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    2. Your original post was a bit hard to parse for me, so maybe I didn't understand what you meant. My only thought at the moment is that maybe it's the translations in the 'if' statements that need to be in a different space - local instead of global in this case. In other words, you could try using Transform.Translate() there (using the 'local space' option, implicitly or explicitly) instead of modifying the position directly. Again though, there are some things in your code that don't make immediate sense to me, so I'm guessing a bit here. [Edit: Upon reflection, it does seem like maybe you intended for those corrective translations to be local rather than global. That would seem to make a certain amount of sense given what you've written.]
    3. Progress of Game Part 1/2 Created by Dave R. https://muksmiduulit.wixsite.com/davidrosenbergart Progress of Game Part 2/2 Created by Josh K. https://joshuamarkkerby.myportfolio.com/projects
    4. l0calh05t

      OpenGL compute shader problem

      You do not need credentials to get your paper published. Most high quality academic journals and conferences use a double blind review process, so if you "credentials" are the issue it is probably not a good venue in the first place If you try to publish at a conference, you have to be able to afford the registration fee and the trip to the conference, though.
    5. Today
    6. I'm fairly new to creating full 2d levels, so please feel free to correct me if I use incorrect terminology or if I'm doing something wrong here. Currently, I am using the Tile Palette with several sprites placed on it to create my levels. With that I can just run my mouse across the screen and quickly place tiles. Then on the TIlemap gameobject I place a Tilemap Collider and a Composite Collider. This works great, it's quick, simple, and efficient. However, for the next part of my character controller I'm looking at adding the ability to do a ledge grab. After doing some research, it seems like a common way to do that is to make the ledge he can grab "grabable" by putting a different collider on them. So my question is, is there an efficient way to where I can let the Tile Palette know if I use a specific corner sprite, place the ledge grab collider on it? Is there any way other than going through all the ledges in the game and manually placing them there? I'm also open to any tips on level building and using the Tilemap, etc that may help me out as, like I said, I'm pretty new to it all. Thanks!
    7. Green_Baron

      Index Buffer & Vertex Array Binding

      Depends. As long as there is only one vertex array and a corresponding index buffer like in most of the simple examples we can find out there, you can just leave them bound in your loop. Sooner or later your scenes will be more complex and you will have many buffers and their corresponding pipelines (shader programs with their states), your drawable objects. Then you will have to bind vertex arrays and index buffers separately depending on what you're up to draw and what the pipelines expect. In your example, if you had different objects with different indices, let's say a sphere and a box, you'd bind the sphere array and indices and draw the sphere, then you'd bind the box data and draw that (arbitrary sequence, if there were many objects spheres you'd build a spacial structure and sort by type and from front to back, and/or use indirect buffers or instancing or so). Red and blue book explain draw calls and their buffer objects quite well. In the end, it depends on your application. There is no shortfall of possibilities 🙂
    8. WitchLord

      module GetFunctionByName namespace

      Hi Boost, You're right. GetFunctionByName doesn't currently understand namespaces, and it is indeed not safe for multithreading to use the separate SetDefaultNamespace call. I'll add this to the to-do list for an upcoming release as a priority item. If this is vital for your project you should be able to temporarily customize the GetFunctionByName implementation to check if the given name includes the scope and if so use engine->FindNameSpace and look for the function in that namespace instead of the default one. Regards, Andreas
    9. My question is regarding element array buffer (IBO) binding. I have heard it said that (providing a VAO is already bound) an IBO binding will be saved to the current state of the VAO. Does this mean that instead of binding the IBO henceforth, we can just bind the VAO instead? i.e. as long as the VAO is bound before calling glDrawElements(), the draw call will always work? I have provided an annotated code example below, for clarity: // ... // VBO: glGenBuffers(1, &VBO); glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, VBO); glNamedBufferData(VBO, sizeof(data), &data, draw_method) // VAO: glGenVertexArrays(1, VAO); glBindVertexArray(VAO); // Enable and input attributes etc... // IBO: glGenBuffers(1, IBO); glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, IBO); glNamedBufferData(IBO, sizeof(data), &data, draw_method) /* index buffer binding saved to VAO state? as long as VAO is bound prior to draw call, glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, IBO) does not need to be called again? */ // ... while (!display.WindowShouldClose()) { display.ClearBuffers(); // ... glBindVertexArray(VAO); // index buffer binding not necessary? Only VAO binding required? glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, elements, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, nullptr); // ... display.SwapBuffers(); }
    10. Spidi

      I Am Overburdened

      The player takes the role of an artifact hunter, who has a surprisingly large carrying capacity, embarking on a quest to search through dungeon after dungeon for mystical artifacts and answers, in a world where magic has long been forgotten… Run focused campaign, playable in short bursts. Fill a huge inventory having 20 slots. Find more than 100 crazy artifacts, all of them unique. Learn the ins and outs of an RPG system which feels approachable and fresh, but familiar and deep at the same time. Crawl in procedural dungeons generated from hand authored layouts. Collect details about monsters and artifacts in your journal. Unfold a funny story, packed with vicious evils, puns and jokes. Immortalize your best playthroughs in the “Hall of Fame”. What is this 20 slots, 100+ unique artifacts RPG nonsense? Simple, your “hero” does not get more powerful magically by beating some orcs to death and he is not a wizard either. In the world of I Am Overburdened the art of magic wielding was lost, but legendary artifacts and relics retained their power. If you equip these you become stronger, sometimes immeasurably, and you may even learn reactive skills and otherworldly abilities, but no sane person wears two pants…
    11. Hello there! Time for one last small update before I go into full promotion mode regarding the new I Am Overburdened expansion pack Update The new 1.2.6. version is more of a refinement over the existing stuff, but it packs a lovely change which I hope receives a warm welcome. Screen transition I’ve been fighting with level change for a long while to make it look good and readable. I always wanted to help the player instantly recognize where Joey is when entering a new dungeon floor. Finally what I have now feels really good I should have looked into cartoons for inspiration long ago. Bug-fixes While testing the new content I made for the expansion I’ve stumbled into a few issues A huge error found its way into the game code with the previous update. Wearing the “Wizard Hat” item could cause a crash in certain cases upon reaching a dungeon level with a number of hallucinations in it. Now it’s fixed! Please accept my apology if any of your runs came to an unexpected end due to this mistake. I’m really sorry. As you can see on this gif some item combinations could mess up the boss fight scene. Not a major problem, but it looked pretty weird. Bad karma (balance) I constantly tweak difficulty related things with each update and this one is no exception. With luck and a few right choices early on you could become too overpowered and I tried to address this “problem”. Now the game tries to push back a little if you are shredding everything in your path with ease. It isn’t drastic but affects your luck and the pickup and chest spawn rates a bit. The second half of the gameplay was affected mostly so the change focuses on later dungeon levels as well. Upcoming The time has come to start showing some real footage from the expansion pack! The first official reveal is one (or two in this case?) of the new enemies: the Ooze. You can expect the same level of functional diversity. All new beasts are going to have their own special “thing” The expansion will focus on replay value first and foremost and will NOT extend the story. The new monsters will be introduced as part of the existing dungeons as “variants” at certain sections, randomly selected for each run. That is why the Ooze is encountered in the caves. I made good progress in the last month and it looks like I’m only going to release one more update before I complete the enhanced edition of the game. This also means I’m going to reveal a lot more details about the new stuff in the next few weeks! Shopping When I posted about the condition of my hand, I got a lot of suggestions for what to upgrade on my desk. My right got a tad bit better lately (I’m able to use it as “support”), so I decided to buy and try out some ergonomics stuff. The first thing I tried is a vertical mouse and I have to say I’m really impressed so far. It does feel way more comfortable to use than a conventional one and I got the hang of it almost right away. So if you are using your wrists/hands (and a mouse) extensively for work or your hobbies (art, music, design, etc…) do yourself a favor and get one. Since I was shopping I also got a new mug with my favorite comic book characters Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you very much for your support. Take care!
    12. Here is the scenario there nothing to do with left right movement with transform.translate but instead it's happening in if check as I mentioned above
    13. ProjectTaival

      Project Taival

      Hi all, I'm currently making assets for a new horror game (final name TBA), which is going to be HUGE! Okay, Trump jokes aside, please visit my project sites and let me know what you think - what could be done better regarding marketing or if you know anywhere where I could find people interested in helping out on some of the asset creation for the non-generic stuff and possibly textures and website graphics, or especially - Marketing! If I could find people to handle marketing with me, I would have more time to spend on the assets of this project and complete this project on a faster timetable. The 3 Years is a prediction based on IF I need to do this game alone. Then it might take 3 - 5 years from start to finish. The game is going to have a deep backstory, with mythological elements from a life philosophy of the Finnic peoples of ancient times, which have slight similarities with the Japans Shintoism in that every living thing has it's own kind of spirit. The horror comes from carefully thought out placement of dark, spooky and outright scary elements. My aim is to NOT go over the top with jump scares - only where it really adds to the horror and keeps them unpredictable as much as possible. As an example, imagine this - you come home at late evening, it's cold and dark winter and everything seems normal and you are happy to have arrived at your home. But when you put your key to the lock of your front door, suddenly you hear a slight, cold breath on your year. You are a little startled, but brush it of thinking it was probably just a draft. You get ready to bed, brush your teeth, a slightly spooky calm music playing in the background and you as a player anticipate something to happen when he closes the mirror cabinets door in the bathroom, but nothing happens - yet. You go to bed, everything is normal - to the main character at least, but you see something is not right with the lighting - something translucent and without definite shape is blocking some of the street lights that shines through the windows. The main character falls to sleep, but when he wakes up, everything seems normal at first, but finally you notice, things are not as it should be. Just a little taste from one of the segments how the game will probably start out. The atmosphere is in the main role of the game and most of the scary elements are tied to it one way or another. Strange noises, some might be dangerous, some are not, but there is also going to be an element of unpredictability. I'm aiming at making a game that even I wouldn't want to play in the dark, despite having quite high resistance for horror games and movies. I'm also going to hire some helping hand, at least part time, the moment I can afford it. I'm also planning my first crowdfunding run at #mesenaatti ( https://mesenaatti.me/en/ ), which is part of the Nordic crowdfunding alliance ( http://www.nordic-crowdfunding.com/about.php ) the largest "kickstarter" -like campaign site in Finland. Anyone who doesn't have restrictions on their credit cards can participate. My personal goals for this project are; • Get better at 3D modeling on more various selection of modeling software. • Learn to make presentable music. • Study on how to make animated videos from scratch. • Get to know some basics about several game engines, before choosing the one that I will use. • To improve my storytelling and compilation skills. • Bringing to fruition a marketable end result and registering a Game Development company. For all the latest information, you can subscribe to these social media sites; Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Reddit - LinkedIn - Google+ - Instagram
    14. Hello and welcome to this weeks Dev Diary! Today I would like to continue where I left off last week and that is texturing of the created heightmap. As it happens every so often, I had to redo the heightmap for two reasons; In order to get a more precise heightmap of the area and... To have the texture implemented as easily as possible. After all, this is just an initial map for the game, where I can study the following; How to make and define water How to implement vegetation in a most efficient manner (most likely procedurally generated) How to optimize big maps for high frame rates, with as little sacrifices to quality as possible Unit styles, movement and animations etc. Building systems in general Test out multi-level camera systems More on those on later Dev Diaries. The New Map This new perspective of the area is roughly 4 km² (or in miles; 1.544409mi²) in size, but the heightmap's precision is 2 meters, compared to the last weeks example's 30 meters. In other words, it is 15 times more accurate than the previous one, but there seems to be a problem still - when presented as a one huge map, Blender crashes if I try to make it as accurate as possible. This means, that I can't use all the accuracy that the heightmap has to offer with a single monolithic map. This is why I most likely need to try and divide the map into 1 km² chunks at the very least and combine them in the game engine. I'm currently planning to try this on Unreal, Unity and Godot engines to see which one is the most intuitive and easy to use. I kind of like the Godot Engines GScript language (based on Python), but the vidual programming functions make the Unity and Unreal engines more desirable currently. It will also be coming to Godot Engine, but we'll see on what timetable. Here is a preview of the current map; And from a top view; Despite not being able to use all the detail that the heightmap makes possible, it does look kind of nice. Still, I haven't touched the shaders at all, which makes the ground reflect lights like it was some kind of plastic. To help make sens of the map and it's size differences, I'm using the Blender's grid as a tool of measurement. Many tutorials are there to just show how to make something, but most often everything is done without precise measurements, which should be taken into account when actually making the assets for your game. This ensures that you have some hard points to measure your world and characters towards, to make sure that 1 meter or foot is consistently 1 meter or foot within the game world. Command and Conquer is one example, where the scaling of buildings and units were not so accurately measured and even though it didn't bother me personally, I like to keep close tab on scales from the start to ensure that there is good fundamentals for higher immersion at a later point of development. Tip Of The Week - For Beginners When I first tried to implement the ground textures for the map, the color image was misaligned in Blender, even though the heightmap and the color image were perfectly aligned in the images them self. This is how the map looked before aligning them in Blender; Last week I shared a link to the simple tutorial that I used to create this map also. The video showed, that the person in question aligned the map texture by hand in the UV editor. I found another, more precise way to align the texture to the map. Bare in mind, that this might have drawbacks that I don't currently even know. Once you have added the texture like instructed in the video, you can align it by left clicking "Vector" on the side-panel and select "Texture Coordinate". This simple adjustment aligned the textures perfectly with my heightmap. Conclusion How does the title of this week's Dev Diary correspond to this weeks topic? You can hunt for answers or find out the answer on the next weeks Dev Diary. Thank you for tuning in, and I'll see you on the next one! You can check out every possible mid week announcements about the project on these official channels; • YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • Discord • Reddit • Pinterest • SoundCloud • LinkedIn •
    15. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, just getting to know the lay of the land, so I'll just jump in with my question. After some intense development period that lasted 10 months, my friend The Programmer and I (The Designer) just launched our first FREE game on GooglePlay, called Starman Journey to Mars. For those interested, you can check it out in the link bellow. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.QuoVadisGames.StarmanJourneyMars&hl=en So now that production is done, we're stuck with the relatively unexpected challenge of actually promoting the game and getting players. To that end we welcome any advice about where we need to go from here and what we need to focus on. Can anyone help point us in the right direction? Any Marketing advice would be worth its weight in gold to us So far, our game has been received relatively well on the store but we are also interested in any feedback you might have, should you choose to play it. Do you like it? Any strong point or weaknesses we should be focusing on? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take the time to answer or give the game a try. Cheers! Starman Journey to Mars Team
    16. NekrosArts

      Victorian Horror Project

      1849, Great Britain ~ After a malevolent cult enjoyed a continueing growth of popularity, it became a threat to all people who did not share their philosophy. In 1845, the cult had taken control by force over several city districts or even whole villages throughout Great Britain. Now, a priest is declared to sneak into one of those reprobated cities to finish a task, that multiple people had failed accomplishing before. That´s were our story begins... Learn more: Devlogs, Gameplay, Level Design --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgS6cpA7PEqWh3GxT4zwSg Victorian Horror Project is a first-person adventure horror game. You´ll be send into a city which is under control of a malicious satanic cult. The supporter of this cult summoned a creature of darkness that terrorizes the remaining population. It will be your task to saint the wayside crosses of the city with three phials of holy water. Those phials can be refilled, but you´ll need to find the spots where those phials can be recharged. And in the darkness something is waiting for you...
    17. a light breeze

      What's your opinion on story centric games?

      They're a better way to tell stories than TV, but they're ultimately only as good as their story. I liked To the Moon quite a lot. Actually I've enjoyed just about everything from Freebird Games, including their older, lesser-known titles. I played one episode of The Walking Dead. It was alright, but if it were a TV series, I would never have made it through an entire episode. The whole zombie apocalypse cliché doesn't appeal to me, and none of the characters gave me any reason to care about them.
    18. Tom Sloper


      No question asked. Closing thread.
    19. rainsitpours

      Game Servers

      Cloud game server hosting Already since 2009, we are providers of computing power for game servers and other services on the Internet. We operate our own server farm in Frankfurt, we maintain our own support office with experienced game server admins to be able to help you properly in case of problems with the game servers. Over 100,000 registered customers Currently more than 100,000 registered customers host their game servers, which are visited by more than 500,000 players a day. We at Host-Unlimited.de hope for long cooperation with each one and therefore offer highest quality and fairest prices. 100% Prepaid: Safe and Anonymous Our game servers can be ordered anonymously and do not bind you at all. If you do not want to renew at some point, you simply do not pay any more credit and your game server will be deleted within 5 days after the paid period. Immediate activation We will not wait long. If you order your server, you can start right in minutes and start gambling. Our system immediately unlocks Gameserver completely automatically. It is important, however, that you have of course paid for the server. Start immediately after payment.
    20. fleabay


      That's nice but why are you telling us in the forum? Was this supposed to be a tweet? Maybe a blog post?
    21. Windows Error Code 2 means "file not found", make sure you've got the correct paths.
    22. jbadams

      New Unity3D UI and just general musing.

      Good to see you around here again!
    23. jbadams

      Some new mechanics

      Looking good, the jump limit is an interesting way of making things more interesting! I think between that and the moveable boxes you've got the building blocks you need for some good puzzles.
    24. jbadams

      DOOM: Skeletal Animations & Dynamic BVHs

      Impressive progress as always!
    25. jbadams

      Fragment’s Moonrise | #22 The Lesser Dragon of Frost

      Looking good, keep up the great work!
    26. phil67rpg

      OpenGL gui

      well this is very new to me. I want to use opengl to create a gui window for my game. I am making a rpg indie game.
    27. Also, once the isosurface of a quaternion Julia set has been calculated by using Marching Cubes (like in this compute shader example that I wrote), one can test the surface for its dimension, somewhere between 2D and 3D. As far as I know, it's one of the simplest ways to calculate the fractal dimension of a surface. As you'd expect, the equation Z = Z, which forms a 2-sphere, results in a surface of dimension 2.0 because the local curvature vanishes. For Z = Z^2 + C, the result is somewhere between 2.0 and 3.0 because the local curvature does not vanish -- that's the definition of a fractal surface. I do just this in http://vixra.org/abs/1812.0423 The code is at https://github.com/sjhalayka/meshdim As you can see, the main function is super short, trivial. Note that the code only runs properly when every triangle is guaranteed to have 3 neighbouring triangles -- the mesh must be closed, with no holes or cracks.
    28. There are some aspects of the code I'm not quite clear on, but I'll make one observation. Here: transform.Translate(0, moveVertical * speed * Time.deltaTime, 0); You're using an overload of Transform.Translate() that assumes local space (as I suspected). Try using an overload that allows you to specify the space, and specify world space. (Or you could just modify the position directly, which you're doing elsewhere anyway.)
    29. You actually don't need to do step 4 (issue a transition barrier) if you're uploading using a COPY queue, since the resource will implicitly decay to COMMON and get promoted to a readable state on first access by a DIRECT queue. This is getting into more advanced territory (I would get things working the most basic way possible first), but using a COPY queue is the recommended way to upload resources on discrete GPUs. This is because the DMA units are optimized for pulling data over PCI-e, and also because the transfer can overlap with graphics work that's happening simultaneously on the GPU. For integrated parts you instead want to exploit unified memory and skip the upload step entirely. I have some code here that you can look at if you ever want a full example of loading and uploading a texture. It basically does the following: Uses DirectXTex to load and process the texture data Creates a committed texture resource in a DEFAULT heap Creates an SRV Grabs some temporary memory from a large ring buffer located in an UPLOAD heap Grabs a temporary COPY command list Copies the texture data into the temporary UPLOAD buffer Calls CopyTextureRegion for each subresource on the COPY command list Kicks off the COPY command list to execute on a COPY queue, and has it signal a fence when completed Then you just need make sure that any queues using your newly-uploaded resource waits for the fence to be signaled before executing, that way you can be sure that the copies are finished before trying to read from the data. What I have is not a perfect implementation by any means, in particular you generally want to batch up a bunch of copies into single call to ExecuteCommandList so that you don't have lots of tiny submissions and signals to fences. But perhaps you can use it as a reference at some point one you're further along with everything.
    30. Timeline Games

      Devlog #3

      Hi everyone, This week I finished play testing the Region 2 Boss, as well as the entire third region, including the boss. This was relatively easy because most of the coding for the new mechanics in Region 3 were not changed. The hardest part of the testing was the Region 3 boss, which had a unique glitch of going at high speed and firing at a speed of a mini gun when the boss got below 10 health. That was pretty funny, and also a bit of a pain to fix. Next week I plan on working on playtesting the entirety of Region 4. Also, I am going to be gone next weekend, so I shall make the devlog on either Thursday or Friday. Have a great day, Buttercreeper6
    31. Timeline Games

      Slime Wars

      Slime Wars is a retro 2D platformer that is currently in development. You fight through 6 regions. Each region will have small changes on the enemies you fight, like higher damage or you can't see the enemy until you get within a reasonable distance. Each region a have 5 levels and 1 "Boss Level", which is a small level before a boss. The game will release on October 21,2019. If your really excited to try the game out I have a, if buggy, fun and expansive beta that can be played. Also: the game is free, so why not try it? Story: On the far off planet of Mundan their lives a once peaceful race of slime at came in a variety of colors. The one to rule this world was the Rainbow Tribe. They built their civilization on the principle of unity and peace, and so it was. Until a fateful day where the different tribes began to release that the planet was running out of resources, a council of the tribes was called to see what to do next. Most of the tribes, headed by the Rainbow Tribe, wanted to take their warships and take over new planets for their resources. Others, like the Green Tribe, wanted to try and salvage Mundan and grow from there. This dispute cause what was forever known as the Slime Wars. To keep the loyalty of the tribes aligned to them, the Rainbow Tribe appointed generals the where loyal to them only. They conquered all the tribes that dared think differently, all but the Green Tribe. The fighting though, made the planet unsalvageable, making finding another planet the only option. You, a member of the green tribe, must take over the "Royal" and free the other tribes and convince them to follow your plans of finding a fresh planet, one with no sentient life. Will you save the galaxy? Or will countless planets be forever covered in slime?
    32. Thanks mate this is the code. float moveVertical = Input.GetAxis("Vertical"); Vector3 movement = new Vector3(0, 0.0f, moveVertical * speed); if (playerPalm[0].bounds.Intersects(signBoard[0].bounds) && rotate == false) { rotateTo -= 90; rotate = true } else if (rotate && transform.rotation.z > rotateTo) { transform.localRotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(transform.localRotation, Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, rotateTo), (20 * Time.deltaTime)); //rotate left until desired rotation axis } else rotate = false; if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.LeftArrow)) if (!playerPalm[0].bounds.Intersects(pathBound[0].bounds)) //To keep player stay away from left foot path for now using colliders to avoid need to remove this collider thing and want to do it programatically transform.position -= new Vector3(speed, 0, 0) * Time.deltaTime; if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.RightArrow)) if (!playerPalm[1].bounds.Intersects(pathBound[0].bounds)) //To keep player stay away from right foot path transform.position -= new Vector3(speed, 0, 0) * Time.deltaTime; transform.Translate(0, moveVertical * speed * Time.deltaTime, 0);
    33. Yesterday
    34. By the way, there is also a measure called sinuosity, which is the length divided by the displacement.
    35. Welcome to our twenty-second blog post! In this post, we’ll go over our final Lesser Dragon. If you missed the posts about the Lesser Dragon of Flame or Lesser Dragon of Lightning, feel free to check those out via clicking their respective links. As the development of this project progressed, the difficulty, and desire to make more complicated, interesting bosses has increased. As a result, the Lesser Dragon of Frost proves to be the most powerful of the Lesser Dragon trio, alongside the hardest challenge thus far. While the fight itself is over in almost a minute, its a minute of incredible focus, where each second ticking by feels like an eon lapsing. This is due to the array of spells the Lesser Dragon of Frost has in its arsenal, and the importance of steering clear of them. Ice Blast is its core, damage-dealing spell. It strikes in an area, emphasizing the Player should have their Units spread apart at all times. In addition to dealing damage, it also invokes Mana Drain. Dealing damage is desired, but disabling a Unit from even being able to cast spells will force the Player to retreat or die helplessly. Lunar Freeze is the Dragon’s core crowd-control. It deals absolutely no damage, however, it stops all hit Units from being able to move and attack for a few moments. In this amount of time, it can easily strike with its Ice Blast. Lunar Freeze strikes in an area, is quick to cast, and has a short cooldown. Given the rate at which Ice Blast can be cast and the speed at which it can kill a Unit, steering clear of Lunar Freeze is a must before one’s army can do nothing but be helpless against their decimation. Rain of Frost is its most intriguing spell- and the one that is the most important to dodge. Its a healing spell at its core, but also a summoning spell. It works quite simply- it casts it upon itself to heal itself. However, it strikes in an area, healing everything nearby. In doing so, given the game’s code, it invokes the spell’s summon. For every Unit healed by the spell, a Frost Arkoyle is also spawned at the Unit’s location. What this results in is shown above- dozens of Frost Arkoyles appear out of thin air, ready to defend their master. With that in mind, dodging this spell now becomes incredibly important. Moving just out of range allows it to properly cast Rain of Frost while simultaneously having none of its effects take place. This does mean that the Dragon heals itself, doesn’t heal us, and summons a single Frost Arkoyle, but that is negligible. The amount of foes that would have been summoned is far more difficult to deal with. Lastly, its final spell to worry about is not a spell but an aura- the Aura of the Bitter Cold. It slows all our Warriors near, and begins to damage them over time. This means that low-health Units need to be healed quickly before they are slain via the Aura. --- Thank you for viewing our post! Support and interest for the project has been rapidly growing ever since we began posting here, and we're incredibly grateful for all the wonderful feedback so far! We hope this project interests you as much as we love developing for it, and please look forward to more updates coming in the very near future! If you’re brand new, consider checking out our trailer and overall description of the game here.
    36. Yyanthire Studio


      Moonrise is an open-world real-time strategy game. Explore a vast land rich with demonic creatures. Establish a base, and venture forth to eliminate the powerful beings that have overtaken it. As you venture, you will come across great artifacts to bolster your warriors, and great resources to enhance your fortifications. In this land, the will of the leaders is absolute. One false step, and all of your creation will fall under. Intricate care is necessary for your warriors to survive to the next battle. The creatures of this world are powerful- are you able to stand up to them? Explore- Explore a world rich with conflict, where there’s always a new challenge to endure. And reap the rewards of such ventures. The lands are wide and vast, and the journey will be perilous. Do not get lost- always know your way back home. Gather Resources- All of this world has something to offer- whether it be the nature around, or from the souls of defeated enemies. Use those resources to build your base and your army, and wage war against the vast enemies of this land. As you explore more, you will find powerful foes- slay them, and grow your warriors even stronger with the mystical objects they have to offer. Build an Army- Build up your home base not only to act as a fortitude against the enemy onslaught, but also to enact key, pivotal research points. Whether you wish to give your warriors greater health and mana, or advance them down further into their class, building your base is the only true way to get the advancements necessary for engaging more powerful foes. Research- Whether you choose to spend your hard-earned, limited resources on empowering all warriors, or just a select few, researching various upgrades for your army will allow you to further craft and define the complexities of your army to a solid degree. And those who wish to venture even further will find themselves that much more fruitfully rewarded. Wage War- At the heart of Moonrise is waging war against the multitudes of foes of the land. Foes will wildly vary in volatility, and it is up to you to command your warriors in such a way to slay them without becoming slain yourself. Never stop moving- movement is key to avoiding attacks from enemies while still striking at them yourself. You can avoid enemy attacks by simply moving out of the way before the attack lands. By using clever tactics, you can survive many adversaries and come out unscathed and ready for the next fight. Invoke powerful spells to your advantage- there are many different beings at your disposal. Making use of their talents is the only way to come out successful, and to defeat even the strongest of enemies. In Moonrise, there are dozens of spells, each with wildly different uses, able to be enacted and used as how you see fit to command. State of the Game- This project is very deep into its development cycle now. There is a considerable amount of work that has been done to make the game playable, and as the game sits, it is currently in an Alpha state. There is still more work to be done- we have yet to finalize key features like a saving system, and have yet to get further into our desired open world elements. In addition, while we do have a lot of art done for the project, there is still some remaining, and we have a lot of animations we still need to create. Music and sound effects are the same story. But, as of right now, the game definitely plays like how we envisioned it- lots of tactical complexion backed up with a lot of intricate micro requiring you to not only think intelligently about what you are engaging, but also act swiftly before your units get overwhelmed and killed. Our current goal in regards to the project is to be able to release a playable game by 2020, or sooner if plausible. We may also consider releasing a Beta version of the game for many to play and test, given enough people are interested, but even with that there will be some time before we reach that point. Given the game’s current state, we believe that it would be beneficial to begin to show off the game to you all, the community. Let us know what you think of the project, just by simply typing a comment below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding Moonrise. Thank you for viewing our page! Check us out on IndieDB: https://www.indiedb.com/games/moonrise
    37. This sounds like more of a programming question than an art question. In any case, what you describe sounds like the object is being moved along a local axis rather than along the global x axis, but we'd probably need to see some code to be sure. So, maybe you could post the bit of code that moves the object.
    38. Thanks, all! I decided to not check HLSL result in C++.
    39. Never compare floats for an exact match. Always compare with tolerance. Even though you might have written the same code in the shader and in C++, the compiler might rearrange terms to optimize it an a*b + a*c is usually not exactly the same as a*(b+c) in the world of floating-point arithmetics. Greetings
    40. Hello guys I am a bit confused on rotation and position in unity. The thing is when I am at 0 rotation on X-Axis and I restricted my player to not let it go more than 10 on x-axis and less than -10 x-axis but when I rotated it to 90 degree It stated to move forward on left key press and backward to right key press. I just want to clamp position between 10 and -10 on every rotation It must not move differently when rotated... e.g for some understanding the scenario If a player is on a road and it is restricted to go on foot path then it should also be restricted when rotated to left or right... Please help me with this guys any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
    41. ... at least one more amateur saved your paper to disk
    42. You can "create tables" with well-designed templates (a "table of T" with assorted extra template parameters to represent metadata, behaviour variations, etc.) that are going to grow more sophisticated, and be upgraded for all components, as you develop your game. In case of allergy, you can "create tables" with all sorts of code generation tools instead of C++ templates. In any case, a std::vector<T> without any indexing and management is a very rudimentary data structure for the purpose of holding and accessing components, and handling multiple arrays "by hand", throwing away normal C++ facilities like allocators and names, is a complication for no benefit and not a simplification.
    43. Thanks. I'm really happy with the result that I found, but I do not have credentials, and so I could not get my paper published. What you write is interesting, and I hope it all works out for you if you decide to get back into fractals. Yeah, the most fruitful research in fractals seems to be done by amateurs. Can't get no respect. LOL
    44. LorenzoGatti

      Problem with my laptop

      Unless it's a known hardware issue with an inexpensive reliable fix (have you found manuals and user support forums?), I'd just buy a new laptop: adventurous repairs are in the same price range as replacing the whole thing, and sending your laptop out for, say, a motherboard replacement can take more than two weeks. Maybe you can reuse the RAM sticks and the HD or SSD unit to reduce costs.
    45. Okay i solved it, the slot map was returning a pointer to the local object urgg i feel so silly. Sometimes its like searching for a needle in a haystack, Thanks everyone for your input.
    46. Okay, so i think the entire issue is probably related to the handle based approach im using. I wanted to give it a go and have all memory within the GraphicsDevice and the user just gets handles but clealry its just a nightmare. https://github.com/James-Emmett/CraftEngine/blob/master/Include/System/Containers/SlotMap.h The above is the Data Structure i created to store memory and generations etc, its set up like this: //--Graphics Memory-- SlotMap<D3D11::Buffer> m_VertexBuffers = SlotMap<D3D11::Buffer>(2048); SlotMap<D3D11::IndexBuffer> m_IndexBuffers = SlotMap<D3D11::IndexBuffer>(2048); SlotMap<D3D11::Buffer> m_ConstantBuffers = SlotMap<D3D11::Buffer>(512); SlotMap<D3D11::Texture> m_TextureBuffers = SlotMap<D3D11::Texture>(2048); SlotMap<D3D11::RenderTarget> m_RenderTargets = SlotMap<D3D11::RenderTarget>(128); SlotMap<D3D11::DepthTarget> m_DepthTargets = SlotMap<D3D11::DepthTarget>(128); SlotMap<D3D11::PipelineState> m_PipelineStates = SlotMap<D3D11::PipelineState>(512); So everything is in one place, i define objects like this: struct Buffer { ID3D11Buffer* m_Buffer = nullptr; Uint32 m_ByteWidth = 0; Uint32 m_Stride = 0; Uint32 m_ElementCount = 0; bool m_IsDynamic = false; void Release() { if (m_Buffer) { m_Buffer->Release(); } } }; Everytime i fetch memory it looks fine, when i use it everything just fails, DirectX states that memory has been "reclaimed" even though i havent called relase, and i hold the pointer in the buffer object etc. The memory in this soloution is just so shacky that i think i might go back to a OOP XNA like soloution and abandon handles as its just such a nightmare to get it to function. If anyone knows why this is failed Everywhere please let me know, in the meantime im rebuilding the entire thing as oop... Thanks,
    47. Endurion

      Doom Challenge

      Haven't put that much more time in it yet. I'm just implementing features instead of working of a likeable stage The enemy now has 4 side views which are rotated according to camera. Also added are switch walls, and doors are up next. The player can now shoot and the shot is also properly handled at walls (and holes in walls, as I allow more than one slice per triangle element) A bit annoying to have dynamic elements, as all the static content is a huge vertex buffer per texture. The current solution is to manually draw switch walls and doors; which by itself is batched so should be performant enough for a smaller level.
    48. liaemars

      Problem with my laptop

      Hi all, Long time since I last posted here but anyway. I'm going on a trip next month and wanted to take my laptop with me (for occasional programming), but it doesn't seem to start. Last time I used it was maybe 3-4 years ago, it's a laptop from like 2006 or something. I have no battery on the laptop since it died years ago also had to replace the charger cable (or whatever you call it) like 6 years ago when the old one died. It's old HP laptop. When the power cable is plugged in the input port has blue light lit, but whenever I press the power button the hotbar lights flash for less than a second and the power indicator flashes too. After that though the power cable light pulses (doesn't flash) for few seconds. The model is HP Pavilion dv6700 I was thinking could a dead CMOS battery cause this or some piece of hardware has died? Last time I used it, it worked fine (3-4 years ago). Anyone have any idea or something I could try to figure out what's wrong? I'm leaving in two weeks.
    49. Wow, what an interesting finding! No, i don't know much about fractals so can't help, but here's what i tried to do, maybe it becomes useful to you some time... This is an image where 5 spirals form as an example. (So this never escapes and would not contribute much to the final image) My idea is to form such spirals in 3D space (like galaxies), not just a 2D plane. Just by intuition i assume nice 3D farctals might become possible. To do this, i'd like to calculate the points where the spirals converge after infinite iterations, marked with hand drawn red crosses. Then one could perform some transformantions using those points as the origin, and eventually a simple formula could be found to turn such 'constructed geometric idea' into simple, elegant math... I even found a paper that gave formulas to calcualte those points analytically, but it did not work for me and i don't remember it's title or if those points have been studied / named elsewhere. (Feels a bit like fractal guys to mathematicans are like game devs to 'serious' software developers, hahaha )
    50. Okay so the Second issue is actually fixed, it was a memory copy error because i elft an & from when it was a vector. The origional issue is still an "issue" although i just chached everything up front for now to avoid loosing the pointer when i call the d3d function.
    51. Hey, since you know a bit about fractals, I am wondering if you've ever studied the properties of these paths that are created during iteration? I mean, each path has a length, plus a displacement, plus the traditional magnitude. I looked into it a bit, and found that no matter what criterion one uses (length, displacement, or magnitude), the same fractal shape is produced. Do you know of anyone who has worked on this kind of thing before? http://vixra.org/abs/1906.0407
    52. What you're asking for is nigh on impossible. You may get closer by enabling IEEE strictness on your shaders and disabling any fast-math optimisations on your C++ compiler, but only certain floating point operations are guaranteed to give the same result across architectures (e.g. +, -, *, /). You can try enabling IEEE strictness using the /Gis compiler flag, but I don't think it'll get anything other than "close, but not quite". Try giving this blog post from Bruce Dawson a read: https://randomascii.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/floating-point-determinism/
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