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Dave Weinstein

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In Topic: Hostility in the field

06 September 2016 - 07:04 AM

We are working at multiple removes, here, since we have deliberately incomplete information.


Layoffs are common in the game industry, having been laid off is certainly no bar to anything. And while in the initial round of job hunting, all those laid off are competing with each other, as years go by, the people you worked with previously should be your best path in to new jobs -- if they are at a company looking to hire, then "I worked with this person at Studio X, would love to work with them again" is the fast path to an in-person interview. If that is not happening, then the problem is more likely to be the applicant than the industry. I say more likely because if relocation is out of the question, or there is simply bad luck on hiring cycles, then that is not going to apply.


The rest of high tech is absolutely hiring, and is so desperate to hire that it will hire people whose programming background is "spent three months in a bootcamp". Someone with an extensive professional programming history in the game industry (a field which is held in unreasoned respect by the rest of technology, who presume it is more technically demanding than it actually is) should be able to easily move over. It is certainly not the case that the rest of high tech is *more* prone to ageism than the game industry is -- the game industry skews remarkably young in staff demographics.


So, as we said when your friend was posting here in person, the reported incidents don't match our experiences of how the software industry (in and out of games) works. Without more details, that makes the claims less credible.

In Topic: Hostility in the field

05 September 2016 - 09:42 AM


One last question I want to pose to everyone in this thread: Is it truly impossible for you to believe that my acquaintance's difficulty getting a job in this industry isn't his fault? Must you insist that despite all of his hard work, poise, determination, and passion that he is still at fault for his own rejection? If you cannot even open your mind to the possibility that the blame for his current state lies outside of him, then there is no point in continuing this conversation.


There are more talented people who want to make games for a living than there are paid positions for them. You can quite literally do everything right and just be unlucky, and doing anything wrong can be enough to lose out to someone who appears to be a better fit for the role.


And since personal recommendations matter in almost any employment, and "worked with before, would love to work with again" is the gold standard, the better your professional network is, the better chance you have of both getting published roles and of getting positions that are never publicly listed in the first place. 

In Topic: Hostility in the field

03 September 2016 - 09:58 AM

To be honest, part of "passion for working in the industry" is also a filter for "we underpay drastically for talent because so many people want to work in this field, so we don't want you to quit for better money/benefits/hours".

In Topic: Masters Degree in Video game design

27 August 2016 - 10:22 AM

The Idea guy sounds good but I was thinking a position more like of director-type. I have particular skills in storytelling and writing and outlining the main storyline. 


If you want to write the storyline for games, David Gaider wrote an excellent piece recently: https://medium.com/@davidgaider/i-want-to-write-video-games-d83da40fdf8e#.8jekzqaiy

In Topic: Stackoverflow And Money

30 July 2016 - 10:29 PM

Here is an article on salary bands at major companies: https://blog.step.com/2016/04/08/an-open-source-project-for-tech-salaries/