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#5171348 Are there engines out there made for Minecraft clones?

Posted by VanillaSnake on 03 August 2014 - 11:34 PM

Minecraft looks simple and basic but it actually uses some advanced 3d graphical principles to do even basic things. The way it partitions and stores space is NOT an easy topic to dive into, the basic physics engine is also not that trivial, on top of that you need to have at least understand how textures, transparancies and such work. The other thing is procedural generation, creating biomes, landmasses, oceans and caves requires some hefty algorithms to look even half decent and playable. Then comes enemy AI and pathfinding in a completely generated world (so you can't pre-program the movements). All in all you NEED to know how to code, otherwise it will be a very frustrating task for you. But as not to be a complete downer, if you really do want to jump into it as quickly as possible and are willing to learn how to code, I would start of with an existing minecraft like game that has it's source code in public domain. So you will have a working game without putting anything into it, and you will be able to add things to your liking. Starting with a game engine even with the ultra beginner friendly Unity will still take A LOT of effort to get anything at all. So I wouldn't suggest that as you will most likely be diving in deep waters without even knowing how to swim, you'll get overwhelmed and abandon the project in a week (at most).

#5169058 Game Engine that will meet my requirements

Posted by VanillaSnake on 25 July 2014 - 01:12 AM

I think you're underestimating the time requirement of learning to code which learning how to build a game, in addition to creating art for it. I think you should start with Flash, javascript is pretty easy to learn and it is more or less a graphical tool, where you can "draw" your game and start moving right away. You can post it up on newgrounds after you finish and anyone will be able to play it. It might require you to learn some html in the process as well, which is extremely easy, and this foundation of javascipt/html will be more useful then C# and C++, as most games nowdays are leaning towards browser gaming, so you'll be gaining valuable experience as a web developer if you want to persue this professionally.