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In Topic: log4j.properties has no effect

15 April 2016 - 09:02 AM

That's 100% it!! Oh man, I clicked the wrong manual. >_<


Thanks for pointing that out. I'm in your debt. :)


Using a sample config from the correct docs works as one would expect.

In Topic: log4j.properties has no effect

15 April 2016 - 07:28 AM

TY hannesp. I tried both of your recommendations: unfortunately, no dice. The behavior is precisely the same.


It's as if it's ignoring the file's contents, but content that the file's there. I must be doing something wrong but I'm at a loss as to what. :\

In Topic: The acceptance of gold loot in RPGs

07 May 2014 - 08:49 AM

If a drop is ultimately reducible to "gold" (in-game currency) then making it drop as something else is only valuable insofar as it contributes to immersion.


Consider grey drops in World of Warcraft or the Alien Food in XCOM:EU...in both cases, the combat event gives you in-game currency...but also something that's reducible to in-game currency. Certainly it's there to contribute to "realism" and immersion. In XCOM:EU, many of the "drops" - especially when you're tackling an alien asset, like a UFO or their base - are not monetary...but are easily transformable into currency at a button press...whereas in WoW you need to find a vendor to sell your stuff or you need to junk it. There's a lot going on here...also consider that, in WoW, carrying space (bag space) is a resource you need to manage, where in XCOM:EU storage space isn't a consideration at all; it's effectively infinite. "Do I carry these Withered Gizzards back to the vendor to sell? Or do I dump them in favor of these High Quality Withered Gizzards I just found?"


Note that I've omitted the otherwise useful drops in both cases; i.e. drops with functions beyond selling for currency, like crafting assets. UFO Flight Computers sell for big bank but also can be turned into Firestorms (the upgraded Interceptor model). These particular drops didn't seem to be on the table, but I can't really disregard them; they contribute to immersion in both a purely thematic sense ("Look, I found a fancy alien computer instead of a box of dollars") as well as a functional sense ("I can use this fancy alien computer to make cool stuff OR I can sell it for boxes of dollars").

In Topic: Do Giant Eyeballs with Tentacles Appear Too Much?

01 May 2014 - 10:49 PM

Kind of reminds me of Ultros from Final Fantasy VI...ridiculous tentacles adversary you fight like three times...then later he's running a gladiator arena and just hanging out.

In Topic: Life, the worst game design of all.

30 April 2014 - 02:16 PM

haha, quick eyes. I did redact that; I felt it was too confrontational and not constructive; too easy to misconstrue as adversarial.


Seems we have an accord. :)