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    2. fleabay

      run attack

      I am not trolling you with a stupid question. If I posted something online that I made, I would have a certain amount of pride about it and would seize the opportunity to discuss what I thought was good about it, especially in a feedback thread. Personally to me it looks like a cat running across a keyboard animated it and I thought you could enlighten me as to why I could be wrong. As far as doing a version showing how I think it should be done; I have no clue what even is going on in that video.
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    4. Anthony Serrano

      Crystalis Remake

      Just for the record, SNK very much still exists and very much still owns the rights to this game.
    5. intenscia

      PC Cross Platform Mod API & SDK

      Hypnospace Outlaw creators kindly released the code they created to support mods as open-source, so we now officially have a Construct 2 plugin available for games to use woo-hoo!
    6. tyree

      run attack

      just point out what you do not like instead of posting something that stupid. or do your own quick rough version. showing how you think it should be. or do you not have time to do anything other than talk
    7. fleabay

      run attack

      In your opinion, what makes this good?
    8. logicandchaos

      R&D Skills required to be an AI game programmer

      Yes I would have to agree with psychology, for a project I've been working on I researched different emotional, personality and behavioral models, although it depends on what kind of Ai you are working on. I would definitely suggest reading up on many different existing Ai topics, I would recommend utility function for sure.
    9. Hey I read an article in the summer about using flowfields to direct troop movement in RTS games. I was intrigued and had to try it out for myself. Making the flowfield was easy, implementing it not so easy. I made it into a unity asset and had a lot of optimizing to do. I got discouraged when I was lagging at moving 300 units at once, then I did some research on RTS and none of them move that many units at once except supreme commander, so then I introduced and max unit selection of 36 and I'm able to move 10 troops of 36 units with ease! I since made the flowfields more dynamic is would be efficient for a single unit, I have the flowfields spawning, resizing and repositioning dynamically, so the flowfield can be relatively small and operate just where the unit is. My implementation is not for solving mazes and stuff tho.. but basic object avoidance and direction, I'm sure a flowfield could be made to use fro a single unit and be quite efficient, but as others stated another system may be needed as well.
    10. Tom Sloper

      What name is better for game?

      This is not a Production/Management question. It's more a Marketing or Writing question. Moving to the Writing forum.
    11. logicandchaos

      Help understanding how ECS should be structured

      If you are using unity, what I do is keep track of alive and dead entities is add the and remove them from lists in OnEnable and OnDisable, I do my pooling like that too.
    12. logicandchaos

      Portfolio Question

      It is good to show of a range of capabilities, but specializing is very important in this industry. Your portfolio should really focus on your area, programming, art, design, sound, etc.. but you also should have a specialty within that, like for me I'm mostly interested in Ai programming, but I included most the other things I've done in the past. Oh I also wanted to say because I'm primarily a unity developer I redid my web portfolio as a unity webGL build, it's a great way to show off an example.
    13. Devlog #8- Enemies Below and Above September 16th, 2019 Connect with us on Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/TumultuousProductions Twitter: https://twitter.com/TumultuousGame Join our Discord Server: Join the Yami Discord Want to Join the Project? Fill out our google forms Online Application For more about the Studio : About Us Tumultuous Productions Check out our website for Yami! https://tumultuousproductions.site/index2.html For more about Yami: Our Game: Yami Weekly Updates Week 8: Animations Updates Showcased for this week are two enemies within Kinfallen Forest readers of our DevLogs might already be familiar with: the Shrubble and Tresswing. Expanding upon the enemies’ concept art and designs, our animators have created movements and attack patterns for these creatures, bringing them to life within Yami. Below are some examples of what the player will see when interacting or attacking these enemies in the game. *Note that animations and concepts may not be final. (Tresswing spinning and swooping animations/Tresswing idle). (Shrubble attacking, hiding, running). Weekly Member Spotlight: For our eighth DevLog, we interviewed one of our newer and incredibly skillful artists and animators, Luca Stoica. We are excited to have him on the team and have his talents added to the project. Q: What inspired you to create a video game? A: “I actually started working on small video game projects like game jams and such before yami happened and I was looking for something more serious , more professional that I could sink my teeth into and that I could add to my portfolio..” Q: How do you transfer your drawing from an image to an animation? A: “If I can I act out the movements myself and I try to think about all the different perspectives that I could tackle. The hardest part is making the action readable as most of the characters I animate are small pixelated creatures that are basically aliens to people who see it for the first time. I always try to make sure that I remove that alienation through movements.” Q: What is your favorite video game and why? A: “I think my favorite video game is "Spyro dawn of the dragons" I know it's hated by the community but that game has just stuck with me in all these years and is one of the reasons I love dragons and drawing so much. There is also the fact that I started and finished that game with my father when I was relatively young.” Q: Tell us a bit about yourself! A: “I have wandered this planet ever since I was 4 years old, I never really settled in one place always moving to a new country, a new city. And I think I'm going to wander the world a bit more before I find my place as the options for an animator in Romania are limited. Maybe I'l even come to the future Yami studio if this game holds up.” Q: What do you enjoy about working with/for Tumultuous Productions? A: “The people. Everyone is friendly and understanding but strict when they need to , they don't hold back on feedback but they can also take constructive critique. The team lead is my favorite really Jin just has a personality that glues the members together and motivates them, including me.” Remember to: Connect with us on Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/TumultuousProductions Twitter: https://twitter.com/TumultuousGame Join our Discord Server: Join the Yami Discord Want to Join the Project? Fill out our google forms Online Application For more about the Studio : About Us Tumultuous Productions Check out our website for Yami! https://tumultuousproductions.site/index2.html For more about Yami: Our Game: Yami
    14. Blakkfox

      Heratis- Plague Character Busts

      Hey everyone! Fox here, and I'm delivering some more art! Here's some emotion busts for Plague, one of our main protagonists.
    15. Peter Hutsul

      What name is better for game?

      Online turn based strategy. Blazing strategy Blazing tactico Tactic of Tactico Strategy of honor Tactic of honor Strategy of Smoud Smoud tactico online Well played tactico Creature of Strategy Strategy void Void of strategy void commander Nova strategy Natural choice Natural move Supreme commander Realm of strategy Fairytale of commander Story of commander commander`s story Creatures commander Force of commander Grand commander Great commander great commander story
    16. Trexioas Xavier

      OpenGL How was VGUI made?

      Valve made their own GUI library called VGUI. I am wondering how were they able to make their GUI library and what methods they used to make it. Did they use Win32 API or something else. Is there an open source code for VGUI? Please answer these questions and help me out as much as you can.
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    18. Humble Bundle is now offering a Music and Sound FX pack with an offer expiration of December 10, 2019. For $1, the offer includes 12 packs including GUI sounds, Christmas music and SFX, various voice packs, 8-bit SFX, and more. Developers offering more can find an additional 15 packs of horror SFX, pirate sounds, fantasy game sounds, footsteps, and more. The highest tier offers an additional 16 packs with fantasy/RPG music, various voice packs, platformer music, gun sounds, and various music packs. Check it out here.
    19. Stragen

      Managing UI between scenes in Unity

      This is the same way as managing any gameObject between scenes. If you need to retain information between scenes use a datamanager object and use that to instanciate information in the new scene. The obvious thing to watch however, you can get yourself unstuck if you're developing scenes independently that you dont have duplication of non-destroyed objects on load... can be worked around using instances.
    20. tyree

      run attack

      iaelle https://youtu.be/Ezh-vVvNobY
    21. In VB arrays has to be dimensioned with the highest index instead of length Yes, I think this is an very important point which should be definitely documented somewhere. Of course, when generating the image data manually you can respect this.. but in my case I am getting a "ready-to-use" image buffer from a DirectShow filter graph.. so it just feels like wasting performance for nothing.. I actually made a work around by writing the data line-by-line and just offsetting after my line with the given padding.
    22. You always have to pay attention to the pitch, the driver/hardware is allowed to add padding that you need to respect. Rather than using (y * width * 4), use (y * pitch).
    23. Why the -1 in the first line? Show more code. You might have byte array alignment issues but I don't use basic much, or whatever that source is.
    24. Well, since it's in GL Shading Language, it's definitely not a fixed function pipeline stuff But it's from the ages when there were only two shader stages. When new shader types came into existence, they had to clean it up, unifying/generalizing stuff. It's easier to extend the rendering pipeline later, when shader does not cling to some fixed predefined identifiers.
    25. Green_Baron

      OpenGL OpenGL Fragment Shader Reading Color Data

      If i am not mistaken gl_FragColor is fixed function pipeline functionality and is available in "compatibility profile" only. Often times one wants the fragment shader to do more than just output a color, so one would define ones own output variables and the locations or data structures where they should be written to.
    26. Trexioas Xavier

      OpenGL OpenGL Fragment Shader Reading Color Data

      oh I understand a bit now. Why did they get rid of the predefined variable gl_FragColor?
    27. Hi, I'm no expert on GDX either. However I might help with the basics. Let's say you have: T - touch point P - the origin, which you call "static body center" on the figure A - the starting point of the arrow C - the end point of the arrow where it's pointing to It seems that you calculate T,P,A correctly, and you only missing C. Let's think out of the box. P is a fixed point, and the angle you have with P, A is the same you need for A, C. Also we can notice that the length of T, P is the same as P, C. Therefore: 1. get the distance of T and P, let's say d 2. multiply the P, A vector by d to get C (I believe your code calls P, A "normalizedAbVector" I think) 3. if d is bigger than the length of P, A vector, draw an arrow between A and C points For the step 3, I'd suggest to use a vector based arrow with 7 points (1 top which is at C, 4 at head's end and 2 at top, the midpoint of these two is A), calculate those points and simply connect them with a 2D line. but you could use a rotated and scratched bitmap as well. For the latter, you should resize the bitmap's height to length(P, C)-length(P,A), rotate it by the angle of (P, A) and place it at A. I don't know if GDX can manipulate bitmaps like that, but pixman surely can, and it is also very fast. Cheers, bzt
    28. Using a sep. staging texture with a copy to a default texture give same results. I've also made a small test code with a texture resolution at 3600 x 400 and just "drawing" a straight line with: Dim A(width*height*4 - 1) As Byte For y As Integer = 0 To height-1 Dim x As Integer = width / 2 Dim p As Integer = (x * 4) + (y * width * 4) A(p) = 255 A(p + 1) = 255 A(p + 2) = 255 A(p + 3) = 255 Next then uploading this byte buffer using Map.. It does everything but no straight line. When using a resolution of f.e. 1024x1024 it works fine. BTW: Using a compute shader and additional buffer could work, but actually I am looking for the most efficient method because the whole process happens several times. EDIT: While debugging I was having a look at the DataBox Object (Using SlimDX) returned by MapSubResource.. With my 3600px Texture with R8G8B8A8.. it tells me a rowpitch of 14.464.. which would mean that he just added 16 pixels to the row? Is it just me wondering about this, as I couldn't find any clear documentation about this behaviour.
    29. Tom Sloper

      Management Managing Game as a product

      You appear to be mostly asking about marketing. Marketing is a business matter, not a production matter. And you seem to be working alone, without a team? The question doesn't seem to be a management matter, so this thread is moving to the Business/Law forum, where many discussions around marketing are available for your perusal.
    30. I am using a texture with Dynamic as Usage flag. Thought this is what "dynamic" offers?
    31. David Reschke

      Management Managing Game as a product

      I'm not an expert on marketing ... but I am a gamer and an indie o_O ... common sense tells me: You get to have a "first impression" for your game only once. Let that sink in ... The first few reviews will determine if ppl will bother with your game. Release it as "Early Access," (if on Steam) but you should be done with the game and you should test it a lot. You can expand with DLC or whatever, ... but ... ... do you give games with a low rating a chance? ... finish it. Then release it. Ask friends to test the alpha. Don't focus on anything like optimisations, marketing etc. Just get it done with the help of your friends and family. Then optimize. Then think about marketing. Then release.
    32. It would help to have some more explanation of how exactly are you trying to do this. Are you mapping a staging texture as writable and then doing a copy into a default usage texture? If you can't get it to work with mapping, you could also consider just creating a buffer from your texture data, and use a compute shader to load pixel elements from the 1D buffer and write into a RWTexture2D to the 2D pixel location.
    33. RamblingBaba

      C++ Simulating Archery

      Thanks again Green_Baron. Yes, it is a LITTLE advance in terms of the complexity of making it realistic. Perhaps a future goal after a better understanding of how to combine it all. For now, I'm going to keep it simple "KISS". Much appreciated for all the input and links. EDIT: It's amazing how much is involved in something that seems rather basic (if that makes sense). I've also seen that video about the archer paradox! It's a good one.
    34. I'm a software engineer and i have entered game development field (Unity) for the last couple of months . I have made a couple of games on android using Unity that are only at concept stage now. And i mean by concept stage , that i'm focusing only currently on game play , not graphics and levels and anything else now. The games i have made are similar to (Color Switch) on mobile (The game has no levels , but gets harder with higher score or time). I'm making games with least resources now then decide which game i should focus on after getting feedback from users. I need guidance for the next steps that i should be doing. Like for example should i focus on one game and expand it ? Should i publish and market all of these games with their current state then get feedback with the best game then focus on it ? Should i use ASO (app store optimization) now ....etc What i think i need is a game product manager , or an experienced indie game developer that can guide me what should i do for the next step. For anyone who has experienced a state similar to mine , can you share with us some knowledge about how to manage a game in means of marketing and everything else (not code related) ? To confirm my question , I'm not asking for example how to market my games , but i'm asking at which stage i should start marketing my games...etc I know answering this question could be big , but i need just some guide lines for now.
    35. It seems like you'd want to use back-center and not back-left. I don't think I can provide a detailed answer without digging into the LibGDX API. One thing you could do would be to post another video with the rotation code applied so we can see in what way that's not working. I do think it's likely that the origin should be set to the back-center, in the local space of the arrow (again though, I can't say for sure without investigating the API). It seems like you probably want scaling to be relative to the back center. I saw a couple things online that suggest the origin applies to both scaling and rotation. Rotating around the back center (or any point along the midline) should work, I think. One thing that might help you is to tackle each of the subproblems individually. It seems there are at least three elements involved: scaling, rotating, and positioning. Maybe just start with getting rotation working. Just draw the arrow at the 'center' position (where the circle-shaped object is), and see if you can get it to rotate correctly. Once you have that working, you can move on to the other issues.
    36. @Zakwayda yes i am using libgdx.no since back left is calculated i can get back center too.
    37. InputHandler.cpp line 26 It won't be the source of your problems, as the pointer is unlikely to be 1 anyway. Just something I noticed.
    38. I don't know enough about the API you're using to answer your question specifically (are you using LibGDX?). But, is there any particular reason you're using the back-left corner of the arrow as a reference point? It seems like you'd want to use the back center (that is, the point halfway between the back left and right corners).
    39. The Zombie Cubes are back again! Zombie Cubes 2 has completely redesigned visuals, maps, enemies, bosses, Power Ups, weapons and trap system. Along with new weapons and traps and much more! Game Features: *Fight wave after wave to get the best time and highest score! Compete against your friends! *Progress through the maps to fight bosses and find secret stuff that will help you! *PowerUps that will aid you through your survival! *Upgrade your weapons through your favorite vending machine, Up-A-Grade! *Craft traps to place around the maps to gain an advantage against the Zombie Cubes! YouTube Trailer Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mayoninjagames.zombiecubes2 App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zombie-cubes-2/id1487387006?l=nb&ls=1
    40. Lightstream, an innovator in cloud-native live streaming technology, today announced its IRL (In Real Life) plan for broadcasters who stream events from their phones or mobile live streaming setups. Streaming out in the world away from a computer and without a strong internet connection can be a challenge. Lightstream’s new IRL plan provides capabilities that streamline setup time and gear required to produce a professional stream from any location, any device and any connection. “Part of our mission at Lightstream has been to empower new creative possibilities and our new IRL streaming plan does just that,” says Stu Grubbs, CEO of Lightstream. “Lightstream Studio is powered by our cloud-native live video editing pipeline allowing creators to set up their production in advance, remotely control it, and have their streaming video automatically produced to their specifications from anywhere in the world while in-flight to their viewers.” With a Lightstream IRL plan, streamers set up their project and scenes via any browser-enabled device with their overlays, RTMP source and final channel destination. Broadcasting to Lightstream from any location will automatically layer on the media in that project on its way to their channel – whether that be Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live, or a custom destination. Similar to Lightstream’s unique integration with Xbox and Mixer, there is no need to have Lightstream Studio open in a browser window. The new IRL Plan includes the following features: Customize with Overlays & Alerts Streamers can create multiple custom layouts, upload and position overlays, and use any integrated alerts service they prefer to easily personalize their mobile or IRL broadcast to better engage their audience. Auto Go Live Projects can be set to automatically start streaming to the broadcaster’s channel as soon as an incoming feed is detected. Auto BRB If connection is lost, the RTMP layer will go transparent until connection is re-established. Position an image directly behind your feed that will automatically appear to keep viewers updated. Disconnect Protection Lightstream Cloud will continue broadcasting and keeps the broadcaster’s channel live until signal is regained so the audience doesn’t leave. Remote Control Start, stop, and switch scenes on any mobile device. Stay Mobile with Headless Mode Go live without having Lightstream Studio open. Lightstream will automatically composite on your layers in the cloud. Max Quality & Duration Increase Stream at 720p 60 fps for up to 12 hours per broadcast. For more information and to sign up for the IRL Plan, please visit https://golightstream.com/irl. For more information about Lightstream and its products, please visit https://www.golightstream.com. Be sure to follow Lightstream on Twitter for the latest updates and community happenings.
    41. So to give a bit of context as to what i'm trying to achieve and where i seem to be failing at: I'm currently implementing an SSAO approach which requires me to reconstruct the viewspace position from the depth buffer. The depth is encoded into an RGB (24 bit) texture. (As i can't access the depth buffer directly.) To prepare for depth reconstruction i inverse the projection matrix: (and i think herein lies the issue: ) Now, i noticed that there is an issue with the reconstructed depth component in the shader. So in DirectX, +Z goes towards the screen while -Z goes into the distance (effectively reversed compared to OpenGL) However, after hours of debugging i simply tried to render the sign of the Z coordinate. And this is the result: For some reason, the Z coordinate is positive (up until a point) which is shown as the green coloring in the scene. And after that it becomes red (where z becomes negative). From my understanding it should be all red (as the Z component should start to be negative from the cameras origin point.) (The encoding/decoding of RGB values was tested and shouldn't be the culprit.) Has anyone an idea/direction as to what the issue could be? (I think that maybe the conversion process for the inversion call might be the cause of this?. Or maybe the reconstruction in the shader is wrong?)
    42. Try a search across the files for that function name, likely you get only a few hits. I recommend using "ag" for this as it's designed for exactly this purpose, it's in the silver-searcher package. Alternatively, "grep" can also search recursively.
    43. Owl has been animated https://youtu.be/NzUTFT3AQFs 1) Walk 2) Idle on the fly 3) Idle on ground 4) Fly 5) Stun 6) Attack 1 (distance) 7) Attack 2 (distance) 😎 Attack (melee) 9) Hitted (ready for layered animation) 10) Death on the fly 11) Death on the ground
    44. Owl has been animated https://youtu.be/NzUTFT3AQFs 1) Walk 2) Idle on the fly 3) Idle on ground 4) Fly 5) Stun 6) Attack 1 (distance) 7) Attack 2 (distance) 😎 Attack (melee) 9) Hitted (ready for layered animation) 10) Death on the fly 11) Death on the ground
    45. Rutin


    46. ted_gress

      Crystalis Remake

      I"m not sure if we can do this but I figured on throwing the idea out there. When I was a kid I had an NES (of course, because I'm old). One of my favorite games was one of the first RPGs released on console, called Crystalis. The story is wicked cool and the game play is great. The story in a nutshell. is that the earth experiences an armageddon and the few that survived were surviving in a tower that floats in the heavens until the fated hero saves the race. The people on the ground and their is also mutants that are bloodthirsty and come after you, You have an inventory and such for items and armor,. The sword you use varies, but you earn them by completing quests. The swords are elemental, wind, fire, stone, and water. So, the character you use is a warrior that has been frozen from the end times, You wake up delirious and disoriented and have to search to find out what your purpose is and who you are, That's in a nutshell. I would like to use Unreal Engine 4 and I need an artist or two , and any programmers that are experienced with UE4. Below is a link to the wikipedia articlei on Crystalis and the youtube video of it,. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystalis
    47. Can you tell me which line and file you are referring to with if(SDL_JoystickOpen(i) != 1) SDL_JoystickOpen returns a nullptr when it fails. So change the 1 to nullptr Please Net-Ninja? Thanks.
    48. DreamHack Atlanta 2019 Postmortem Alright, so some backstory here. I had reached out to DreamHack via their contact form on their website sometime in October (not sure exactly when since I can’t find a message from them saying they received it). They reached out on November 3rd, wondering if anyone had contacted me yet. If not, they had a few spots open and was wondering if I wanted to showcase our game. I was like, heck yeah, how much would it cost me? They said that they try to help out Indies as much as possible. The only thing I absolutely had to take care of would be the electricity and table/chairs if I didn’t want to bring my own. It was a 10x10 booth at a pretty high traffic event for roughly $500 (for booth anyway). I was in. There was some back and forth to see if I could snaggle my way into their “Indie Zone” (which I figured would have the highest traffic), but due to timing (last minute) that was a no-go. I was given booth 716. I paid the invoice on the 8th. On the 10th, I requested that they fix their expo map to at least state Burgos Games versus Midwest Esports. I figured they would be able to get it done in 5 days...nope...The whole time it never was updated. So, I did what I had to do and on social media had a photoshopped map. So, for the event I wanted to get some banners, business cards and whatever I could. However, due to the timing, a lot of things couldn’t get shipped to me in time. Vistaprint had the retractable banner stand I wanted, but it would arrive late. So I had to go to Staples for my stuff. I’ll list prices towards the end. All the while doing this, I still have to manage the team and do my own work on the project while making sure the demo is as perfect as possible. I outsourced the Vertical Banner design on fiverr: While we had an image we’ve been using for horizontal banners: I also hadn’t put up a Steam store page yet (shame on me, I had it on my list of to-do forever). However, I was able to do the page on Tuesday, and have it approved on Wednesday before the expo, so it all worked out… sort of I had already printed out the banners and business cards before the store was approved, so I couldn’t add any icons on the banner or info on the business cards. The front: The back: Also interestingly enough, I had been waiting forever to get our Discord server verified...that happened on Tuesday. I had the forethought to have a dedicated discord invite link and just have a placeholder URL that would redirect to our Discord server. So this wasn’t very much an issue. But it’s nice to have a discord.gg/NekoGhostJump url now Getting back to Steam, we’ve been approved for launch on Xbox One and PS4 however we have been denied by Nintendo twice so far for release on Switch, even though this would be a perfect game for that platform! I was hoping that by producing some stats over the event (social media impressions, Steam wishlist numbers, etc) I could use them for my third attempt (I never give up BTW, ID@Xbox denied me the first time around, got them on the second)! Okay, so Wednesday was packing day. I decided to bring two laptops, a 32” TV, and supporting gear. I had planned out the booth by using my living room and taping it off. Thursday, the 5 hour drive to Atlanta happened, I had decided to skip the Omni Hotel/Dreamhack “deal” they had going and stayed at an Airbnb. I went straight to the DreamHack venue first to get my badge and setup. I go and get my badge...but somehow they ran out of “Exhibitor badges”... now tell me this, how is that even possible when you know how many exhibitors are going to be present, even if some don’t show up, you would have extras. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a proper “Exhibitor badge”, it kinda pissed me off having this blank badge, a “Nobody badge”. Originally I tried to get a team member to come, but no one was available. My lovely wife said she would come but she had to work on Friday (she drove there after work). So I did all the setup by myself, which honestly, since I had planned it out already, was pretty easy. I immediately noticed an issue with my location. It was in an odd corner hidden behind two huge walls. I was starving and wanted to check out my Airbnb so I put it on the backburner. I grabbed a sub from Publix and headed over to the place I’d be staying at. It took a little bit to get into the place itself (it had like double security, always felt like I was in prison). But it was very nice. After eating and showering, my mind wandered a bit about the location (and the fact that the expo map was still wrong), so I started looking for influencers among the people tweeting about DreamHack Atlanta. I found a few and tweeted, all responded that they would show up! All but one ended up showing during the weekend, but the ones that did were amazing! Day 1 (Friday) Woke up at 7AM, brushed my teeth, ate a hashbrown breakfast thing, brushed my teeth again, then got to the venue around 8:10. I thought I would be able to get something for breakfast there. Well, after getting through security and setting up my booth, I was hungry and I went to find some food, but nothing was open! Luckily I brought some snacks to eat throughout the day if needed, and it was eaten. The exhibits didn’t open up until 12PM, so basically after setting up my booth I just walked around to get my bearings. Interestingly enough, a lot of the prime real estable “Indie Zone” booths were empty (and even stayed empty the rest of the day). I found my college professor (I went to SCAD for Game Development after 12 years in the Marine Corps) trying to find me, we chatted up, he played our game, but he had other stuff to do so he didn’t get to play much. I actually meant to play his game (he was there representing his own company Garage Collective showcasing Theta Legion, a VR game), but honestly, I had my hands full all weekend. So, 12PM happens, I chill in front of my booth for about 10 minutes, there’s definitely traffic moving around the expo, I clearly see and hear people...they just weren’t coming AT ALL in front of my booth, there was literally no traffic in that lane (and honestly, it was the same the whole weekend, just some stragglers every once in awhile). So, let me preface with that this was the first time I’ve showcased my own game (and so it was the first time Neko Ghost, Jump! was showcased to the public). I showcased another project I had worked on before, but it was VR and I had a pretty good spot. I had a decision to make, remember I am by myself on Day 1, I had to formulate some strategy to get people into those cold seats, take down playtest notes, help when needed, but still also direct more traffic into the seats, keeping them warm. I went with the simplest method I could think of… the hustle. I ran out into the busy lanes, talked fast, loud, and persuaded the shit out of everyone to try this random ass game in this random spot. And it actually worked out pretty well… The blue spots were where I would try to find my prey, and as I walked back to the booth, I would talk about the game. I’m not going to lie, this was pretty tough regardless as each time I had to leave the booth unattended to find more people. I tried my best to never leave if there was someone in a seat, unless they had a firm grasp on the game and the seat next to them was open, even then I still would only venture up top. I would go to the farthest points only when both seats were empty. I continued this tactic all day, not eating lunch, partially because I couldn’t afford to but also I was pumped up and kinda forgot to. Some of the folks I tweeted out to the night before showed up, and a few brought some friends as well. Some fellow SCAD alumni (Eric Scherper/Tyler Burgett from Origami Whale Games, creators of Danger The Game, a tabletop card game), found me while I was in the middle of a scout/intercept pitch. They said they were pretty impressed with how I was handling the whole situation. Amazingly, every single person who sat down to play the game had a lot of fun...I am not tooting my own horn here. Positive responses from everyone, all demographics. I ended up grabbing up 63 people that day to play the game. I had filled up two pages of mailing list, and about ⅓ page of the Influencers List. Honestly, my main targets were anything that said Press or Special Guests (as I quickly realized these were streamers!) My hawk vision was on point, snatching them up as much as possible, I got rejected a few times, but never let up. When I couldn’t find them, I grabbed up anyone to fill up the seats. I also had a lot of folks that just wanted to watch or promised to come back another day (they all also amazingly did). Some of the watchers even signed up on the mailing list or wishlisted on Steam. I only ended up with 29 wishlists that day though. Sometime during the night, I had kicked my vertical banner stand, causing the grommets from the cheap banner’s material to rip out. I repaired it the best I could with what I had. By the end of the night, when the adrenaline died down...I was starving...someone invited me to a mixer, which luckily had food I talked to a few folks around the room, showing off some gameplay video on the 3rd laptop (ultrabook). I talked to a few DreamHack HQ folks, they said they were going to stop by the booth, sadly they didn’t. But anyway, I made the best out of a crappy situation with my booth situation and talked to as many people as I could that day, then went to snuggle with the wifey bringing some Cook Out with me. I also realized sometime that day that while I had been handing out business cards they had no clue where to find me after going to the bathroom or wherever (if I were at a far spot and they were hesitant, since this wasn’t a foolproof tactic), so I had started writing in the booth number in the top corner, and also added “Wishlist on Steam” at the bottom (though I did that a lot earlier in the day). I brought back like 100 or so cards and we both ran through them adding the booth number and “wishlist us” before bed. Day 2 (Saturday) We woke up around 9, got there around 10 and walked around a bit then setup the booth again. I figured the only way to make it through the day with as good or better results was to do the same tactic as the day before. But this time I could double it! Or so I thought. We found out pretty fast that my wife was not cut out for it (at least not yet). So, I tasked her with staying by the booth, keeping track of people, helping them out when needed, writing down any issues in the game, while I ran out, stalked and snatched up my prey. Eventually, she opened up a bit, and by the end of the day she was pulling in people herself (though she still kept in close proximity to the booth). Saturday had a crapton more people than Friday, so even though it was still terrible, there was some minimal traffic going on in that aisle. It also helped that the guys next door opened up shop and had some big Jenga tower that peaked a bit of interest throughout the day (especially when it fell and made a lot of noise). One of the “HQ” or “Production” members noticed our predicament with visibility and was trying to figure out a solution for us. Speaking of staff, one of the “Crew” guys (sorry, can’t remember your name ;( ) was attentive and always asked when he came around if I needed anything (like standing by the booth while I went for a pee break, etc), thanks “Crew guy”! We brought in quite a lot of influencers, and were one short of a full page that day. Another page of the regular mailing list was done as well. We got 14 more wishlists, for 43 total. And 59 people total new players. Day 3 (Sunday) We didn’t get to sleep in too much, exhibition opened up one hour earlier, 11AM. The night before I had texted the DreamHack Community Manager Tom for some visibility help. He sent out a tweet before exhibitions opened up! Thanks Tom! A few people that I pulled in said they saw the tweet and couldn’t find us. So, while people probably knew about this awesome game and they wanted to play it, they couldn’t find the booth, even with the map and number! Well, remember that HQ/Production guy (sorry, I wish I could remember your name, but you know who you are!) brought some crayons, so that he could draw our booth number on the floor. I was like...wtf...that’s cool, gimme! Well, I wrote it as best as possible, but the crayons didn’t do much sadly, too much glare from the lights. Tom actually stopped by our booth to say hi, that was cool. He didn’t get a chance to play the demo. It was a slow day, but my wife was a rockstar and she had the pitch down pat. We ended up with 42 unique people playing that day and only 6 wishlists (49 total) but amazingly another two pages full for mailing list (these had 20 spots each page) and ⅓ of the influencer list. A lot of the mailing list signups came from people that were hovering and didn’t have time to wait for the other players to be done with their turn. It was pretty much dead after 4PM, but we stuck around until 5:30PM then wrapped things up since we wanted to get home at a decent time (and have a proper meal along the way). Grand Total Stats 164 unique first time players 92 people signed up for our regular mailing list 23 influencers signed up on their list 49 total Steam wishlists 2 rage quitters (who still liked the game, but said they just sucked at platformers) 4 pages of feedback from the players or observation Costs What Cost 10x10 Booth $0 Electricity (10 Amps) $350 Table (8’) $21 Chair (x2) $32 T-Shirts $178 Pre-paid 3-days parking $34 Additional Car Parking on Sunday $20 Airbnb (3 nights) $480 Steam App $100 PVC Pipe for stand $29 Staples - Banners and Business Cards $135 Food $134 Gas $59 Extra Controller $20 Sony MDR-ZX110NC headphones x2 $50 Pens $7 Clipboards $15 Laptop Cooling Pads $50 Laptop sleeves $24 Laptop locks $47 TOTAL $1785 Was it worth it? I think it was a great learning experience overall for not only myself and the wife, but also the company as a whole and the game itself. I came out feeling very confident that Neko Ghost, Jump! was at a very good place and was being received very well. Meeting and interacting with everyone who stopped by the booth was beyond amazing. The game was able to get more visibility on it by those who would never have probably heard of it, and we were able to confirm our target audience. I was able to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in years and made plenty of new connections as well. Also, some of these costs that went into this event are reusable for future ones. What I didn’t like That ridiculous mile high/wide wall from Geico Gaming that basically blocked us off completely from one of the main entrance points of view. The wall north of us blocked by another vendor didn’t help much either. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was hoping for exactly after learning about our predicament. I definitely don’t think they should put any games in that “no man’s land” aisle and/or not allow for such a huge wall to block other booths like that. Also the cheap ass banner from Staples. Sigh. Guess I’ll be getting a premium material next time, along with a retractable banner setup. Lessons Learned I will be asking what booths are available and where they are located on a map from now on, especially if I am going to be paying for one. I will be looking far ahead a bit with future conventions and see what they have for Indies and register in advance. I will make sure that I buy only the best quality materials for banners so I am not wasting money on that front. I will plan ahead with trying to get influencers to the booth days prior to an event I will plan ahead with merchandise so I can give out swag I will ensure that all marketing materials give the best information possible and whatever call of action is needed Closing Thoughts Hopefully this helps someone else out. If you’re going to DreamHack, go part of the Indie Playground, if you can’t, don’t go at all. Honestly, it would be better to save up for either another DH, or another convention. For me it was worth it since it was our first public showing, we learned a lot from it and we have money set aside for marketing. If you don’t, then don’t waste what you don’t have. We will be launching Neko Ghost, Jump! in 2020, you can wishlist us on Steam , help spread the word via social media or join our Discord. Neko Ghost Jump! Twitter Facebook Instagram Burgos Games Twitter Facebook Instagram Thanks!
    49. MarkK.

      Project - NubDevice

    50. You have gotten answers to that question. Most likely yes. But "game evaluation" does not mean playtesting. Such a person's "evaluation" would be about numbers: how many players the game had already attracted, for instance.
    51. Hi, I have to update a texture dynamically from the CPU and this texture can have any resolution, because its loaded from a video. I am using a R8G8B8A8 format and my input data is ARGB32 so this should match perfectly. Once I am using MapSubResource it works fine for all pow2 dimensions, but once it gets to a resolution like 3600x400 it fails and I get an disturbed image. I've discovered that it only works for pixel resolution with a multiple of 32. My biggest problem is, that I can't just run through those pixels manually as it would cost to much.. So I need a way to directly get my image data into the texture fast enough. I was search for any required padding but couldn't find something. Any Ideas? Thx
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