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    2. The Seven Spells of Destruction is a third person single player open world RPG, set in the continent of Utopia in a fantasy setting with some sci-fi elements. This game is the continuation of a project which has been in development in various forms since I was 13, originally being created (and finished as a project) twice, once as a choose-your-own-adventure style novel, and a few years later as a web based version of the same. This third iteration will be the final version of this game, coming to steam via early access with an extremely long development cycle. It has been on hold for many years whilst I gained experience in Unreal Engine 4 and completed other projects, once these other projects are completed, development on this project will restart in earnest, as I now have a sizeable collection of usable assets and enough experience to give this game the TLC it deserves.
    3. Today
    4. VoxycDev


      Fateless is a mobile FPS game in which you defend Earth from monsters. You shoot the monsters with a double-barrel shotgun and other weapons and move through various buildings made of brick and stone. You make your way to the underground where the monsters came from and rid the planet of their presence. Fateless on the App Store Get it on Google Play
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    6. rileyman

      Riley Entertainment Pong

      Yes, it's Pong! With options! This version of Pong is my first personal foray back into the world of game development. After many years of working as a web application developer, my persistent need to get back to what I love has resulted in this. This was initially built upon a Pong tutorial found on noobtuts.com. I then transformed it into my own creation, adding several features: Added a "Press ENTER to Start" screen, and a way to pause. Added a "Match Won" screen when a player reaches 10 points. Added game options for paddle size and ball speed. Added several AI options for a computer-controlled paddle.
    7. Last week
    8. Yyanthire Studio


      Moonrise is an open-world real-time strategy game. Explore a vast land rich with demonic creatures. Establish a base, and venture forth to eliminate the powerful beings that have overtaken it. As you venture, you will come across great artifacts to bolster your warriors, and great resources to enhance your fortifications. In this land, the will of the leaders is absolute. One false step, and all of your creation will fall under. Intricate care is necessary for your warriors to survive to the next battle. The creatures of this world are powerful- are you able to stand up to them? Explore- Explore a world rich with conflict, where there’s always a new challenge to endure. And reap the rewards of such ventures. The lands are wide and vast, and the journey will be perilous. Do not get lost- always know your way back home. Gather Resources- All of this world has something to offer- whether it be the nature around, or from the souls of defeated enemies. Use those resources to build your base and your army, and wage war against the vast enemies of this land. As you explore more, you will find powerful foes- slay them, and grow your warriors even stronger with the mystical objects they have to offer. Build an Army- Build up your home base not only to act as a fortitude against the enemy onslaught, but also to enact key, pivotal research points. Whether you wish to give your warriors greater health and mana, or advance them down further into their class, building your base is the only true way to get the advancements necessary for engaging more powerful foes. Research- Whether you choose to spend your hard-earned, limited resources on empowering all warriors, or just a select few, researching various upgrades for your army will allow you to further craft and define the complexities of your army to a solid degree. And those who wish to venture even further will find themselves that much more fruitfully rewarded. Wage War- At the heart of Moonrise is waging war against the multitudes of foes of the land. Foes will wildly vary in volatility, and it is up to you to command your warriors in such a way to slay them without becoming slain yourself. Never stop moving- movement is key to avoiding attacks from enemies while still striking at them yourself. You can avoid enemy attacks by simply moving out of the way before the attack lands. By using clever tactics, you can survive many adversaries and come out unscathed and ready for the next fight. Invoke powerful spells to your advantage- there are many different beings at your disposal. Making use of their talents is the only way to come out successful, and to defeat even the strongest of enemies. In Moonrise, there are dozens of spells, each with wildly different uses, able to be enacted and used as how you see fit to command. State of the Game- This project is very deep into its development cycle now. There is a considerable amount of work that has been done to make the game playable, and as the game sits, it is currently in an Alpha state. There is still more work to be done- we have yet to finalize key features like a saving system, and have yet to get further into our desired open world elements. In addition, while we do have a lot of art done for the project, there is still some remaining, and we have a lot of animations we still need to create. Music and sound effects are the same story. But, as of right now, the game definitely plays like how we envisioned it- lots of tactical complexion backed up with a lot of intricate micro requiring you to not only think intelligently about what you are engaging, but also act swiftly before your units get overwhelmed and killed. Our current goal in regards to the project is to be able to release a playable game by 2020, or sooner if plausible. We may also consider releasing a Beta version of the game for many to play and test, given enough people are interested, but even with that there will be some time before we reach that point. Given the game’s current state, we believe that it would be beneficial to begin to show off the game to you all, the community. Let us know what you think of the project, just by simply typing a comment below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding Moonrise. Thank you for viewing our page! Check us out on IndieDB: https://www.indiedb.com/games/moonrise
    9. koto

      Gem Collector

      Gem Collector is a puzzle/arcade game. Collect all gems spread around a level. Watch out for falling stones. Defeat enemies using power stone pushes or TNT. Use teleports to travel between level areas. Prove your creation skills using an intuitive Level Editor. Share your design with other players using one-click Level Publisher.
    10. KrisWolfe

      Fraud Simulator

      Hello, and thanks for visiting my page! I am developing a business simulator in my spare time and I'm here to share my experiences with you. The reason I began making this game is because I'm sick and tired of playing games for the sake of running a business. No one in the world runs a business to simply run a business. We run businesses to give us agency in life to do the things that we want to do. The core mechanic of the game will be to own businesses and make revenue, but for the purpose of changing the world, for better or worse. I want to code as much as possible to let you do everything that you've wanted to do, in a simulation, and hopefully teach you some ways to run a business as well. The game will be wired up with full financial statements, employees, hiring with actual interviews, networking that allows you to have more opportunity for events, skills to advance that are apart from your company, different choices in the types of companies and industries you can start. The main mechanic that I'm excited about is a scheduler to create the opportunity cost in the game. Do you spend time on your sales or marketing? Do you learn to play the guitar to attract friends or clean out your garage for more inventory space? Do you bribe a Congressman for favorable tax deals or just hire the cartels to get more throughput? You don't have infinite time. Like all humans, your life will be cut short one day. What will you do with your time?
    11. YukoNeko

      Fantasy Little Jobs

      Would you like to have a taste of running a little shop in a fantasy medieval world? In Fantasy Little Jobs VR you can cook, forge weapons, prepare magic potions and even play an archery minigame! Serve drinks and food... and yes, you need to do the dishes as well! Be quick and complete as many orders as you can in the time limit, but if you fail 3 orders... GAME OVER! Fantasy Little Jobs offers lots of fun: Arcade gameplay, solve as many customers’ orders as you can before you run out of time. Beat your own score over and over again! (I warm you, the higher the level the harder the orders are!) Solve each customer’s order with different mechanics and puzzles. Grab objects and throw them if you like. Have fun with our peculiar barrel drink dispenser Make different potions and ointments Be quick and accurately in the archery minigame Cook delicious and hearty meals
    12. redka


      Shootout is a third person shooter with emphasis on movement mechanics, positioning and teamplay.
    13. SuperMae


      Game Features:- Many bricks appear in one level. Finish one level you get the upgrade interaction.- Easy one-handed play.- Upgrade equipment for higher score!1)Bow : max ball num2)Sword : ball damage3)Axe : fire rate4)Staff : ball speed5)Shield : bricks stop seconds- Unlimit challenge level!Get this awesome bricks game today for free!
    14. Insolit Studios

      Godinez Gone Wild !

      The story Godi just finished his work making the magenta report after long hours at the office but he finally did it, this long weekend it's ready to be rock!, but in his way out he notice he forgot to deliver the magenta report (ho noooooo!), Godi have to go back and place the report at his boss office (fighting everyone in his way). A twin-stick shooter we hope you will enjoy!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.InsolitStudios.Godinez in gamejolt too: https://gamejolt.com/games/GodinezGoneWild/417631?feed_last_id=1560193838.544
    15. theaaronstory


      An ARPG concept, built upon the legacy of the good-old Diablo 2. Hopefully, one day it will see the daylight! [Update 12.08.19.: Started to slowly work towards a small test game.]
    16. Earlier
    17. Eck

      Eck's Car Wars Clone

      Steve Jackson's Car Wars was a game I fell in love with back in High School in the late 90's. I bought the deluxe edition and picked up any supplements I found at game stores and used book stores. I was in college by the time I found anyone willing to play Car Wars and it wasn't nearly often enough for me. Twenty-five years later and I only have between five and ten played games to my name. I figure, the only way I'm going to get to play enough Car Wars to really scratch that itch is if I code the game myself. I've been working on a Car Wars port off and on throughout the years. XNA, OpenGL, DirectX, etc. I never was skilled or dedicated enough to see the project through to the end. This time, I'm going with Unity. There are still plenty of skills that I lack: modeling, animation, sound engineering, (mainly content creation skills). But with the Unity Asset Store there are free and paid for assets that I'll be able to use without having to resort to "programmer art". Plus I've only mentioned this project in a couple of places and I already have an offer from a die-hard Car Wars fan to help out with some 3d Modeling and Animation. I guess we'll have to see how far I get this time. I really just want to play some Car Wars. - Eck
    18. Tape_Worm


      What is Gorgon? A modular set of libraries useful for graphics and/or video game development. Gorgon uses Direct 3D 11.4 (via SharpDX) to provide high performance graphics for your applications. What is not Gorgon? Building applications with Gorgon requires that you write code. There's no nodes, no blueprints, etc... It does not contain: A fully featured game engine. An all-in-one editor that uses drag and drop to build your application. A scripting system. Gorgon is meant for people that want to write their own functionality, get down into the guts of their applications and not have to deal with a black boxed scripting system, or editor. In short, it's more work, but more customizable. For those that want a more complete (and polished) package to build their applications there's Unity, Unreal or Godot. What’s the licensing? Gorgon is licensed under the MIT license. How far along are you? Is it done yet? How about now? Gorgon 3.0 is currently in sporadic development as time allows. At this point, there's no release planned. What can it do? Gorgon provides a set of libraries that are capable of handling pretty much any task thrown at it. It includes: [x] Gorgon.Core Core functionality, plug in support and utility functionality. This is the base library that everything else uses. [x] Gorgon.Windows Core Windows specific functionality. Provides UI functionality, such as custom message box dialogs, timing functionality using QPC and/or the windows multimedia timer and various other bits of utility/diagnostic functionality. [x] Gorgon.FileSystem A virtual file system that can mount a directory as a file system root, or using various file system providers, can mount a packed file as a virtual file system root. This code is based on the popular PhysFS library. By default, Gorgon's basic virtual file system is based on the folder/files on the Windows file system, but using filesystem providers via plug ins, applications can read any type of file storage container can be used if the appropriate plug in is available for it. Gorgon comes with two plug ins for file system providers: Gorgon.FileSystem.GorPack: Gorgon's proprietary packed file system format, using BZip2 compression. Gorgon.FileSystem.Zip: Mounts standard .zip files as virtual file systems. By default, the file system provider [x] Gorgon.Input A flexible input library to handle joysticks/gamepads, keyboard and mouse input. The input library can use events or polling to retrieve data from the various input sources. Keyboard and mouse input is provided using the Windows Raw Input API, and joystick/gamepad support is driven by the following plug ins: Gorgon.Input.XInput: Support for the XBox 360 controller (and potentially XBox One controller - not tested) Gorgon.Input.DirectInput: Support for gaming devices that are not covered by the XInput API. [x] Gorgon.Graphics.Core A "low-level" graphics API that sits on top of Direct 3D 11.4. Provides a simplified system to build objects such as render targets, swap chains, buffers, etc... The rendering portion of the API provides a simple mechanism to submit batched state and draw information back to the underlying D3D API. [x] Gorgon.Graphics.Imaging Functionality to read and write image formats. This also contains functionality to use a fluent interface to manipulate images for things like cropping, scaling, etc... Gorgon uses codecs to read/write images and includes codecs for the following formats: DDS - Direct Draw Surface TGA - Truevision Targa PNG - Portable Network Graphics JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group BMP - Windows Bitmap GIF - Graphic Interchange Format (supports animated gifs as well) In additon to the support above, applications can extend the support for file formats by adding their own custom codec plug in to read/write in their desired format(s). [x] Gorgon.Graphics.Fonts An extensive bitmap font creation interface (within the graphics module) that supports kerning, outlining of font glyphs, and other customizations to help generate impressive looking text. Currently Gorgon supports reading and writing of font files through codecs. Support is included for: GorFont: A proprietary binary format for Gorgon. BmFont: A popular font file type created by Andreas Jönsson (Note: this support is limited to the text based file format at this time). In addition to the support above, applications can introduce their own codecs to read/write whatever font types they wish by extending the GorgonFontCodec type. (Plug in support is pending at this time) [x] Gorgon.Renderers.Gorgon2D A 2D renderer that sits on top of the graphics module to make developing 2D games/applications much easier. It supports: Sprites Primitives (triangles, lines, ellipses, arcs, and rectangles) Text rendering A shader based effects system All of these are provided using batched rendering, similar to MonoGame for maximum performance. [x] Gorgon.IO.Gorgon2D IO functionality for serializing sprite and polysprite data to and from various formats using codecs. [x] Gorgon.Animation An animation module that allows the creation and playback of key framed animations for various types of objects. Animation controllers for the 2D renderer are provided by the Gorgon.Animation.Gorgon2D assembly. [x] Gorgon.Editor (In Development) A flexible content editor to allow for the creation and editing of content. Supports a plug in based architecture to allow developers to extend the editor indefinitely. Supports file management of content by using a simple tree layout for folders and files. Comes with an image editor plug in which allows users to add depth slices to 3D images (I have yet, for the life of me to find anything on the web that does this), mip maps and array indices, and other simple functions. Comes with a sprite editor plug in which allows users to clip sprites from an image and store them as a file. Can output the files as a packed file. The type of file that be written out is provided via plug in support (currently only supports the proprietary Gorgon packed file format). Can import packed files using file system plug ins (currently has support for zip and the proprietary Gorgon packed file formats - included with Gorgon as file system plug ins). TBD... What's required? .NET 4.7.2 Windows 10 (Build 15063 or later). Microsoft DirectX 11.4 To compile the library Visual C# 2017 v15.8 or later. To use the library You may use any .NET 4.7.2 enabled language (e.g. Visual Basic .NET) to write an application with Gorgon. Source code The master branch contains the current release version of Gorgon 3.0. Acknowledgements Gorgon uses icons from the following sources: Oxygen https://github.com/pasnox/oxygen-icons-png http://www.iconarchive.com/show/oxygen-icons-by-oxygen-icons.org.html Icons8 http://https://icons8.com Sprites example textures from: http://millionthvector.blogspot.com/ This following image(s) is/are not redistributable without permission from the original author. "HotPocket.dds" by Starkiteckt https://www.deviantart.com/starkiteckt/art/Hot-Pocket-433337115 Third Party True Type fonts: Tequila by uZiMweB \ A Charming Font by GemFonts \ Sunset by Harold's Fonts \ Monsters Attack ! by The Empire of the Claw \ Grunja by Apostrophic Labs \ The Bold Font by ???
    19. Cyndanera

      Paradise Adventures

      A 2D Action Adventure Platformer game that takes place on an island.
    20. ImanIrt


      Imagine a Top-Down Football, with a bomb! Where you have to shoot the bomb at your enemy's base! Each base (or goal) has a health bar. Shoot the ball at your opponent's base to damage it and win! Avoid conceding goals! protect your base! Aim and shoot the bomb, or dash towards it, whatever it takes to defend your base and attack your target! USE A CONTROLLER FOR BEST EXPERIENCE Bomball created by Iman Irajdoost and Abbas Zolfaghari IMPORTANT: The game is in early prototyping stage and we are actively trying to gather feedback. Any kind of feedback, suggestions, complaints or ANYTHING AT ALL (simply a "That was nice!" or "it's rubbish!") can help us a lot in finding the right way to develop the game. We highly appreciate it if you take the time to play the game and let us know what you think about it. Thank you so much 🤩
    21. Morseliot


      Platfom: Xbox One, PS4 (PC, Linux, MacOS) "You were lucky to stay alive, but will you survive?" Far-Out is a hardcore retro-futuristic immersive sim adventure made with old adventure games in mind such as Space Quest, The Dig, Full Throttle, etc. In this game you will face a really old-school challenge, with no map arrows, no one will lead you and tell you what to do. This is a one-man show with full freedom action where you are able to do whatever you want to, but remember, you need to survive! Follow the lone survivor of the Selene’s crew, regular lab technician Zack Paterson. He woke up somewhere that he wasn't supposed to. Find out what happened to the ship, the crew, and how to survive. • Full freedom action, resulting in many possible endings! • Incredible music compositions that matches gameplay pace. • Immersive and interactive futuristic environment. • Hidden and unique game mechanics, surprises and danger. • High replayability. • Random events. • Play to build your own story! ...and dozens of other things that you'll have to discover on your own! Developed by Alexander Hagelstein Music by Michael Donner Voice acting by Nic Mepham as Zack Paterson
    22. AncientGamesDS

      Bark Park [Alpha]

      Hello everyone! This is Mimis from Ancient Games DS, the studio responsible for 8-Bit WaterSlide and Maximum Car. We’re excited to announce the open alpha for our latest game, Bark Park. Bark Park is a unique 4 player action mobile multiplayer game in Open Alpha for iOS and Android, in which the player takes control of a dog on its quest to park domination by capturing all the trees in the park. You can view our early alpha gameplay trailer on the side. In Bark Park the player must compete with other dogs over a limited number of trees. The player can capture trees by filling up their bladder at the fountain and peeing on them. You can defend your trees or invade other’s trees by barking other players away, distracting them with poo as well as other abilities that are scattered throughout the map as power-ups. We would love for you to try our game and are seeking feedback on the gameplay. The game is in the alpha stage and we'd like to invite you to play an influential role in its development. You can sign up through the submission portal on our website. iOS users will require TestFlight. To become a tester and/or come hang out with us and talk about the game in our discord channel please visit the Bark Park Website, or simply shoot me a PM with your e-mail and device. 1EYfOQ8alJTZJTfVkxEShdGOpBzygE9YI30RQ5Ua.mp4
    23. goodamr

      Tired of 2048? Try 33

      Are you a big fan of 2048? then try 33. You will play with all numbers 1,2,3,4,5, ... ,∞. It is addictive number puzzle game with endless play.It is a good choice to spend your free time for adults and kids. You can enjoy all fun of number game, cool math game, logic puzzle game, brain teaser, and mind blowing in this free super number puzzle. Android: 33 iPhone + iPad: 33 Amazon Kindle: 33How to play:- Swipe in any direction to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one of the next higher number.- Join the numbers and get to the 33 tile and higher.- New tile will be added to the board with each swipe. New tiles will be numbered 1 or 2.- You can save your progress to resume it later.- It is game over when the board fills up and you can’t make any more moves.The game has 5 different grid sizes: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7Play, enjoy and have fun.
    24. Swap n Merge is a brand new puzzle game. It is totally free merge numbers game without in-app purchases. Swap n Merge is a relaxing and brain training match 3 number game. Android: Swap n Merge iPhone + iPad: Swap n Merge Amazon Kindle: Swap n Merge How to play: - Swap 2 Numbers in any direction. - match 3 or more same numbers horizontally and vertically. Rules: - No automatic swap-back even there is no match. - Every match gives 1 star. - Every swap without match costs 5 points. The cost is incremented by 5 points every level. - It costs 100 stars to remove a number from the grid using the Remove button. - It is your responsibility to save your progress to resume it later by hitting the Save button. Every new level: minimum and maximum generated numbers are increased by 1. So try to match all minimum numbers before the next level because they will not be generated again. Play, enjoy and have fun.
    25. trill41


      Online role playing game in an ancient Greece setting at the time of the Trojan war. I guess this a technical project, not so much an art project, that's why there is a screenshot from the server, not the client 🤣. Features so far Uses a single TCP stream for the game protocol. This is not a shooter or action game, more like a classical online RPG. Database back-end is currently PostreSQL. Instanced world. Encrypted Game and Login Protocol with DH key exchange. Entity interpolation, client prediction. Spawn any number of server which may have heavy load (game, file server) even on different hardware. Chat: Local (map), Guild, Party and Whisper chat, even across different game server. Client and server use the same scene file. Navigation using Recast/Detour. Server and Client runs on Windows and Linux. However, the Client has some bugs on Linux. Server can be compiled as NT service which also takes care of the startup order. On Linux they can run as Daemons under systemd. Optional Browser Admin interface to control servers, view/edit the database.
    26. Shinmera


      Set in the post-apocalypse, you play as one of the few remaining androids roaming the earth along with the remnants of human society. As a detective, you solve various cases around the last few human settlements still in existence, and follow an over-arching plot centred around the morality of sentient machines. The project is still in its infancy at the moment, and most of its design is not yet solid.
    27. Onygox


      Ygritte is a Boss Battle inspired by the Legend of Zelda series and Monster Hunter. Featuring: Different Enemy behaviors based on amount of health Pixel Art Adjustable Volume and UI levels Two scenes - one for practicing and one for the Real Fight Slowing down time sometimes Ygritte is (probably) minimally playable with a gamepad, but is untested. Keyboard and Mouse is recommended. Character Abilities and Controls Walk / Sprint WASD or Joystick, shift or X to toggle sprint Shoot Crossbow left mouse button / A, with a cooldown Shield / Deflect hold right mouse button / right bumper / left bumper to hold shield up. Attacking while doing so to deflect with a cooldown. (Also you move slower while shield is up.) Dash / Dodge Q / E / Y button while moving in a direction Melee / Bash / Stun left mouse button / A while in melee range of enemy Start / Select / Escape Pause / unpause the game
    28. Meridian'93

      Magic Farm 3: The Ice Danger

      "Magic Farm 3: Ice Danger" is a farming simulator game, with a simple-RPG system and quests. This is a continuation of the Magic Farm series for PC and Mac. You'll play as an Iris, a girl with an ability to grow magical plants who need to take care of her new farms. More info https://igg.me/at/magicfarm3
    29. SnowFox

      Mr. Chomper's Data Adventure

      You have created a virus called Mr.Chompers.exe. Your goal? Hack into places and devour their data. But beware, others may have programs of their own to stop you!
    30. iMorphborg

      Domination of StickFigure

      If you like strategy and Role Playing Games you will love Domination of StickFigure.Lead your army to victory.* This game is a little mix of the known games "Domination"/"Risk" and "Final Fantasy"* two game modes are available (Free for all, Team Deathmatch)* 6 different units are available
    31. COSMOS_DolyGames

      COSMOS’s Jumping Game v3 [HTML5 arcade game]

      Hi everyone! I design games which everyone can play for free on my gaming platform (DolyGames). This is one of my created games: Game Description: COSMOS’s Jumping Game is a funny happy jumping game (kids-friendly) where you have to try to dodge the incoming fruits and survive over multiple levels as long as you can. Where to play: https://dolygames.com/jumping-game/ I am happy to receive feedback, suggestions, ideas and/or support. Thanks in advance, COSMOS REFERENCE: - Other games created by me: Category: GAMES by COSMOS: https://dolygames.com/games-cosmos-play-free/ - My free-to-play gaming portal: https://dolygames.com/ Game Screenshots:
    32. I reviewed 42 of the most popular 2D game engines so that beginners can have an overview of what's in the market without having to look all over the web. I included useful info for each engine such as their price, activity, game showcases, documentation and popularity.
    33. HalcyonWinds

      Cepheus Protocol

      A lethal virus has infected Treasure Island,San Francisco and it is up to Captain Winter, a U.S. Army soldier working with the Center for Epidemic Research and Control (CERC) to stop the mysterious and deadly Pangu Virus from spreading to the mainland. The Cepheus Protocol is an independently developed top-down RTS inspired by XCOM, Company of Heroes, and Parasite Eve. In Cepheus Protocol you will make decisions that will force civilians to either rally behind you or attack you outright. How you decide to combat the virus is entirely up to you. Will you fire bomb and leave no trace of human life behind or will you try and save everyone at the cost of your squad's safety. The game features a full day and night cycle and will adapt over time to make the Infected more dangerous as the days go on mutating and adapting to combat the player at every turn. You will man and fully customize teams that you will send into the infection zones to do CEDA Missions, help civilians or just seek out Patient 0 . The game is being designed from the ground up to support replayability at its core. You will lose men if your arent careful and be forced to train and recruit from your player base. Each solider will be unique to a point with randomly generated traits and skills allowing you to tailor them specific tactics. You'll have to use all the tools in your arsenal, research the plague to discover its origins and cure it to stop the virus before it causes everything to spiral out of control. You will hunt Patient 0 an unique carrier with special abilities that gets stronger as the days progress. Confronting and fighting her over a span of main missions and side objectives riddled across the island.
    34. ricvalerio

      Online RPG

      Follow me on the journey of creating an MMORPG. Along the way, I will share my experiences, implementation choices, techniques, decisions, tips and tricks, until the release.
    35. OlegAntipov

      Utilizer Deluxe

      In this fun action-packed arcade game space scrolling shooter meets a match 3 genre! Utilize fancy monsters, make color blocks matches, upgrade your spaceship, complete all sectors and test your skills in the survival mode! 🎮 GAMEPLAY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6sld62opmo I bring to your court an beta-version of the game, I would really like to hear your opinion about the project, how much gameplay is complex and interesting, how responsive the controls is, how smooth is the difficulty line, and of course are there any bugs. With your advices, I hope to improve this project. Any feedback are welcome! 😸 ANDROID LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anegmetex.utilizer iOS LINK: https://testflight.apple.com/join/luaNLiOE Game features: ✨ A unique mixture of genres: a scrolling space shooter mixed with a "three in a row" genre! Collect color blocks with a flying space platform, combine them three in a row (or other combinations after upgrades), and destroy enemies by shooting or ramming them! 🚀 6 types of player's spaceship. 👾 21 different types of monsters with unique characteristics, styles and behavior. 📐 3 different game modes with their own rules and opportunities. 💀 the “Survival Mode”! Test your skills and get to the top of the leaderboard. 🌟 37 space sectors in 6 star clusters. 📦 8 types of bonuses, giving for some time special improvements to the player. 🔧 17 different upgrade options. .... and much more!
    36. EVECTOR

      EVECTOR: ACID Wars

    37. Hi everyone! I design games which everyone can play for free on my gaming platform (DolyGames). This this is one of my created games: Game Description: COSMOS’s Guide Zen Bubbles is a very pleasant, peaceful, relaxing game, good for stress release or just zenning out. Where to play: https://dolygames.com/guide-zen-bubbles/ Some Game pictures: I am happy to receive feedback, suggestions, ideas and/or support. Thanks in advance, COSMOS REFERENCE: - Other games created by me: Category: GAMES by COSMOS: https://dolygames.com/games-cosmos-play-free/ - My free-to-play gaming portal: https://dolygames.com/
    38. Curven

      FPS Maker

      What is FPS Maker ? FPS Maker is an FPS game engine/editor with no coding knowledge requirements designed for absolute newbies in game development. Paint your rooms on a grid, place entities and test your map with just one click. Share your final game as a standalone game (no need to get the editor) in a few clicks. Import your own assets an make your own game in a few time. FPS Maker is written in C++ using Irrlicht for the rendering and openAL for the audio. Demo Wants to try a game made with FPS Maker ? 2 small game demo have been aded in the download section. I would recommend the second demo, the horror game is the latest demo and has more features Note that this demo has been made with a young development version of the engine, all game features are not present but there is some base. Gallery
    39. Curious developer

      Testing developed game in unity

      May you please check this game so that I can get some feedbacks? The demo video is here and it can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gWf1mcl0iDsexW6oTFn6syzlS9TQvNzN https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OE0G-z5DxRFBsRvzeCm8p3_AdCXcKVoK https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tgavrYwqwKXpHuwwuc3CcyN3uZFuJLgZ
    40. cpfr

      The Fire of Ardor

      The game takes place in a world which is infested by the curse of the daemon lord Ardor. Burning like a fire and spreading like a plague, the curse causes people to become greedy and grudging, some of them even turn into bloodthirsty monsters. By reaching out to reign supreme, the fire of Ardor burns its way into our world. The player is a nameless warrior who crested the silver mountain in order to enter Ardor's world and defeat him. To open the dimension gate, the player has to defeat a dungeon and obtain the soul stone that is hidden inside. During the game you won't confront the daemon himself, but obtain the soul stone from the dungeon and bring it to the wizard Randuras, the last resident of the doomed town at the top of the mountain. Update - Continuing Development Four months after the end of the dungeon crawler challenge, the game has changed a lot. Read more about it in the newest development blog post:
    41. Cody.Rauh

      Wild Origin

    42. Pulkit Arora

      Universe: A journey.

      A walk through of our universe, our Solar system. Also game min games in it, at every step. This app will enlighten you with space facts and would amaze you with stunning graphics. Also there are mini games at every step that you will love and enjoy. This app is for all the space enthusiast out there and for children who wants to learn facts about space. Please play and share you reviews. Don't forget to give ratting . Thanks
    43. davidkilmer

      Wild Realms

      Wild Realms is a 2d top down survival game set in Old Testament time period. You are uncertain of why you are here, but you do know it will get dark soon, you are thirsty, and you will eventually need food. Survive in this rogue-like game with procedurally generated worlds. Protect yourself from natural disasters, defend from predators , hunt game, gather resources, build camp, and live for as long as you can. check out the dev blog at http://wildrealms.dev
    44. TMII

      Upon the Stars

      Have you ever wished to burn your fingers on your smartphone? Are you tired of your smartphone always charging, when plugged to its power cable, instead of uncharging for once? Then this is the right project for you: TMII's multithreading monster Upon the Stars - A Technical Proof-of-Concept Game: In the middle of development, this game currently consists of the ship editor seen in the video above and may never be finished as a game, but as a proof of concept for the multithreading technology it was built together with/upon. This game is a real time and turn-based strategy mix, where the players command their ships in realtime but steer them over a turn based map at the same time during combat. Multithreading: 8 cores, one GPU. Driven by the Active Context-based Threading (ACT), this project is the first very first to be built upon this in-house developed framework. Bottom left in the video you can see the computations per seconds per core on an Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, 8 core. Rendering happens on a dedicated thread at 60 FPS capped. It's remarkable how ACT makes heavy and noticable calculations - like raytracing, matrix calculations and the in-house AI - nearly disappear in the profiler on a weak device like the Galaxy S5, by splitting a workload over all available cores. The multithreading overhead is even negated to the additional caches made available. Artificial Intelligence: An artificial hive mind is used for decision making and navigation for all crew members on board each ship.This library is developed in-house, as well, and based on the work of Dr. Alexander Repenning's "Collaborative diffusion: programming antiobjects" - it has matured a lot, since though. It scales very good with number of agents and complexity of surroundings, with little to no overhead. It is an excellent alternative technology for A*. Rendering: OpenGL ES 3.1 Rendering is a big problem on such small devices. Every little draw call has an impact and needs to be avoided! This is often a major problem for 2D games, especially when they are based on tile-rendered terrains. Upon the Stars uses a buffered rendering technique to render nearly unlimited* tiled worlds in high complexity without impacting the overall FPS. Rendering is done on one dedicated thread and runs between 30 and 60 (capped) FPS so far. Besides communicating with GPU, no additional calculations are done on this thread. *very very very large
    45. nilkun

      A Game of Jam

      A short action adventure game made for the My First Game Jam Summer 2019 at itch.io. The game engine and all the assets were created by me during the two weeks the Game Jam lasted. It is written in vanilla JavaScript, with no external frameworks. PLOT The once peaceful country of Jamia has been been conquered by the evil Lord Evil. You are Jamia's last hope. Will you be able to find the seven sacred jars of jam, and defeat the evil Lord Evil before he does something even more evil? Will you be able to restore a peace that will last until the release of the sequel? MONSTERS Trolls are slow and dumb. But don't let that fool you! They don't like it when you get too close to them. Red trolls are slow and dumb and red. But don't let that fool you! They don't like it when you get too close to them. Blue trolls are dumb and blue, but they can fire projectiles! Watch out! The evil Lord Evil is fast and fires projectiles like there is no tomorrow! Do you have what it takes to defeat him?
    46. Diamondhenge Studios

      Just Another Memory

      You find yourself floating in an empty void. You can’t remember much except for your name: Seth Dunwich. All you feel is a nagging sensation that you’ve lost something important. Just Another Memory is an isometric action game inspired by action games like Furi and Bastion. You will fight a series of ten bosses who will each require reflexes and skill to defeat. Will you overcome these challenges? Or will you allow your memories to fade to nothing?
    47. grelf

      The Forest

      This is an update (2014 - ongoing) of a pair of programs first published in the mid-1980s: The Forest and Explorer. The originals were of course very limited in their capabilities so the new version is very much more than just an update. The Forest started as a training aid for the sport of orienteering, so a map is generated which conforms to IOF standards and is essentially infinite in extent. Each scene on the ground (or, for non-orienteering explorers, from a helicopter, down in mines, etc) is built as a composite of thousands of copies of a few photos of my own. The amazing thing is that such scenes are displayed in less than a second but the code is just JavaScript, using the standard HTML5 2D graphics API. No frameworks or libraries are used, just my own code. Being just HTML5/JavaScript the programs runs on any device that has a browser. The user does not have to install anything. The code is about 200 kilobytes (yes) and the photos come to less than 2 megabytes, so the whole thing downloads and runs in seconds. This is not a commercial venture. I am simply doing it for my own creative enjoyment, as a demonstration of the capabilities of JavaScript in an HTML5 web page, to encourage others to create things in that environment and as an example for others to build upon. I am continually adding new features. The code is easily available and I have written extensive documentation both for users and programmers. Start here: https://www.grelf.net/ojsvg.html Among the many links from there you will find my free programming course too (JavaScript in HTML5). Explorers (non-orienteers) can have quite a challenging and (hopefully) interesting quest, as the following describes. [This is possibly a SPOILER.] The first strange thing that explorers are likely to notice is that some rootstocks (upturned tree roots) have fragments of a small map attached to them. Putting the fragments together reveals an island to search for on the main map and travel to. If all the fragments have been seen something will happen on arrival at that location. There will be a clue as to where the treasure chest lies very near there. There are several other diversions that may be encountered along the way and which may or may not be worth looking into. Also scattered throughout The Forest are some posters written in a simple cipher which the explorer may want to elucidate. When decrypted these posters give clues about various things in The Forest, including how to get into certain places. It is not essential to read these but it could save some time and effort. The cipher appears on something else too, so it is useful to understand it. The treasure chest has a note (in plain text this time) indicating how to find a particular building. It also provides a key code for entering the building. Do make a note of the key code. Buildings all have key codes which must be typed in for entry. There is a measuring device that can be found in many places underground. It will help to determine the key codes, once the explorer understands how it works. Once inside a building there are posters on the walls which may help to explain certain things. Buildings all contain a controller for a mechanism which is essential for the next stage of the treasure hunt but the mechanism will only work in that particular building indicated by the note from the treasure chest. (It is believed that there is only one building with that key code but since everything is randomly generated that may not be true.) The mechanism will reveal the target of the next stage of the adventure and make it possible to get there. The next stage involves a dream sequence reminiscent of a certain film. The sequence ends at another machine.... (to be continued). Further hints: there is a shortcut key that enormously assists the journey from the starting area to treasure island. The x and y positions given in the status line also may be useful. See the User Guide for more details: https://www.grelf.net/terrain.html
    48. Repulse


      The best way to tell you about this game is to tell you how we came up with the idea. Everyone at Repulse loves anime. Especially fantasy stuff like Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Berserk. We have been making VR games for 3 years now. When we finished our last project the question came up. What if, we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a full interactive VR experience. We didn’t want to do just a story that you can watch. Or just the sex, or just a battle system. We want everything: A story, To participate in the battles, To fly through skies using a grappling hook, To explore an anime world, choices, and to do whatever we feel like with sexy anime girls. All of this in full VR, and of course with the option to play without VR. We are putting together some of the pieces. We have an early pre-alpha that you can test out. We update it every 2 weeks and also provide changelogs, and videos explaining the changes. Right now we are looking for early testers that can help us make this game better. If you are interested in becoming a tester, or following our progress on this join our DISCORD.
    49. Zuurix

      Light of the Locked World

      Light of the Locked World is a fantasy RPG with local multiplayer, inspired by old school MMOs like Ultima Online and RuneScape. The World Gate has malfunctioned and you are taken to Caios II - the Locked World. As you build a new life for yourself, you notice that something sinister is going on. You might be in danger - you must find out what's happening. Features: Light of the Locked World has all of the beloved RPG features - quests, exploration, crafting, and deep character customization - executed in uncommon ways. Combat: Real-time, uses only one button to attack, effectiveness is based on equipment stats and player's positioning skill. Local multiplayer: Take the game to the next level by inviting another player to play with or against you. You have the freedom to compete for rare items, cooperate to overcome difficult tasks, steal, trade, duel, and more.
    50. The RPG Music Pack: The Complete Collection Owl Theory Music Presents We are a team of brotherly composers, Alec and Adam, who want to support our fellow RPG lovers. The reason why our team decided to create RPG music packs is due to the real lack of RPG music in the GameDev store. We want to give RPG, RTS, and Fantasy developers very specific tracks that they can easily plug into their game. CLICK HERE FOR PREVIEW:
    51. Kristofer Bjornson

      Polarity Puzzles

      Polarity Puzzles is a puzzle game for mobile devices and consists of 75 levels divided into five worlds. The aim is to navigate a little robot from its starting position to a quadrupole cage. But to do so, the robot has to push blocks into their correct position. The blocks are attracted to the floor or to the ceiling depending on whether they are white or red (North/South monopole) and depending on the orientation of the bar magnets in the top and bottom of the level. Similarly, the robot itself is attracted to the top or bottom depending on its color. Various switches change the color of the robot and the direction of the bar magnets and thereby creates a varied and unique gameplay.
    52. COSMOS_DolyGames

      COSMOS's Particle War - Strategy Game [HTML5]

      Hi everyone! I design games which everyone can play for free on my gaming platform (DolyGames). This this is one of my created games: Game Description: COSMOS's Particle War is a free-to-play strategy game. Blue particles battle the red for dominance. Where to play: https://dolygames.com/particle-war/ Some Game pictures: YouTube Video: Presentation / Walkthrough I am happy to receive feedback, suggestions, ideas and/or support. Thanks in advance, COSMOS REFERENCE: - Other games created by me: Category: GAMES by COSMOS: https://dolygames.com/games-cosmos-play-free/ - My free-to-play gaming portal: https://dolygames.com/
    53. FoxnOwlGames

      The Escape Room

      One day this girl tried to search the deep web.. Thats all you need to know... OwO
    54. CyberCity


      Explore futuristic metropolis, gamble in casinos, take part in illegal racing and robot wrestling, try to survive battles on arena. Earn money and fame so you can become the most influential person in the whole city. Who has money also has power. There are plenty of ways to gain it: - Racing - Take part in illegal races. - Gambling - Test your luck in big casinos. - Robot Wrestling - Build your own robot and earn the champion title. Find your own way to become the most influential person in the whole city.
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