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#5063723 Language Advice

Posted by on 21 May 2013 - 09:48 PM

Hi frob,


It's funny that you of all people responded. I found a response from you in another thread (prior to creating this one) so I went through some of your posts to see your opinions and to do some more research. That, and I enjoy reading posts from those in the industry currently. To answer your question, although it's rhetorical (at least, the way I interpret it), I want to be a professional programmer (more specifically a game developer, but I'd like to branch myself out because I feel like the industry may be out of grasp for me), so it appears the next steps for me is to pick up a C++ book and try really hard to study these concepts and work my way towards becoming a professional.


Thank you for your insight, hopefully I can motivate myself to continue past my frustrations.

#4946556 C#/XNA or Python/Pygame for Game Development (2D Side-Scrolling like Terraria)?

Posted by on 05 June 2012 - 01:43 PM

Honestly, if you found C# too difficult, I wouldn't even consider picking up C++ as your first language. C# is one of the easiest languages to learn from my experience, and combined with XNA, you can witness very fast results. You seem incredibly indecisive, and you're trying to take everybody's advice, which is influencing the way you think, as well as hinders your own learning experience. There's no "best" starter language, nor are you going to be a better developer by picking up a "more powerful language" as your starter.

When you actually start to learn a language, and become more proficient as a programmer, then you can pick up other programming languages with ease. You have decided to stick with Python, which is a highly recommended language to start out with on these forums, and around the web. I would discontinue searching these forums for advice on starter languages, ignore everybody's input from now, and just program. Make games, make applications, make sexy time, just start learning and stop thinking about it!

#4937455 a total beginner at learing C# (codeing)

Posted by on 04 May 2012 - 01:30 PM

C# is a great introductory language, I'd highly recommend it. As for books - I don't know any introductory books for the language as the syntax was easy for me to pickup with my C++ background. The best way you'll learn is by doing; read a chapter in your book, consider what you learned, and think about an application that could be created using the code you learned. For example, in the first chapter, you'll likely learn how to output "Hello, world!" to the screen. You can't really do much but tell a story with that, but in the next chapter, you will likely learn about variables, data types, etc. Now, you can make an application that let's the user type in their name and outputs it to the screen. Each chapter opens a new world of game programming to you, just be creative and think of ways to implement what you've learned.

I'd also like to mention that one book isn't going to cut it. It's going to be a long road ahead of you, so you'll want to pickup multiple books for reference, and to improve your knowledge of the language. You'll want to study the documentation, online articles, online tutorials, and if it helps you, online video tutorials. There are so many sources for learning how to program nowadays that it makes the process much faster than the past. Search around the web for "C# tutorials", and "C# video tutorials". You'll find loads of information. Asking questions on GameDev isn't necessarily the best option for a question such as yours, as you'll get responses such as "well, I don't know C#, but python is much better look at it!", or Java, or C++, or C... People are going to tell you incorrect information on a forum. To get the best out of this community, post specific questions, like "[C#] Issue with my class" and post what's happening with the class, any error(s) being displayed, and be sure to include the source code as well.

Hope that gets you started.

#4929621 I'm 15, i wanna start game development, Advice needed :)

Posted by on 09 April 2012 - 12:00 PM

I recommend the text based adventure as well. It's a great learning experience, especially if you go all out and start implementing different items which affect stats, different monster types, and many other features. You can get your feet wet with the basic pillars of OOP, understand how the game loops, the logic behind your game, and the very basics of artificial intelligence. Is there a particular reason you chose C++ as your first language? Based on your post, you seem like you want fast results, which I'd recommend picking up C# to achieve that goal. Just a recommendation! Good luck with your future endeavors!

#4929493 Getting Started with Networking

Posted by on 09 April 2012 - 03:34 AM

Hey everybody!

So, I've been learning C# for the past few months, and finally migrated towards learning some XNA to remake a Pong clone. I've made Pong in the past, but using C++ and SDL, so this was another learning experience. However, this time, I've added extra "features" to the game, and what I mean by that, is I've actually incorporated a menu system, winning and losing, beatable A.I., and sound effects which I've never done before.

I found the process incredibly fun and the motivation for game development came back to me. Now, I know this may be a bit overambitious, but I'm very interested in adding networking into the game. I don't plan on doing development for Xbox 360 or Windows Phone, so my networking options aren't available within the XNA framework itself.

I'm thinking of adding a P2P connection so that players can host/join lobbies and compete against each other. I could also implement a high scoring system to show who has the most amount of points currently, just to encourage some friendly competition among my friends. So, I did some research and found out about Lidgren, but it appears that the library is currently only for a client/server network, and it appears to be extremely complicated with not too many resources available (although I could be searching in the wrong area).

I noticed there was the System.Net.PeerTopeer namespace that I could use, but again, I didn't find many examples of using that either. Would anybody happen to have suggestions for dabbling into networking for the first time, or should I just worry about finishing up my game and start working on another clone such as Breakout or Tetris?

I appreciate the help guys and gals!

#4800172 Learning console c++, how do I make games from here?

Posted by on 18 April 2011 - 09:58 PM

As it's been recommended countless times on the forums -- go with whatever you feel most comfortable with, and not worry about what other's think. If you are comfortable with using C++, then there's honestly no point in switching over to C# at this time if you're ready to get into the graphics side of development. My recommendation is biased, but I'm going to say SDL. There's a ton of tutorials, and LazyFoo definitely is one of the best, if not the best provider of SDL tutorials out there. If you're having issues, then try and solve the errors yourself; if all else fails and you've given it your best shot, then post the error here and we'll help you out.

You're just starting the game development scene. Don't try and burden yourself with "should I learn this" or "should I learn that", but rather find the graphics library and language that you enjoy the most. Again, I'm recommending sticking with C++ as you've already had experience with it. If you find that C# (or some other language) is easier to learn, and you enjoy programming using it, then by all means stick with it. We can't really tell someone they prefer Coke over Pepsi :P.