser origin and will take a short time to destroy the missile. The player's base will consist of 10 city slots. Cities can be one of several types: Power Plant: The Power Plant city generates power that can be used by other cities. Missile Silo: This city will allow the player to launch missiles at the enemy. It will take a short time to reload the missile silo and fire another missile (this can be reduced) Flack Turret: The Flack Turret fires flack. Laser Battery: This city fires lasers. Construction Yard: This city produces Construction resource that can be used to build, repair or upgrade a city. Research Lab: This city produces research which can be used to dicscover upgrades. Factory: This building produces missile and flack ammunition. General: This city is a generalist, it produces a small amount of power, research, construction, missile and flack ammuntion and can fire missiles and flack, but at a slow rate. All cities can be upgraded which increases their performance (but may increase their power useage). Their is no upper limit to the levels of research and upgrades, but they suffer from a dimminishing return and increased cost for each level. Therefore, this has to be handeled algorithmicaly. Once a player looses all cities they are defeated and the other player wins. I am interested in what you think of it, and any suggestions too.