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Blue stain > Videos

Posted 24 March 2015

I uploaded the 3 videos I currently have of the game development.
The first one is the old terrain + paths test:
- infinite terrain
- terrain "patch" system to create craters
- random tree placement (with the same system used to place craters)
- paths for the red triangles

The second one is the menu wit...

Blue stain > 3D model

Posted 10 March 2015

I did a lot of work in the game these days. Now, I can export meshes from Blender, read description files for fonts, materials, objects, levels and render the level. Everything still needs a lot of work but the results are encouraging and I can check visually what I was working on all this time.
Some screenshots of what I have (the jpg is killing the...

Blue stain > Last one

Posted 06 February 2015

Yesterday, I did the AT-AT. It was not very difficult: small amount of parts, only a few are really small, assembly is not acrobatic. The result is still convincing I think.

For a bit of explanation on what you are looking at, please see my comment in http://www.gamedev.net/blog/635/entry-2260795-light-metal-universe/

Now, it is time to work on t...

Blue stain > Light Metal Universe

Posted 02 February 2015

Still no game screenshot for today but I finished two metal models:

I had to use tweezers (some parts are 1-2mm wide) and various sizes of screwdrivers (to shape the cylinders).
Two more to go (a Tie Advanced and an AT-AT) !

- "Flying 'cross the universe"

Blue stain > Rover and menu

Posted 25 January 2015

The papercraft Moon rover is finished

Concerning my game, I do not have a lot of things to show but I have a working menu

A lot of things are done but they are behind the scene. It is not visible here but in the screenshot, you have:
- SDL2 window,
- OpenGL4 context and view
- "game" loop
- menu data from a configuration file
- working keyboard...