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Blue stain > Let's rock

Posted 06 March 2016

I don't have a lot to show this time. I fixed a few things and added others. Here is the list in no particular order:
- Disable light when linked object is no more active. The bug was visible in the latest video.
- Corrected weapons group activation. In the previous video, a weapon was not shown because the activation was not correct.
- Added guided m...

Blue stain > Pick-ups

Posted 21 February 2016

The hard work is going on. Here is the list of what you will see in the new video:
Enemy firing

I have a dummy object (no geometry associated to it) with the camera locked on it that moves forward in the level. When an enemy is close enough (in the "X" direction) to this dummy object, it starts firing. The weapons properties (fire rate, delay bet...

Blue stain > Collisions and weapons

Posted 03 February 2016

After quite some time, here comes a new video showing a very early sample of collisions and weapons. What you can see in the video is the player shooting missiles bursts. An enemy spaceship is destroyed by one and others are colliding with a building. https://youtu.be/0gwT8RDR694 The collisions: in Blender, I define a bounding sphere using a...

Blue stain > Lights and shadows

Posted 09 December 2015

The lights are now working. It is possible to have point lights and directional lights. I also added shadows using a simple shadow map. For now, only one directional light can have shadows. I will try to improve this.
In the new video, I have one directional light casting the shadows and two point lights (yellow and blue) are attached to the ships....

Blue stain > Progressing slowwly

Posted 18 November 2015

I finally started the layers system. For now, I only have "objects" layers.
In the following images, one layer is set to add trees, a second one to add grass and a third to add two types of rocks.

The layers here only add objects on the ground. It is possible to use them to populate a "box" with floating objects (for an asteroids field for exam...