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In Topic: Device creation fails (Win 10, C++)

22 April 2016 - 08:38 PM

D3D debug layer stuff isn't installed by default in Win10, you need to install it yourself. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/mt210797.aspx

Bigger system updates may require reinstalling it, I remember it stopped working for me after Win10's big november update.


Thank you! You're absolutely right, I forgot that I upgraded to 10586 build recently. Everything works fine now :)

In Topic: Good places to learn Universal App development

11 April 2016 - 09:26 PM

@ferrous, I'm not developing a game right now, just trying to find apps that are a bit lacking in the market as I would like to monetize it. But it's interesting that Unity could do that as I would probably want to port some of games later. Right now I found this book called Universal Windows Apps with XAML and C# and it seems to be working out so far even though it only mentions Win 8.1. The last book I got 3 chapters in and after starting to implement the view model I realized Visual Studio 2015 didn't even come with the libraries to support MVVM so I didn't have a definition for RelayCommand, tried everything, downloaded mvvmlight and everything, so I wrote my own Relay Command (ahem, copied it off some site) and then there was another function that was mission. I just gave up on it. Really frustrating how MS just pours millions of dollars into these neat frameworks and just drops support with next iteration of visual studio.

In Topic: Good places to learn Universal App development

11 April 2016 - 12:43 PM

Thanks, but the first 3 links are just overviews of what the framework actually is, there is no code there or examples. Maybe I should rephrase what I really need, I'm aware that there are no resources for UWP, I know how to use google and believe me I looked. What I need is something that is just as good. For example could I use an older book made for Windows 8.1 universal apps or is windows 10 too different? Are there any patters that I need to learn for better app dev like MVVM, because a lot of places mention it for Win 8, but for Win 10 it's like the whole infrastracture changed and I can't even implement it in Visual Studio anymore. So I'd like to maybe hear from a dev who's working on the platform of things I need to learn in order to get to know this UWP better.

In Topic: Application runs twice in Visual Studio

13 January 2016 - 05:52 PM

@Henderson it's actually only that project. I tried creating an console project on the same machine and it doesn't have that behavior. 

@Nypyren I don't have any build steps involved. 


At this point I'm just thinking of moving the whole project over to a new one, but I'd really not do that as I feel it's going to be a hassle. 

In Topic: Weird access violation when copying data

13 January 2016 - 04:20 AM

I actually did read what you posted, there is a "history" button you can use to see... but whatever, keep making assumptions. I'm exiting this thread now.

oh good, then you can see why I deleted it, how many people you'd think it'd help?